Friday, June 08, 2007

Openin' Up Some Whup-Ass

I do admire a good rant, especially when I'm busy and can't work up one myself.

Krishanna got her rantipants on and she totally cracks me up.

Stop by and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This was such a good rant, it even inspired me!!! Loved it! Made me laugh a whole lot. Thanks for sharing this with us. Enjoy your weekend.

carmachu said...

I'm afraid I have to disagree with her, and said so.

Paris, in and of herself, is a useless peice of crap, and not worth my time.


This particular matter with her is VERY important. Its a matter of justice. A matter of whether the rule of law will be upheld or whether someone with money and power gets to walk away.

Sorry, cant disagree more with her on the matter. In this partiular case, I do feel its important. Not because of who she is, but a matter of someone getting away with breaking the law, thumbing her nose at the law on her probabtion, and scamming the system to get out of jail.

If you cant see how that is important...*shrug*

Attila the Mom said...

...Well considering the rant was written on Monday, before Paris was let out, maybe you could cut her a little slack. LOL

carmachu said...

Never! What fun would that be? *grin*

stinkypaw said...

Good rant indeed!