Thursday, November 05, 2009

Day 13

Another morning, another step closer. Big Kid had a good day yesterday, and when I called earlier, his nurse said he was having a good night.

They finally switched his sedation to something that works better, so he's able to rest quietly. After coming up from the paralytic it was a constant struggle to keep him still. At one point, he scootched far down on the bed and was pushing his feet hard against the footboard, just like he did when he was an infant in his crib.

The doctor who's on this week is pleased with his progress. Big Kid is on 98% oxygen, which worried us until they explained that it was a different machine, so different requirements. They removed his arterial line, which is another forward step. Forward. Forward.

His care has truly been wonderful. We are so grateful to all the dedicated professionals who have been working hard to save his life.

We've gotten to know some of the staff over the last couple of weeks, and of course we have favorites. Some are motherly, some are grim, some are humorous...all of them truly special people who've chosen a life of healing.

One of Big Kid's nurses is an extraordinarily beautiful, tiny asian woman with the most startling and gorgeous violet eyes. Those girls from Make Me a Supermodel have nothing on her. And when I say, tiny, I mean TINY. She's probably 5 foot nothing and weighs 90 pounds soaking wet. We like her because she tells us everything she's doing as she's doing it and although we don't understand it all, it makes us feel like we're involved.

The other day she said to us in a prim little voice, "I'm going to roll him over now and check out his poop tube to make sure it isn't leaking."

She had a student standing by observing, and when the student didn't move to help her, Hubby squeaked out, "do you need some help?" because Big Kid is BIG.

"She doesn't need help," said the student. "She's like an ant. She can lift 10 times her body weight."

They barely made it out of the room before the two of us collapsed in helpless, hysterical laughter.

"OMG," I choked. "His poop tube. Good thing he's paralyzed for this. Two beautiful young things 'checking out' his poop tube."

"An ant", hubby gasped. "She's an ant."

Inappropriate, I know. But you have to have some release or you'll go insane. Inappropriate humor is how we cope.

Thanks again so much for hanging in there with us. Baby steps.


Peeking rabbit said...

I'm glad you've kept your sense of humor. It'll make it that much easier for you and for him when he no longer has to be sedated. Good luck and I'm so glad he's slowly getting better.

Rootietoot said...

Save the poop tube incident for blackmail. As in "if you don't do *xyz* I'm going to tell (whoever) about the Poop Tube Incident."

I'm so happy he's improving! Yay!
And, I'll keep praying, because I will until he's home.

Unknown said...

This is so not inappropriate. It is a release! As a health care professional who faces crisis each and every day I will tell you that such an outlet is necessary to protect your sanity!

With that said I am so pleased to hear about BK's progress! Prayers continue to go up.

Clippy Mat said...

great news.
every day a little more.

yorksnbeans said...

So glad to hear things are still on the rise! Hooray for the poop tube! :-)

Charlie said...

Black humor is part of the healing process. It is a good thing.

Maybe all of our crossed fingers and toes are working!

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

So glad to hear he is making progress! Every little step counts.

Like everyone else has said, it wasn't innappropriate, it was just a release the two of you desprately needed. Sometimes we simply crave a laugh even in the worst times as it's our brains way of trying to give us a break from the stress.

Don't feel guilty. I'm sure Big Kid would have laughed too as long as it was someone elses poop tube.

You still have my prayers!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Laughter is the best medicine! Yay! A good day!

Anonymous said...

What a comfort to know you are surrounded by competent, caring, compassionate professionals. And a little laughter to help ease things all around is always good!

litzi said...

TERRIFIC!! Baby Steps forward are a good thing.

(((hugs))) for another day.

Chicago Mom said...

I agree with Frau - laughter is the best medicine! Someday soon Big Kid be laughing about it with you!

Boozy Tooth said...

Not inappropriate at all! In fact, you must embrace those lighter moments. And as for the nurse being an "ant," I find that to be a wonderful metaphor. Ant are not only strong, but highly organized, determined, social, and workhorses.

Big Kid has a lot going for him. Poop tube and all.

Unknown said...

When I didn't get anything in my RSS feed for a few days, I panicked. (Damn you, Google Reader!) I'm SOOO glad (like, tears running down my face glad, although a pregnant woman crying isn't all that much of a shock anyway) that he's doing so much better! You guys have all our love here, and as many prayers as we can possibly muster.

stinkypaw said...

Happy to see you laughing again, this is all great news!! *hugs*

St Jude said...

I understand the humour, it is the best remedy at times like this.

I'm so glad that he is making small improvements.

Cloudy said...

Trying to sleep in the bed like he did as an infant really touched me. Your sweet little BABY! So glad he is getting such good care & is doing better everyday.

Unknown said...

glad he's improving! Keep positive and a little laughter is good. In fact, when you need another laugh (which Joanne said you might) check out this old post on my blog"

Deb said...

Sweet Jesus I had no idea. I am so sorry you are going throught his. You, your family, and big kid are in my thoughts and prayers.

Be strong and laugh often, laughter heals all things!

Lori said...

Thank God for humor! Even if it's inappropriate Humor has seen me through many tough times. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Laughter is healing too and makes us feel better so I think it's a good thing. Glad to hear he is improving! Blessings and hugs, Lori

Willoughby said...

I'm so glad to hear good news!

I assure you that you are not the first parent to laugh at something others might find inappropriate. You absolutely have to have an outlet for the constant state of anxiety you're in.

When my daughter was in the hospital, my husband and I went outside to take a break. We sat on a bench where we could see people walking to and from the parking structure. We started making up funny stories about each of the people we saw. In no time we were laughing hysterically. To others, it may have seemed inappropriate, but we needed to laugh. I say laugh when you can. It will keep your sanity intact.

Hang in there!

Maggie May said...

You are coping beautifully.

Mrs. Hall said...

Laugh as hard as you can when it comes out!!!

And I am so thankful things are moving in the right direction.

Glad the poop tube is working ;)

ok ok take care ;)

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad there continue to be small improvements. There is humor in even the worst things in life and nothing inappropriate about seeing it. Keep on keeping on and know there is much support for you from afar.

Joanie said...

So glad to read about improvements, even small ones. Baby steps.

And glad to read that you can laugh from time to time. It's good for the soul, and helps to keep you sane.

Tracie Nall said...

Totally appropriate laughter...because that was funny!!! I will never look at ants the same :)

Moving forward!!!

We'll keep the prayers coming!!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Wish I was strong as an ant...

Referred here via Alix
at comments on Cookies

More prayers won't hurt-
Best of luck n recovery to Big Kid!

Chris H said...

He must be getting better if you two can crack up over poop and ants!

Debbie said...

When he gets better, let him read all of the updates that you have posted while he has been fighting this thing. Have a camera ready to flash a picture of the expression on his face when he reads the "poop tube" story.