Sunday, May 08, 2011

Awkward Neighbor Stories....

I just read an article about Awkward Neighbor Stories, and it had me in stitches!

Here's my story:

Shortly after we moved to our home up here in the mountains (about 14 years ago), our neighbor---who was a kind of creepy middle-aged single guy---made an offhand comment to me.

"You really need to get some curtains for your bathroom. I can see you when you're getting out of the shower."

Gak! I got curtains right away.

We live in a mountain development that has a minimum of 2 acres per lot. The houses aren't right next to each other---if one is built at the top of one lot, the next one is built at the bottom. There are a lot of mature pine trees on the lots as well.

But faced with that kind of confrontation, I didn't know what to think. Yes, it was awkward. VERY awkward!

A few years later, he moved, and we've had several different neighbors since then. A couple of years ago, a good friend of ours bought the house next door.

Last summer, they invited us over for an afternoon-into-night BBQ. We'd never actually been there for any appreciable time.

Anyhoo, I was telling friend's wife about creepy former neighbor, and she said, "we can't see into your house AT ALL!" So we went on a quest. We looked out of every window they had that was facing our house, and at different vantage points on their property.

The only way you could see into MY bathroom is if it was dark and you were at least 70 feet onto OUR property.

How revolting is that?

What's YOUR awkward neighbor story? Dish! Dish!


Anonymous said...

we live on a little court about 10 houses total fairly close together here in the city. We had one neighbour directly beside us who we weren't sure if she liked us really or not ..or if we were just reading her wrong.
One very very cold about minus 40 celcious winter night. After my hubby who had had a really rough day at work was sound asleep it was almost midnight. My doorbell rang I was just about to go to bed. It was my neighbour and she was quite worked up and wanted to know if my husband could help her out.
Apparently she had her housekey but for some reason her front door lock was not working and she was locked out of her house, she had her very old dog with her and it was brutally cold.
She asked if my hubby was up and could he come help her for a few minutes..
I knew he had gone to bed completely exhausted and I didn't want to wake him but this was a situation where neighbours help eachother. So I went and woke him up.
Out of a dead sleep he groggily got up as I explained the issue and he pulled on some clothes..I invited my neighbour in and put on the coffee and got her a blanket and some warm socks as her feet were wet and cold from being in the snow trying to get in her house.
And out hubby went into the cold night he tried her door , no luck, he tried her windows luck..he went trapesing through he back yard where snow was almost to his waist to try the windows etc in the back yard and no luck..he came back to the house and let her know short of breaking a window there was no way to get in there tonight she could wait till morning and call a locksmith to let her in front door..told her she was very welcome to stay here with her dog as well..
That was when she decided to deline and then went from our house to one of the other neighbours homes and stayed there for the night ..

soooooooooooooo, we were good enough neighbours to wake up and have come out and do all that in the bitter cold..but not good enough neighbours to stay in our home for about 6 hours over night till the sun came up in the morning ..
Guess how this relationship continued for the next 6 years until she moved away .. go on ..take a guess LOL> eeesh.

karatemom AKA quinn

Gail Dixon said...

Well, that's creepy. Yikes. At least he moved. And that first comment - I would have been livid had that happened to me. I can't compete with either of those stories.

My word verification is butstore. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That IS creepy!
Hm, our most awkward neighbor moment was when I went to greet our new neighbors with homemade cookies--they stared at me like deer in headlights and have never waved or made eye contact with anyone in our neighborhood since. We refer to them as "the Shut-ins." Just WEIRD I tell you!

Webster said...

I'm surprised your old creepy neighbor even said anything to you, considering he was trespassing at the time.

My creepy story isn't so bad. But when I lived with my parents, their next door neighbor would get home from work each night just at our dinner time. Our dining room window looked straight across at his bathroom window. Our dining room had no closing curtains, but his bathroom did have a pull down blind. Trouble is, he never used it.

So every night, he'd come home when we were eating dinner, and he would be standing facing us while he did his business every night. In the summer, both windows were open. It was hard not to look, and it was really hard not to laugh out loud. So I'd be sitting there with a shit-eating rin on my face, just wishing he would hurry and leave. No- no need to wave.

Chris H said...

Same sort of thing!
Only our neighbour could see into my bedroom without having to leave his patio!
I was walking around with no clothes on in my bedroom when I glanced up and saw the neighbour looking at me! OMG I put net up the very next day and have never even talked to THAT neighbour....

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

Shortly before I got married I moved back in with my Mom. I had a male cat who never met a exterior door she didn't want to run out.

I was in my Mom's back yard digging her out of the back bushes and the backyard neighbor turned the light on in a large picture window. He was completely naked. We were just a few feet from each other with me trying to get my cat back!

They moved a long time ago thank goodness!!!

Rootietoot said...

I don't know if I'd call it creepy, but it is a little unnerving...We can hear our neighbor, George, bellowing his frustration as his (now ex-)wife all times day and night. Occasionally we'd come home to find her sitting on our front porch, playing with the cat.

Big Daddy Autism said...

Wait? Is the revolting part of this story the fact that you put up curtains and destroyed that poor guy's only hobby?

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

First of all... ewwww!!

My story is that I was sunbathing in my backyard and my nosy 50 something year old neighbour came over and motioned to me.

I walked overthere and she wanted to know if I thought tattoos on women were tacky.

Since I have several that she could clearly see (in my bathing suit) I just shook my head and replied "NO" - I avoided her after that and eventually, she moved.

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is one seriously former neighbor.

My creepy neighbor-- well, he's not creepy, he's just a big old redneck living in the city and not liking it one bit. So he has dogs, lots of dog-- at one point 14 of them on his Los Angeles-sized tiny property. Then one day he had a HORSE! (Swear to God). I called animal services and he hasn't spoken to me since. Which is just fine with me :-)

Happy weekend. jj

Accidental Expert said...

That is really creepy. I don't have any good stories to tell, but we do have one creepy neighbor. Actually, he's downright scary. The only creepiness is me running away when I see him on the street.

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

Not a neighbor, but a meter reader.

In summers my first wife did house work, including laundry, in the buff. She had forgotten to lock the back door, so the meter reader simply entered.

He did have the courtesy to leave at once.

MoonNStarMommy said...

OMGosh - creepy is right!!!

Soooooooooooo happy he moved!! LOL

Brenda said...

You should still hunt down that dog and shoot him with a bb gun or something,,.