Sunday, February 06, 2011

Many Thanks, and This and That

Thank you all for all your suggestions! After looking at tons of boobs, I found the perfect peignoir set! Can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

We just found out a few days ago that one of Hubby's sisters is dying. She had breast cancer some years ago, and thought she had beat it. In December she had a hernia operation, and they found that she had cancer throughout her body. Apparently the chemo wasn't successful this time and she's going into hospice. We had no idea, as she is a very private person. He's devastated as are we all. :-( With all the snowstorms and cold, as well as personal obligations, we're trying to juggle to get him a flight down to the south.


I haven't written about this or anything else, simply because of number 1) the stress has just exhausted me, and number 2) there might have been legal ramifications if I wrote about it prematurely.

Little Guy and several other students who have disabilities had their rights under the law seriously violated this last semester at school. When it was brought to the administration's attention, the head of disability services shit-canned the offending teacher, but offered one remedy, and one remedy only to make up for it. Take it or leave it.

I decided to leave it, because I didn't feel that it would be beneficial to Little Guy, and I thought she was being pretty freaking high-handed about the whole thing.

So I went over her head.

We had a meeting with her and the superintendent on Friday, armed to the teeth with the case we were planning on presenting in a lawsuit. It didn't come to that, because the superintendent could see the long-term issues and couldn't see why what we asked for (an additional semester of transition services for what our son had lost) wasn't offered by his employee.

There was a positive outcome. Woohoo. I'm still tired, though. LOL


Chris H said...

So do we get to see the set for ya Mum???

Sorry to hear about your SIL.. very sad.

And yaaa for winning a battle and not having to actually go to court.

Tracie Nall said...

Yay for a positive outcome (and no court battle!)

Yay for a peignoir set for your mom. That is such a great gift (I had to go on a similar search for my mom a couple of months ago when she got married)

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister in law. That is so sad. I hope everything works out for y'all to be able to visit her.

Jeanie said...

I hope your husband is able to make it down to see his sister.

Kudos to you for standing your ground and getting what your son needed.

Do show us the nightie.

Crazy Mom! said...

Good for you making things work for Little Guy. It's hard - I know! - but nobody else can do it as well as a kid's mom. Glad you got a decent administrator at the top who could see the issue.

Pat yourself on the back. You did GOOD.

debra said...

Hell hath no fury like a Mum protecting her children. BEWARE!
Glad it all worked out :-)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My daughter was diagnosed with ADD and speech and language disabilities. I had to fight for every service she got and I felt like I was going to school all over again. Good for you that you won this round. am I am so sorry about your sister in law.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it worked out, but so sad it took such effort.
You must be drained.

Jennifer Leeland said...

I don't think I've ever told you this, but you're the reason I know how to fight for what's right for my kids. I've watched you struggle and I've learned my lessons.
You've always gone to the mattresses for your kids and the way you handle yourself has been an inspiration.
As you know, my youngest has ADD and now, my oldest has dealt with some pretty severe bullying.
But I knew I had to step up, step in and go to war for my kids.
I'm so glad things worked out for your son.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Isn't it a shame so much pushing, pestering and threats of law suits for simple basic rights for kids are necessary with the public school system. It breaks my heart (and pisses me off!) but it's parents like you who advocate for their kids no matter what that give me hope. You're my hero.

Your SIL is in my heart and prayers. I hope your hubby is able to spend time with her.

xo jj

stinkypaw said...

Man... if it's true that God tests those he loves, he must adore you!!!

Sending you and your hubby a bunch of positive vibes. *hugs*

CiCi said...

The story about your mom and her guy getting married on Valentines Day is so cool. I missed the previous post so I went back and read it. Best wishes to the happy couple. Love is possible at any age and I am so glad she decided to change her mind and do the marriage thing again.

Your sister-in-law keeping her health issues private was probably a protective thing for her. When someone is quite ill so many people ask tiring questions and to answer over and over is too much. If she is in hospice care now she is preparing to move on and I so hope she is in a pain free place as she takes the journey.

Good for you to use your energy and knowledge in a positive manner in dealing with the school system.

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry life's been coming at you hard ATM, I sure hope your SIL is not in pain. (((hugs))) my friend.