Saturday, October 26, 2013

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sorry I haven't written sooner---I've been putting the finishing touches on my next book and my brain is mush.  :-)

I've talked to my oldest birth brother a few times since I last wrote, and am still trying to assimilate all the information I've gotten.  We get along like wildfire--or like peanut butter and jelly.  LOL

Here's something interesting; he's a special education teacher.  He lives over an hour away from where he works, so he puts on his headphones and calls me on his way home so we can chat while he drives.

I found out that our father had sudden heart failure at the age of 48 (I was 41 when I had it).  Also, two years later, after he had lost a bunch of weight, he started aching in his back and legs and feeling like crap.  Just like me.  And just like me, those were the only symptoms of diabetes he had when he was diagnosed. 

Hmmmm.  Who said biology doesn't matter?  Oh yeah---that was the adoption industry about 40 years ago!

Apparently, the brothers have a quirky sense of humor very similar to mine.  They find my existence to be quite amusing, because our father was a bit of a hardass ("who knew the old man had it in him!" was the comment the younger brother made when he found out I was the product of a wild college weekend).

I'm freaking out a little bit over the fact that my youngest birth brother is only a year older than Big Kid.  Gah!  That and he's actually 6'7.

I'm also the stupid sister of the family (just kidding).  Between the three of them, there are 6 Master's Degrees and a PHD.  Very accomplished group!

We haven't made plans to get together yet, since we live across the country from each other.  We're just enjoying getting to know each other. 

And I'm truly, truly enjoying it.

Thanks so much for your support, guys!


Friday, October 04, 2013

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Thanks so much for all of your kind words of support regarding my birth father.

I bit the bullet and wrote a letter to his oldest son, and then spent a sleepless week waiting for a reply.

Seriously, I had all kinds of horrible scenarios running through my head.  Why hasn't he responded yet?  Does he think I want money?  Maybe a kidney?

I had emphasized to him that I didn't want to intrude on his life, and that I understood if he didn't want to know me.  The information about me was his to do with what he would, and that I wouldn't be trying to contact anyone else.  All I asked for was a family medical history and maybe a picture or two of my birth father.

Also passed on what had happened to me medically in case there was a family history of it.

He wrote back to me yesterday!

He and his mother were a bit shocked and surprised at my existence, but not unpleasantly so, I don't think.  In a true act of graciousness, his mother has been in contact with my birth father's doctors and is putting together a file of information for me.  It is so much more than I dared hope for!

Turns out birth father had both of the medical conditions that I have.

Brother and I have made plans to chat for the first time on the phone this weekend.  I can't wait!

Love you guys!