Thursday, January 24, 2008

Asshat of the Week----2-for-1!

I couldn't decide between these two Asshats, so this week I decided to do a twofer!

Trees messing up your view?

Just hire a crew to come and cut them down!

That's what Lake Tahoe resident Patricia Vincent did. The Asshat hired a professional crew to cut down 3 ponderosa pines---estimated to be 80 to 100 years old---to enhance her scenic view.

Except that it was on someone else's property.

Whose property, you my ask?

Well OUR property. Yours and mine (and well, I guess, theoretically as a taxpayer, hers too). The trees were a part of a special lot of national forest designated by the Forest Service as environmentally sensitive.

She faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. And I hope a good public shunning from her neighbors as well.

I think the second Asshat deserves an extra-special Richard Cranium award.

Water board member Xavier Alvarez bragged at a public meeting that he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor while serving as a Marine, which is the military's highest honor.

I don't know who keeps track of that stuff, but apparently it's a pretty serious offense if you lie about it. Especially if you're an elected official.

Alvarez was later charged with the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 after admitting that he not only didn't win the medal, but had never served at all.

You'd think that after getting caught with his pants down, the doofus would just take his lumps like a big boy.

But no.

His defense?

The Stolen Valor Act "violates" his right to be a lying douchebag. It's a free speech thing, you know.

So in Alvarez's mind, the soldiers who risk life and limb to protect his First Amendment rights are doing it so that he can benefit from the respect and reflected glory by claiming the award if he damn well feels like it.

"...But government prosecutors said in their opposition submitted Wednesday that the First Amendment does not protect deliberate falsehoods."

And I bet there are a few soldiers who'd like a private word with you too, Mr. Alvarez.

As an afterthought, my campus bookstore deserves an honorable mention for some Asshattery as well. I wrote about it over here on Disaboom.


Jan said...

Oh, there are just too many out there. Great reporting.

Angela said...

I do love hearing of the stupid people
Keep them coming because I know there are many more out there

Casdok said...

2 for 1 excellent!!

Anonymous said...

WTF?!?! to both of them.
Frackin' idiots.

have a good weekend, darling.

Brenda said...

I hope that broad goes to prison as a lesson to everyone who thinks they're above the law and the professional crew too!

That sucks about the books. We're the only civilized country in the world that doesn't provide health care and a free education for our citizens.

Anonymous said...

well done on all counts, Granter of the Award. I completely concur.

Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
I concur that Patricia Vincent should be fined for having three large pine trees removed from U.S. Forest Service land. I’m rather surprised the rabid environmentalists in the region didn’t lynch her. The preservation of our national forests is important but the eco-freaks in that area have taken things to the extreme. The horrendous fire last June which destroyed over 52 homes and threatened 500 others could have been avoided if some clearing of the forests was allowed. As it stands now, the entire Tahoe Basin is a tinderbox waiting to be ignited.

Perhaps Xavier Alvarez should join the brave men and women fighting in the Middle East in his attempt to protect his First Amendment right of free speech. Then everyone could see how valiant he really is…

Anonymous said...

I would be totally lost without your updates! LOL

golfwidow said...

I think I want to give an honorable mention to the professional crew that, I assume, did not check to make sure the trees in question were Ms. Vincent's to cut down. I know it's not their job to do so, but common sense does sort of suggest it.

Oh, wait. This is the land of the Big Brown Asshat, where common sense is not an option.

Never mind.

Mary said...

I'm still stewing about the guy lying about the Congressional Medal of Honor. Jeeeezus! Has he not heard of Google? You can find out this stuff in about 5 seconds. What a douchebag.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I wonder if Ms. Vincent would be facing such a slap back if she DID cut down trees on MY private property for her "scenic view".
Is my bitterness showing? Yeah, I'm a displaced person who lived in a "town" that is now a "city" and often sacrificed the old and historic for the new and Starbukian world.
Ahem. Rant over.
And the last guy? Call the Marines, damnit.

Michelle Flaherty said...

I can't stop shaking my head. Sometimes I really can't believe there are such stupid people living in this world. Some people need to be bitch-slapped. Often and hard.

carmachu said...

Second one is worse......dumbass worthy even.