Monday, May 08, 2006

Asshat of the Week---Wendy Dershem

I bet when this indignant diner complained to the media about being victimized by the big bad buffet owners, she didn't expect to come out of it looking like an Asshat.

Live and learn is my motto.

Wendy Dershem, her boyfriend and their two children were asked to leave and not come back to the Dragon House Buffet in Des Moines, Iowa.

The reason? They're repetitive food wasters.

On multiple visits, the family has been observed tossing away large quantities of uneaten food before bellying back up to the buffet--and taking more portions of the same items they just discarded.

For example, one employee explained, "They take four egg rolls and crab rangoon, take one bite of egg roll and throw the whole plate. That is wasting food."

In the days where all you have to do is crack open a newspaper or flip through the TV to see needy and starving children across the globe, the bewildered and unrepentant Wendy doesn't seem to get it.

"But the buffet is all you can eat. And you know kids. They won't always eat everything and they want something else."

Then you give the kid one egg roll and one crab rangoon. Give them a small taste of something they're not sure of on their plate, so that if they don't like it, you're not tossing an entire meal.

If they don't finish an item the first time, you don't give them another helping of the same thing. How hard is that to understand?

The manager summed it up best when he said his "restaurant offers all you can eat buffet, not all you can waste".

So Wendy, that's why you're this week's Asshat.


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Nikki said...

This is the perfect time to request to lobby Congress for the Parental Lic.

34quinn said...

Terrible behaviour!!
Bravo for the establishment for putting their foot down.
What goes around comes around.

Kippa Herring said...

Dirty wastrels. That's disgusting.
And what a way to bring up kids.

Charlie said...

I once went to an "all you can eat" crabfest and, after eating about 3 pounds of crab (eating, except for the shells), the manager said, "Okay, buster, that's all you can eat."

HannoverFist said...

First time visit - first time comment. I LOVE the title of your blog.

I really like your "Asshat Awards" too - asshat is such a great slang. Makes me think I need to revive my "wtf?" posts.

Big Pissy said...

That is just ridiculous behavior!

They deserved to be banned from the place...
but more importantly~they deserve this week's "Asshat of the Week" award!

Jim Big Toe said...

What happened to the good ole days when a mom would dig her nails into your arm and whisper into your ear "keep on screwing around and just wait to we get home". Or the more classic you aren’t leaving until you eat everything on your plate.

Mia said...

I'm surprised they didn't mention that she tripped on her big purse (stuffed with midnight snacks) on the way out the door! That's probably what really made her so mad.

SS said...

Oh, yeah, I hate people like that. I was raised to clean my plate and, while that system isn't perfect either, I get really pissed when I see people blatantly wasting food (or anything really). That's one of the MANY reasons I don't like buffets. There is always a lot of wasting. I don't get the whole "throwing people out" thing though. A buffet down here threw out some man for eating too much. There were crab legs on the buffet and he ate something like 5-10 pounds of crab legs plus lots of other stuff and they threw him out. They said he paid $15 for the buffet but ate well over $100 worth of food. I agree that this is digusting behavior. But, it is a buffet. You kind of know you run that risk when you open the place. Some people are just inconsiderate asshats. You really can't avoid getting at least a few at your restaurant.

GJR Stevenson said...

I love your concept of "Asshat of the Week", I'll be back to read more of this. Great Stuff.

I also have a Humour Blog, its a tongue in cheek look at our world. Check out my Blog at Rants and Slants, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

girl said...

Grrr, my parents owned a chinese restaurant while I was growing up, and it wasn't an easy job. They worked 14 hour days in a hot kitchen, and came out to smile at customers all day long. Fuckers like this woman & her family can't think of anything outside of their own experience - they make me SO angry!! I'm glad they got banned, wish there were some way of putting them in jail for a week, too!

Brenda said...

Here, here! Doesn't anyone practice simple manners anymore? I think they missed the eat part of the all you can eat buffet sign.

carmachu said...

She's such a dumbass.

The owner was correct. Ban them all.

phlegmfatale said...

Jerks. GOod for the restaurant for banning their wasteful asses!

Kathy Cullen said...

You found another well deserving one ATM. I found myself in one breath wishing there had been a picture, so I could compare the less than attractive picture I have in my mind. Then, in another breath, glad there was no picture to ruin my dinner.

There are so many fundamental reasons not to waste food like that. I guess she was never taught to take a bite to taste something before filling your plate with it, well duh.

I'm a buffet loving chubster, lol. However, if I accidentally take something I don't like or can't finish, I actually feel guilty for the waste.

Mia said...

Future asshat?,,1746867,00.html

imfunnytoo said...

This "entitled" attitude to eat three bites and pitch the rest is rotten enough when pitched by adults but as *examples* for kids?

Good Gawd, throw the adults out!

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