Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 25

Overall, yesterday was a pretty positive day. Something seems to have shaken loose, and the kid was on 30% oxygen for most of the day. They had to bump him back up to 40% late in the afternoon because he had trouble maintaining it, but it was another baby step in the right direction.

Big Kid's CT was normal, but he threw up twice. While we were there, his nurse drew out two huge syringes of stomach acid and bile, and they discontinued the stomach tube feeding for awhile. They did some kind of stomach scan thing overnight to see if there was anything twisted or blocked, but that was negative.

When we arrived, Big Kid got a huge, beatific smile on his face. Since his eyes were partially open, I thought he could see us and rushed over to say, "Hi Baby!!". But moments later there was enough methane in the room to strip a new layer off the ozone. At least something gastrointestinal is working right. Emphasis on the gas.

The nurse was a new one for us, and he was quite a chatty character. We mentioned that we had noticed that there were only 3 patients left on the board that belonged to the pulmonologists. All were there from complications from H1N1.

"Your boy is very lucky," he said. "One of those boys had a stroke, and another is paralyzed."

Oh no. Nononononononono. Those poor, poor baby boys.

These were also complications that never occurred to us. Big Kid is being treated for blood clots in his arms. gah

When we got home, The Happening Dude was on the phone to his girlfriend-of-the-week. "I gotta go," I heard him say. "My parents are home and I want to hang out with them."

Aww, his parents. He called us his parents! An unexpected and welcome balm to an aching heart.

Then I was immediately worried. What in the heck is wrong with him? What teenager (or "aspiring adult", as he calls himself) in his right mind wants to spend time with the parents? ;-)

The roads are clear, so I'm getting ready to drive down into the city and take the day shift with the Big Kid. Thanks again so much for taking the time to come by and check on us.


AmyK said...

So glad to hear the baby steps are still happening. I look at your update every morning and often think about your family during the day. My heart goes out to those other sons that have had such dreadful complications. Your family is in my heart and prayers.

Willoughby said...

I'm so glad Big Kid had a good day! He's getting there, a little bit at a time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that today will be another positive day.

I feel just awful for the boys that have had extreme complications from this horrible flu. I hope there is still a chance they will recover.

Rootietoot said...

Hooray for little steps!
Hooray for being called "parents"!
Yay for clear roads!
Here's to today being *wonderful*

yorksnbeans said...

"When we arrived, Big Kid got a huge, beatific smile on his face. But moments later there was enough methane in the room to strip a new layer off the ozone."


So glad to hear he had another positive day!

Anonymous said...

Ah you had a "Little House on The Prairie" moment with Happening Dude, good to hear. So happy to read each day Big Kid is slowly but surely improving. Prayers and good thoughts to you all.

Boozy Tooth said...

I hear the relief in your words, Attila! That's kind of a soothing balm to us!

This was such a good feeling post. Your humor is returning and I'm feeling joy for you and Big Kid. Of course, there is still a long road to navigate, but things seem to be going so well. Even small progress is progress.

My 21 year old son just moved back to Jacksonville from Orlando and is living with us for awhile. He also has been hanging out (and exercising) with me a lot and seems to be enjoying it. So I definitely share the shock and awe of that with you. The day he begged off a call saying he was going out for a hike with me was the day I realized our relationship had changed from mother/son to friends. It's a great feeling.

More love and prayers coming your and Big Kid's way from Florida. XO

Anonymous said...

All those fluids moving around and getting OUT of his body sure sounds like progress. Hopefully the risperidone is taking hold and will help him respond more to you. Late afternoon/early evening is often a time when daytime progress seems to slip a bit - something to do with our circadian rhythms and production of hormones and other regulator biochemicals. Baby steps are continuing...YEAH!!!!

Beth said...

Progress - excellent progress!
Love & hugs & smiles...

Jeanie said...

Sounds like there is some progress in the right direction. You will know things have returned to normal when The Happening Dude stays on the phone when you come home....hoping that day comes soon.

litzi said...

The 1961 General Electric slogan Progress Is Our Most Important Product is applicable to Big Kid’s recent improvement.

Thanksgiving is not a time of year but an attitude of the heart. (((hugs)))

Heather said...

Still thinking about you and your family, still checking in, still sending love and prayers, still hugely grateful that you're you and that you're generous enough to share that awesomeness with us...

love & hugs

Anonymous said...

That he's passing gas and smiling makes me LAUGH! And what wonderful news about his lungs!
Awww...hope you PARENTS had fun hanging out with Happening;) That is so sweet.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm not sure why I'm sitting here crying like a baby after all your news of the past 25 days, but this post has me in a puddle-- I can read between the lines and hear the relief in your voice which tells me that Big Kid is looking good and making real progress. I am thrilled for you all.

Keep up the good work with the baby steps and pretty soon the marathon will be over.

Lots of love from Los Angeles.

St Jude said...

I'm so glad to hear that he is doing so much better. I only hope to goodness that he doesn't read your blog when he's better, what with bodily fluids and gas etc. LOL.

It is sad to hear about the other two young men, my heart goes out to them and their families and they will be in my thoughts too now.

Chris H said...

How very sad about the other boys complicatons... and I hope your son's blood clots do not cause him any trouble.

stinkypaw said...

Happy for you that BG is coming along & I'm thinking the aspiring adult sure feels your pain and it's his way to give back a little, that or he's preparing something, but you know that! ;-) Take care of yourself *hugs*

Brenda said...

Just checking back to see how big Kid is doing and how you're coping. Keep on hanging ATM!

Valerie Marie said...