Saturday, March 11, 2006

Introducing The Sunday Trumpet

A couple of weeks ago, I was poking around in Charlie Callahan's attic (where I must say, he stores a lot of really oddball stuff) and came across a book review he had written a month or so back.

Of course, being me, my first thought was "Why in the world is Charlie Callahan reading romance novels?"

The second thought was, "Oh my God, I think I wet myself!"

It was brilliant!

It was the kind of review I'd love to read every day. Not one of those sycophantic slobbering types--the ones where after you read the book/see the movie/watch the TV show--you're left scratching your head--wondering "What the hell was so great about that?"

It was catty. It was rude. It was enormously hysterical.

I started thinking about all the really wonderful and humorous writers I've been fortunate to meet in the last couple of months (and even those I haven't met yet) in blogland. Why not invite them to vent and write stinker reviews of their own?

After talking it over with Charlie and a couple of other people, we figured that a team blog wouldn't work, simply because it wouldn't be inclusive if only some people had passwords.

So we put our silly little noggins together and came up with (thank you Rhonda for the fabulous graphic!):

Anyone can join, as long as they follow the rules (or else it would be anarchy, I tell you! Anarchy!)

The Rules:

1. Sign up in the comments section on this entry.

2. Everyone who signs up will be given a date (a Sunday) to supply a review. First come first served.

3. It has to be a review of a movie, a book or a television show you hated.

4. It has to be popular media---nothing really obscure, preferably within the last 5 years, exceptional exceptions accepted. ;-)

5. On Sundays, when the new review comes out, everyone on the list MUST write an entry on their own blogs with the logo (you can copy it from here) and a link to the reviewer's blog. You can write comments about what you thought of it, etc, on your entry if you choose.

Don't be shy! We'd love to have you join us!

So without further delay, I introduce our first official Sporadic Gasbag Roundtable review, courtesy of Mr. Charlie "I'm-not-too-macho-to-read-romance-novels" Callahan.

Roll Me Over, Royce, In My Rolls Royce, review of The MacGregor Brides by Nora Roberts.


Rhonda said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see more people signing up:) You can grab your free prize here: You're a Gasbag!

Miss Keeks said...

In honor of the chili I had for dinner last night, I'll hop on board.

Sophia said...

Er, is this where I sign up for The Sunday Trumpet?

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Sign me up for the Sunday Trumpet!

Unknown said...

This sounds great, I'll sign up if that's ok.

Attila the Mom said...

Woohoo! A new victim--I mean--reviewer!

Updated Trumpet:

March 19 Rhonda
March 26 St. Jude
April 2 One Ear
April 9 Meg
April 16 Sven
April 23 Nightmare
April 30 Attila
May 7 Charlie
May 14 Miss Keeks
May 21 Sophia
May 28 Tera
June 4 Kate