Saturday, December 15, 2007

9 Days of Bah Humbug!

Well there was good news and bad news.

The other night I gave hubby a foot massage.

I guess that's a miracle in itself, because his feet scare me. They're pointy at the top, and his toes are so long and curled that they look like they have an extra toe-knuckle. Plus each toe is growing it's own little bush. ew.

But he's a wonderful guy, and he's been pretty stressed out since we opened a second office. I wanted to do something nice for him. So I bit the bullet and gave him a kick-ass foot rub.

Ok, I admit it. I was trying to score some extra "nice" points from Santa.

I woke up the next morning, and as I was messing around in the bathroom I noticed something bad. My wedding ring wasn't on my finger. I remembered taking it off before putting lotion on my hands so it wouldn't get all gunky. After that...nothing.

Went to retrieve it from the ottoman, but it wasn't there. Or on the floor under the ottoman. Or under the chair, or on the chair.

I spent 45 minutes hunting it down. Big Kid helped me. Did I put it in my pocket without a second thought? Did it fall out? Where did I go and what did I do after the foot massage? I re-traced all my steps. I tore the couch apart.

Oh crap. Did Little Guy see it and say, "hmmm, sparkly jewelry!" and take it to school to give to his girlfriend?

Finally I called Hubby just in case he had moved it and put it somewhere safe and forgot to tell me before he left for the office. My heart just sunk when he said he hadn't.

A very short time later he was at the house to help me look (guess the thought of replacing it scared HIM). He walked 5 feet into the room next to the Christmas tree, bent down and picked the damn thing up. I swear, Big Kid and I searched that area at least five times.

What is that saying----you can't see the forest for the trees? Guess our eyes missed it next to all that shiny paper!

So I don't get to put that incident in my song. Thank heavens.

On the other hand, I was looking for a drink, and asked Big Kid what happened to the case of Snapple we got at the grocery store the other day.

"I left it in the trunk of your car for Little Guy to bring in."

High altitude. Freezing temperatures. A warm day, then a refreeze. Rut row.

I got to spend the next 30 minutes cleaning Snapple chunks out of my trunk. But the box held, so I didn't have to pick any glass pieces out of the carpet.


What's your weekend look like?

On the ninth day of humbug, Santa left for me...

4 exploding Snapples,
3 opened cans of frosting,
2 dead pens,
and a lump of coal for under my tree.


Anonymous said...

So far, my weekend is looking good.
Just been lazy--We're getting a huge snow storm so I've been couped up all day by the fire with the laptop, just catching up on blogs, and writing a couple of things.

I have had Snapple explode in my car--NO FUN. It sucks.
Have a good weekend!

Michael Manning said...


Chris H said...

You were so lucky to find your ring! I have lost a diamond from mine TWICE in the house and found them both!!! How awesome is that? How was my weekend? YIK! Well, you asked! lol

Casdok said...

Not as eventful as yours!!!

Kim Ayres said...

For a moment I thought you were going to say the wedding ring had slipped over one his toes :)

BTW - Big hairy toes - is he turning into a hobbit?

kim said...

Geez you really love your husband lol

Our weekend is my works Christmas party on Sat night and we have to decorate the tree and clean this house because I havent even STARTED shopping! ugh!

phlegmfatale said...

glad you found yer ring!

ewwww, that snapple mess in the trunk sounds a little sticky!

Brenda said...

Ha! I'm loving the hell outta your 12 days of Bah Humbug!

litzi said...

Hi Attila,
What a way to get the trunk in your car cleaned out! Years ago a friend of mine had several cans of soda explode in her refrigerator because they were way past their expiration date. At that time, I’d no idea that drinks had shelf lives.

I’m glad you found your wedding ring before it got vacuumed up and/or mangled…

I agree with Brenda that your “12 Days of Bah Humbug” is marvelous!

Beth said...

Losing the ring - reminds me of a saying.
"When you lose something, you'll always find it in the last place you look."
(I actually had to think about that the first time I heard it...duh)

Lola Magnolia said...

I remember the time I lost my glasses while I was pregnant. My Pregnancy Brain kicked into high gear and since I couldn't see without my glasses, it made it even more impossible to find them. 'Til my son asked me what my glasses were doing in the refrigerator. Hell if I knew!

Glad you found your ring 'cause I know that bummed out feeling you would have had if you hadn't. And thanks for telling me what happens to glass-bottled beverages when you leave them in freezing cold weather! Eeeek!