Friday, May 26, 2006

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say...

Stories like the one below really capture my attention for a number of reasons. First of all, I like to think I'm a pretty decent human being. Other reasons---I'm a parent, and an adult adoptee.

I have several friends who were gray or black market babies--actual human merchandise bought and sold complete with a dead-end record trail--and I've heard how it has affected their lives in many ways.

I've been reading different news reports, and trying to wrap my mind around this entire messed-up scenario.

A few of the details vary, according to the news sources, so my retelling of the incident may have a couple of minor inaccuracies that will be clarified after time.

In a nutshell:

WTF #1
Last week, two Texas women approached 17-year-old Dominique Calloway in a Los Angeles store. They admired her 6-week old baby son Devon. One of the women offered to buy the baby for $6,000.

WTF #2
The apparently silly girl said she would "consider it" and accepted a ride home from them.

WTF #3
The women showed up at Calloway's home last Monday and repeated their offer. She declined, but agreed to let the woman in the passenger seat "hold the baby one last time" before they left.

Neighbors witnessed the mother screaming and being dragged a short distance while hanging on to an SUV as the pair drove off with her son. She sustained minor injuries.

WTF #4
After the abduction was publicized, other young mothers came forward to report that they had also been approached by the two, identified as Annette Bryant and Sylvia Nunn, with similar offers of purchase or adoption.

WTF #5
The women brought the baby to an attorney (some reports say it was an adoption attorney) near Dallas when they "learned they were wanted by authorities".

For pity's sakes--did they honestly think nobody was looking for them? Sheesh!

WTF #6
In the course of the investigation, authorities deemed Calloway's home to be a pig sty, and took her 2-year-old child into protective custody. They're going to keep the infant as well, until they decide whether or not she is a "fit" parent.

I have so many questions...

Was this a case of "Baby Rabies" taken to psycho extremes? Was one of these women so desperate to be a mommy that she went to the level of first trying to purchase, and then steal a child? There are plenty of children (even very young ones) who are legally free for adoption in the foster-care system.

Or on an even more sinister note--were these two trafficking in children? Adoption is a multi-billion dollar industry, and unfortunately, there are a few desperate people out there who are willing to cut some legal corners to become parents.

As for the 17-year-old mother---where in the hell are her parents?

Was she living alone, with relatives, or with her baby's father?

If she was living alone, I'm assuming she was receiving some sort of public assistance. And at 17, with two young children, I would think that because of her age and receipt of benefits, she would obviously be on someone's radar as an "at risk" mother who might need/be entitled to supports to parent successfully.

Yes, her actions were foolish and dangerous. No doubt about it.

I've been 17, and 18, and 19 and have made really bad choices that I look back on and regret.

But how did she get there? Where in the hell are the adults in her life?

Source 1, Source 2, Source 3
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Stella said...

WTF is right!! How did they think they would get away with it? Obviously preying on vulnerable young mothers the assume they will be grateful???

I agree Attila who is looking out for this young mother? Where are the adults in her life? Where is the support system? She is barely out of childhood herself and is set adrift in the rocky seas of parenthood.

carmachu said...

Yeah, have to go with eth WTF crowd.

The adults in her life either failed, or didnt care. Not every child, sadly, has a good set like most of us commenting here.

As for teh OTEHR two bastards, yes, some folks are THAT desperate. In fact some are even MORE desperate, that they actually find a late term pregnant woman and CUT THE BABY OUT OF HER STOMACH.

Charlie said...

The fact that there were two women leads me to suspect a baby ring rather than one desperately ill woman.

. . . she would obviously be on someone's radar as an "at risk" mother . . .

One would think so, but social services and CPS are reactive, not proactive.

The realization that there is a baby black market in America still boggles my mind; it conjures images of dark alleyways and very greasy men, but I'm sure that I'm quite wrong.

As horrible as all of this is, you do a service to us "muggles" who are not aware of what goes on. Thanks, Mom.

rockyjay said...

These things really happen?

I though it was just an old wives tale?

St Jude said...

It's tragic, there is other word for it. The young mother should have adults and social services assisting her, in an ideal world. But then in that world there would be no baby black market either!

Attila The Mom said...

Unfortunately yes. Adoption is a big money industry.

Where there's a great deal of money to be had, there are always people out there who are willing to abuse the system to profit from it.


Kathy said...

This whole story does stink of immoral adoption workers. I know there are some moral workers as well, but you rarely hear about them. I wonder if they'd have approached a 25 year old mom with an infant?

Nikki said...

Where the heck do these people come from? WTF is right.

Miss Keeks said...

I'm with the Admiral, it sounds like a baby ring.

I can't imagine a person who believes they can circumvent all rules and regulations regarding adoption could possibly believe they would be a good parent. How do these people explain the concept of honesty to their stolen kids.

This just reeks of yuck on so many levels.

michele said...

A lot of these young girls
don't have a support system,
that's the problem.If she had
loving parents that wouldn't
have never happen.

Mia said...

Sick and sad all wrapped up in one giant ball of WTF.

Rootietoot said...

In comment to Carmachu, sometimes it's not the adult's failure, sometimes it's the free-will choices made by the teen, A person could have the perfect parents and still turn out wrong, or have rotten parents and turn out grand. Loving parents do NOT guarentee a perfect child. Sweeping generalizations like this are ill-informed.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...I was shaking my head the whole time I was reading that.

I echo all the questions you ask.

Annie Drogynous said...

Just because two people are capable of having children, doesn't mean they are capable of being parents. If her parents gave a crap, they would be there.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick to my stomach what people do to children. People like this only take into account their own needs (whatever they may be).

Ruth Dynamite said...

Desperate people do desperate things. Sad and sick all around.

Maritza said...

I always wonder, "Where the hell are the parents?" when I hear about children or teens doing something stupid or being taken advantage of. Where are the grown ups to give guidance to these kids?

Beki said...

What an appalling tale and I fear it is more common than we realise.

Isaw another story in the paper of two elderly amercian ladies who took in two homeless people, insured them, then ran them over a year down the line.

You naturally wonder when you hear reports of a single person dispalying such odd behaviour but when they come in pairs it just impossible to comprehend

kim said...

It's a scary world out there. Imagine the ones that we never hear about?
I was adopted too, someday we'll have to trade insights :)
*munches chocolate chip cookies*

Karen said...

ummm, I have a 5 or 15 yr old- I'll take less than 6K. and think of all the food & medical I've already spent on them...
really, my thought is like yours- where are HER parents? gotta feel for those babies...

shirley said...

Eeek! That whole story just made me want to crawl into my own skin & hide. Hide from the madness!

Kate said...

Oh this is sad. I feel so sorry for those kids, and their Mother, she is only a child herself. I also wonder where her parents are. I was only young when I had my oldest son, but I was married and had a family to support me. I wish everyone could be that lucky, 'cause no matter how old you are, looking after young chldren is hard work

It does sound as though the women who took the baby are from some sort of baby selling ring . . . women who snatch babies out of desperation usually do it on the spur of the monent. This pair are, in my opinion, pretty much the lowest of the low. Not only have they taken a child away from it's Mother, but they are cashing in on the desperation of those who can't have children of their own. How sick.

Anonymous said...

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