Monday, May 01, 2006

Blogging Against Disabilism

Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day. Please visit Diary of a Goldfish (the dastardly mastermind behind this great idea!) for the links of participating bloggers.

I decided to contribute two posts I've written in previous months about the power of language and labels.

Join us! Speak out against Disablism!


Jay said...

At first glance at this title, I thought you were devil-worshipping today. Curse my dyslexia!

When I worked in the field, one of the biggest obstacles we worked against was parents labeling the kids themselves.Their lives just get absored into the disease when really it should only be one aspect of life. I'm glad you still take the time to distinguish from it.

The Goldfish said...

Attila, had to thank you very much for your contribution to this, but also for going round and commenting on so many blogs yesterday. I noticed you and your thoughtful comments all over the place and I wanted to thank you personally for helping it feel like a community event. :-)

clew said...

Hey Attila! Thanks for the popover (loving your screen name so much!)

Hugs to you re. your last few posts. Thought I'd pass on a link for a blogfriend of mine if you dont know him:

his boy has autism and he is a wonderful father and inspirational writer on this and other topics. Just thought you'd liek to check him out.

Sorry to plug in a comment but I didnt see an email address for you. See you again soon!


Maenad said...

Thanks, Attila! Your's was very moving also.

happykat said... wow.

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