Thursday, May 19, 2011

Judy 101

You guys know how much I love Judge Judy. Yes, she's bitchy, brassy and sometimes even benevolent. As a connoisseur of Judge shows (big fan of People's Court and Judge Joe Brown), I like how she's straight to the point, and doesn't try to be a buddy to anybody.

That said, I have a confession. When the guys were in high school, I had a standing date with them to be home at 4pm to watch it with me. If they didn't have school activities or work, I insisted on it. LOL

Even now that they are all out of high school, if there is a show I find particularly relevant to any of them, I make them watch it before I:

1) cook anything for them or 2) give them money.

Then we discuss it to make sure they get the point.

I doubt that I could talk any universities into doing a class on Judge Judy, although some of them have inane and useless courses on things like Madonna's Impact on Pop Culture or The Effect the Beatles had on Rock and Roll. By then you think these students are almost fully cooked (although you see a bunch of college-aged doofuses on there).

I think you have to get to them sooner. Before they become college-aged doofuses. By then it might be too late.

If only we could get high schools---maybe the Civics classes or English classes---to offer extra credit points for a special project. That way, if they're falling behind, they could get some extra points towards a better grade.

My idea? Watch 20-30 episodes of Judge Judy bitch-slapping people around, and write an essay answering some specific questions. That way, they'll have a basic grasp on some legal and common sense issues.

Such as:

Don't lend money to friends or family members. Or boyfriends who don't have jobs, or have fathered any children out of wedlock, even with you. Or girlfriends who are 10 or more years younger than you. Or girlfriends who are really hot and you're not.

If you're stupid enough to do the above, get the repayment terms in writing before you hand over the moolah. Otherwise, they'll claim it as a "gift".

Don't co-sign a loan for a car or anything else. For anyone, including your children. If you can't afford to give them the money, too bad for them.

Don't put anybody on your cell phone plan.

Don't sign a lease with somebody you don't know REALLY WELL.

If you want to have a dangerous type of dog you are responsible for everything that dog does (or any dog for that matter, but you wouldn't believe the Asshats who claim their dog is gentle after it ripped somebody's face off).

Don't let anybody else drive your car. Evah!! If you are drunk, take a cab.

Don't put somebody else's utilities/cable/etc in your name. There's a reason why they can't get it in THEIR name!

Hide your car keys. Adventurous teenagers and crappy roommates abound!

Don't try to give your friend a tattoo or a piercing, especially if he/she is a minor.

Throwing your friend in a pool as a joke isn't funny if they have a 300 dollar cell phone in their pocket. Or Iphone, Ipad, Iwhatever.

Same with tackling someone unexpectedly, jumping on them from behind, or throwing a ball in their face.

Getting drunk and vomiting, peeing or defecating anywhere in the structure (including stairwells and decks) that you rented for spring break is going to cost you your security deposit if you don't thoroughly clean up after yourself and your friends.

If you get a settlement for an injury, inherit a sum, or get a grant, don't "loan" any of it to anybody for any reason. They are leeches who smell opportunity. Some people feel entitled to another's "windfall".

Having a party in your dorm room is going to cost if somebody spills a drink on your roommate's laptop. Your party, your fault.

When you try to collect monies owed, be prepared for friends or family members to try to make you out to be the bad guy. They will say you are "money hungry". Notice that the people who say that are trying to screw you out of money THEY owe you. Happens every time. That's why you shouldn't loan money to friends or family members.

Did I leave anything out?

What do YOU think?


Tracie Nall said...

First, I LOVE me some Judge Judy!

Second, I TOTALLY agree! This should be mandatory watching for all high schoolers.

Webster said...

I wish my older brother payed attention to Judge Judy. He really needed to learn many of those lessons. Still does, alas.

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

LOL! I have never watched any of the Judge shows but clearly it should be required viewing.

Ellen Lyn said...

"If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not true" is a favorite around our house!!

Kathy said...

I work with high school and college aged kids, and I try to get them to understand all these concepts. But ya know, "I dont' know what I'm talking about," and "it will never happen to me." And lo and behold, that very things does happen!!! Kids today, at least the ones I've seen, seem to have to learn things the hard way. I guess if one or two figures it out ahead of time, it's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something here!

Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

I've been thinking exactly the same thing. I've always been fairly savvy, and I definitely could have used this when I was younger.

I tend to prefer People's Court. I listen to/watch it while I'm sewing.

I think I will come up with some sort of plan for my kids to watch it.

Willoughby said...

Good, sound advice!

My parents are big fans of the judge shows, too. My mom quotes Judge Judy all the time!

Imagine what would happen to our legal system if everyone suddenly acquired basic common sense? There would be a lot of attorneys out of work!

Charlie said...

I luv Judge Judy, but I miss Judge Wapner.

BTW, may I borrow $5, for which I will gladly repay you double on Tuesday. Trust me.

Brenda said...

They should start teaching these things in Middle school. Judge Judy rocks!

Warner said...

"Or girlfriends who are really hot and you're not."

It is ok in this case if you aren't lending more than the going rate in your neighborhood.

And socially more acceptable.

Anonymous said...

You can't spend your inheritance until the person DIES and gives it to you. (after working in elder abuse protection and meeting folks who gave themselves multiple 'advances on the inheritance mom/dad/unc/auntie is going to give me')

Katie :o) said...

Good advice! I tell my kids never to lend more than they would be willing to lose....

Anonymous said...

Judge Judy scares me so much I sometime find myself holding my breath.

Joe said...

You're right on the money.

Valerie Marie said...

Great post! Kisses!

catscratch said...

Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Wapner all flip my switch...
and they don't give a poo when either party isn't happy with the outcome...

Love it.

Just hope that fool that presided over the Anna Nicole Smith mess doesn't ever get his own show.

I don't think I'd be able to deal with his whiny voice or crying outbursts all the time.

catscratch said...

Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Wapner all flip my switch...
and they don't give a poo when either party isn't happy with the outcome...

Love it.

Just hope that fool that presided over the Anna Nicole Smith mess doesn't ever get his own show.

I don't think I'd be able to deal with his whiny voice or crying outbursts all the time.