Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cleaning Up the Aftermath

Not as ominous as it sounds, I promise! LOL

As usual, nothing goes as planned in our house!

Never made it up to Grandma's---we woke up to snow, and it snowed all day. We're going to try to get up there on Saturday.

But it made for a restful Christmas. Sort of. Big Kid was wound up tight, but that's another story for another day when I feel like talking about crazy. I'm not calling HIM crazy, but just some behavior I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around.

I got some wonderful gifts.

The first was an AeroGarden. If you've read here long enough, you know that I'm a frustrated gardener. Back when I lived in the lowlands, I had an extensive veggie garden in my backyard. Up here in the mountains it's been a bust, since the growing season is so short, and there are wild critters everywhere just waiting to gobble up anything and everything that might be tasty.

Can't talk Hubby into investing in a greenhouse yet, so I bought myself the AeroGarden, gave him the box and said, "Wrap this!" ;-)

When I opened it on Xmas and thanked everybody for getting me what I REALLY wanted, Big Kid said, "wow, what is that?"

I (stupidly) said, "It's my very own hydroponic pot garden grower!" Of course, he perked up at that.

Oh-so-wise-Hubster countered with, "I'll bet we're on a 'list' now."

And I'll bet he's right! LOL

So I've included a "Day One" pic of growing snow peas (not a code word for pot). I'll let you know how it goes!

One of my sisters-in-law, who usually sends us a big-ass ham every year, must have gotten the word. Not from me, of course, because I would never ever snub a gift (plus the guys love ham). She sent us an 8-lb Smithfield seasoned Turkey breast.

I'm just wondering. I have really big boobs, but I don't think either one weighs 8 pounds. How big was this freaking turkey?

As an adoptee, synchronicity with my birth family fascinates me when it slaps me in the face. I wrote about one incident here, when I was redoing my bathroom (at the bottom of the post).

My birth mom and I are good friends, but we don't have the familiarity you get when you grow up together in a family. I could tell you her favorite color, which is pretty basic, but I couldn't tell you what her favorite pie is. In my family, my younger brother loves strawberry rhubarb, my older loves chocolate cream, and my mom likes everything except for cherry, which in some way horrifies her. It's all in shared history.

So for the last few years at holidays, I've bought my birth mom something safe---Jo Malone---a boutique perfume designer she's partial to.

This year, I thought that maybe I'd break out of the "safe" rut and explore other options. I looked at Macy's online and perused designer purses and bags. There were a few in my price range (like I could AFFORD 600 bucks for a purse for myself or anyone else---NOT) that I thought were really nice.

Then I slept on it.

Purses are personal women things, kind of like panties. I didn't know what she liked, and I sure as heck didn't want to buy her a bag based on MY preferences that she might store in the back of her closet and never use.

So I went with safe, sort-of---this time I got her a coffrit (whatever the hell that is) which was a variety of Jo Malone fragrances that could be layered or worn alone.

On Christmas, I opened her gift to me. After I tore off the wrapping, I noticed that it was a box from Macy's. Cool. There aren't any Macy's near us, but I do shop there online from time to time.

I opened it. Inside was a purse from THE SAME LINE that I admired and considered buying for HER!

How very weird (and I think wonderful) is that?


Here's my latest on Disaboom if you feel like moseying over.


Casdok said...

Didnt you do well!!
Hope you are able to get to Grandmas!

Rootietoot said...

RE the purse- very cool! Now you know to trust your instinct come next year.

And I think the Pot Garden is awesome- best wishes on the snow peas!

I'm still holding out for cold frames.

Ashley's Mom said...

I've been surprised several times over shared similarities between my adopted children and their birth families (and they were not raised by their birth families). It's so interesting to sit back and observe sometimes, and in my deeper moments, try to solve the nature vs. nurture debate!

Sounds like your Christmas was very nice. Hope you can make it over the hills and through the woods to Grandma's house :)

Valerie Marie said...

Weeds ... little boxes... ((hug))

Melissa said...

cannot WAIT to hear how the indoor garden works out.

Eileen said...

I love the story about the purse. I think that is so cool, it really is a wonderful story. I hope you shared that information with her. too cool.

I am very interested in how the garden turns out. I have only heard of them on a large scale, like at Epcot Center, at The Land. Sounds like fun, and perfect for you and your gardening loving/missing needs. I do that too with my hubby, wrap this. It works so well, LOL.

Sounds like a very nice Christmas. Your deserve it!


litzi said...

Hi Attila,
Your snowbound Christmas day afforded you the opportunity to relax and spend some quality time with the family. The AeroGarden is intriguing and appears to be an excellent solution for the frustrated winter gardener.

Nash, a blogger friend of mine at Drift calls what happened with the purse you received from your birth Mom a “coincidence file” event. Whether it’s pure chance or a psychic phenomenon that these sorts of things occur is anybody’s guess. Perhaps another sign is that your sister-in-law sent a Smithfield Turkey in lieu of a ham.

I hope you get to Grandma’s on Saturday.

Heather said...

The purse thing gave me goosebumps!
That is SO cool!

And as for the "pot" AeroGarden, hey, I'm jealous. If you grow it, they will come.

It sounds like you had a good Christmas! Send some of the snow my way, please!


Mrs. G. said...

Super story about the purse...great minds think alike. I always get a kick out of serendipity.

Good luck with the Mary Jane, I mean peas!

Brenda said...

I like your little garden and can't wait to see what you can grow in it.

My DIL bought me a teeny, tiny, china tea set for Christmas. I've always wanted one (since childhood) and never had one. It made me all teary when I opened it that she gave my gift so much thought.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am glad to hear that you had a (if only semi) restful holiday!

As for the gift.....I told Mr. Mayhem exactly what to buy me, where to buy it, and even sent him with a coupon to I get exactly what you are talking about! least we get what we want that way!

Hope the new year is great for you and your family!

Angela said...

Cool family connection.
Glad you got just what you wanted

Sue said...

When I realized it was pots in a "garden" not a garden full of pot I sorta lost interest.

(not really)


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Maybe purse love is genetic?
And are you SURE Snow Peas are some euphemism for Pot?
Glad you had a good holiday.

Beth said...

Hey, I found your blog by Googling the words, "growing pot hydroponically."
Just might link to you! (Hah!)

(Fascinating bit about your birth mother and the purse...)

Big Pissy said...

the purse thing?

Very cool! :)

Happy New Year! :)

Kuin said...

That is awesome...being an adoptee I totally "get" how that made you feel wonderful.

All the best to you guys for 2008

Stinkypaw said...

That is too cool, and yet a bit creepy (in a good way!)...

BTW, "coffret" in French (if that's what you meant, instead of "coffrit"), means "box of", and from your description I'd say it was a coffret.