Monday, December 10, 2007

Yippee Skippy!

The semester is finally over, and I got A's in my classes. Whew! I WOULD have spent the weekend recovering, but true to form, Big Kid had a few straggling assignments and I had to be vigilant and crack the whip to make sure he got them in before the cut-off date.

Why does he self-sabotage? Every semester it's the same. He does well until the last 2 weeks of class. Then he just refuses to do any more, and it's a daily battle. These last few assignments could make the difference in a whole grade, but he doesn't want to hear it.

But now we're both done, and he'll probably get his grades later in the week.

Yesterday there was a shooting at the church my Little Guy's girlfriend and her family attend. The reports have been unclear. Some say 2 dead, some say 4. They haven't released any names.

I didn't feel comfortable calling the family up (don't know them THAT well) to see if they were all ok. I'm not sure what the etiquette would be in that situation. "Hello? Glad it wasn't you?" Point is, somebody's dead and no doubt the family would be grieving either way. I don't want to bust in and be all National Enquirery. So I just kept the Little Guy away from TV reports and I'll call his teacher this morning.

I know I've been a horrible blog friend, but now I've got some time to visit and see what you've been up to. I can't wait!



Brenda said...

Congrats on the A's! I reckon you won't be getting grounded any time soon.

I think it would be ok if you were to call the parents to tell them you're glad they were safe from the tragic events. How horrible not to even be able to feel safe at your place of worship.

I hope you're getting some rest before all the Christmas festivities! Happy Monday ATM!

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats on the grades - what a good student you are!

You should call the parents, it's only natural that you want to check that they're ok, you're caring nothing wrong with that!

Hope to see you around!

Samantha said...

Congrats on the grades! That's so sad to hear about the shooting but maybe you should give them a call, offer your condolences or something.

litzi said...

Hi Attila,
After learning of the horrific shootings at the church in Arvada and Colorado Springs yesterday, I reflected on the irony that the New Life Church had a member who volunteers as a security guard there. Are armed sentries in places of worship becoming de rigueur in our every increasing violent Country? God help us. I hope Little Guy and his girl-friend are able to cope alright when they learn of the insidious events that occurred yesterday in their own neighborhood.

Congratulations are in order for making straight A’s this past semester!!! Way To Go!! I hope you’re planning on relaxing a bit until the next term starts. The Holidays are a busy time, but please try to find a few minutes every day to unwind and perhaps treat yourself to an eggnog or a rum and coke every so often….

Beth said...

Well done!
Now have a bit of a rest before you have to deal with Christmas!

Angela said...

super job.
It is just not safe anywhere is it

a broad said...

Congratulations!! I hope the call to LittleGuy's teacher helped. I, too, think it would be fine and very thoughtful for you to phone the family and express your condolences on the tragedy for their church. But go with your gut... it knows.

Heather said...

YAY on your grades! I just got mine back too, and I am pleased :]

I am so sorry to hear about Little Guy's girlfriend & her family's church. How horrifying that one cannot even go to worship anymore.

I hope the call to his teacher helped you. And you deserve some time to relax, so do it missy!

Lola Magnolia said...

Congratulations! What a relief, huh?! I'm sure Big Kid did great too!

I don't think there's any harm in showing your concern and calling them even if you don't know them that well. Please keep us posted!

Valerie Marie said...

Congratulations!You did a GREAT job!

I would call her parents...but it's hard. Take care of you all! ((ATM))) said...

Congrats on your GRADES!!! Yippe!! as a mom studying as well I know how hard it is!!!

Must be the season for good grades!!

So sorry to hear about the shootings... wondering what's going on with the world nowadays and wondering why so many young ones are so angry and hurt to do this....

kim said...

Thats fantastic ... congrats! and my two oldest boys are like that ... they will even go so far as to do the work- deem in unworthy and then not turn it in! boys *sigh*