Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meanwhile, in My Neighborhood

Got a reverse 911 call yesterday.  This is MY neighborhood!  Yikes!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Close to the Burn Zone

Well the last couple of weeks have been truly scary.

We've been on stand-by evacuation until a few days ago because of the Waldo Canyon fire, which has been the worst in Colorado history. Many of our most prized possessions have been packed up and ready to go. The fire is now 80% contained and burning away from our town. Two families we know lost everything.
Big Kid and Kitty made it up the highway 15 minutes before they closed it.  The smoke down in the springs made it almost impossible for him to breathe.  The Aspiring Adult's new place was in the evacuation zone, so he came home too and I had all my ducklings under one roof.

The big piles of boxes (pictures, papers, family heirlooms, etc) sits in our dining room, waiting to be unpacked. And I'm afraid to unpack them.


Because we've got a firebug up here in our little mountain community. 21 fires, many deliberately set (they were put out before all the evidence was destroyed) in 8 days, not including the Waldo Canyon fire. If that was caused by arson, then it makes 22.

It almost feels like we've been under siege. I've been in to town shopping and chatted with others in the community. A lot of people feel shell-shocked.

Blessings to the firefighters and law enforcement who've been working overtime in these dangerous conditions to keep us safe.
Hope you all have a happy 4th!  No fireworks for us, we've had enough!