Sunday, September 14, 2014

Coming Home

Back from my visit to Virginia. Sadly the younger brother and sister "forgot" I was coming and were out of town. Oh well. I had a fantastic time with the older brother. We talked for hours and got on like a house on fire. I saw so much of my sons in him. 

 My birth mother flew down and we spent three days together, just mother and daughter. We drove all over the area chasing family history, got lost a dozen times and laughed 10 times that much. She gave me my cheekbones, my butt, my boobs, my teeth and my toes. My birth father's family gave me the height, the shoulders, the coloring and the eyes. 

 Nobody will claim the nose though. Dammit. 

 We spent a day with family on her side, who I met for the first time. An aunt, cousins and a couple of elderly friends. One lady said something that really capped off my trip. When I mentioned how I had felt compelled to go to college in Virginia although I had no family or friends there (I'm from Colorado) she said: 

 "Virginia's in your blood, Honey. You came home to us!" It brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks all for your kind wishes.  It was quite a journey.  LOL