Friday, July 16, 2010

Pooping on My Parade

You ever feel like Somebody is just crapping all over your life?

This is how yesterday went:

Had to drive the Little Guy down to the city to replace his retainer for the THIRD time. At $220 a whack.

Took the Aspiring Adult with us because he had to get a urine test for his new job. He lost his old job because he dropped the F-bomb in front of his last employer. The employer himself dropped the F-bomb quite frequently, so the kid figured he wouldn't mind a potty-mouth free-for-all. The boss did in fact mind, because it was a family-friendly establishment.

Why did I have to drive the Aspiring Adult since we provided him with a car of his very own? He just blew out the second engine in 5 months. The first time was because he couldn't figure out that when the oil light comes on, it means there's no oil. This time, it was because he was treating the Chevy Malibu like it was an off-road vehicle. He's going to have to replace the engine himself this time ($3000), but that's another story.

Then we went to see the Big Kid in the ICU. He was doing well, but had breathing issues through the night. The nurse told me that the surgeon wanted to keep him another night. That was ok with us! Hubby went and spent time with him early in the afternoon, and Kitty was planning on going in the evening.

Had to run a few more errands before heading back up to the mountains. Picked up lunch, and dang, I was ready for a nap!

When we got home, there was a strange car smack dab in the middle of my driveway. There was nobody in there. How very odd.

The occupants weren't in their car, they were in my house! Gah!

That they were armed with mops and vacuums should have told me that they weren't your average burglars, but I totally freaked.

"Who are you, and what in the HELL are you doing in my house?"

Turns out that they were from a cleaning service that I stopped using over 5 months ago. I actually have a new cleaning lady, and she'd just been here last week. For some reason, my name popped up on their company's computer saying I was scheduled for a cleaning, and their new scheduling person didn't confirm it.

One of the boys had forgotten to lock the door when we left, so when there was no answer to their knock, they came right in!

I called their office and talked to their office manager. She apologized profusely and said that she wouldn't charge us for the cleaning.

"Lovely," I said sarcastically. "And I won't charge your company with breaking and entering."

The part that irks me is that the cleaning ladies were furious with ME. I told them I knew that it wasn't their fault, and apologized for freaking out all over them. But you'd think they'd put themselves in my shoes. It's pretty darn unsettling to come home and find strangers pawing over your things (they had moved them to clean, but still...).

If I had known this was going to happen, I would have stayed away at least until they vacuumed or cleaned the bathroom. LOL

As soon as that was over, I got a call from the Big Kid at the hospital. "They're kicking me out! You have to come and get me!"


I called his ICU nurse. Apparently the ER doctor who admitted the Kid did rounds and figured he could go home. The nurse tried to talk him out of it, but he was the boss, applesauce. Hubby tried to call the surgeon, but he was in surgery all day, and the assistant did all that she could to help us. We were very worried that he'd come home, freak out all over again, and we'd have to take him back to the ER. Thought one more night with the Bi-Pap in a monitored setting where he'd feel safe (not in the ICU, but in a bed somewhere) would be the best for everyone.

So one good thing DID happen yesterday. Between the ICU nurse, the surgeon's assistant and Hubby twanking on the ER doc, the kid got one more night.

I'm going down to bring him home in a couple of hours.

...and a new day begins.


Kim Ayres said...


Brenda said...

I am so proud that my stress level isn't as high as yours has been lately. Hang in there dahlin!

CiCi said...

This seems to be almost constant in your house. For me, it would just be way too much stress. I hope when you bring your son home things can calm down for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of...! How you don't just go hoarse from screaming at all of it! But good luck with Big Kid.

Jeanie said...

The retainer on top of everything else you have been dealing with might have put me right over the edge. You may have sainthood in your future. I'm glad BK got to stay another night and I hope tonight at home goes well.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Jees-sus Attila. You all have had way more than your share this year. I am so sorry that all this is happening and that so many medical professionals seem to have their heads firmly placed where the sun doesn't shine when it comes to cutting to the chase and helping Big Kid.

You and hubby are warriors and I take my hat off to you.

Sending love and hugs.
xo jj

Star said...

Can't help to imagine the 911 call. "Help, someone has broken in and they are cleaning my house!!"

Krishanna Magic said...

I think it's going around...sorry to hear about Big kid. it was good to finally come and read for awhile..catch-up...hugs- Krishanna

The Quacks of Life said...

ye gods you have it rough! (((Atilla)))

imagine if you had come home after the cleaning company had gone. you'd have been wondering how your house got clean!

Chris H said...

I would LOVE somebody to come clean my house by mistake!

baby crib said...

For me that is a great experience to encounter. With that you will learn a big lesson in life. Thank you for sharing your blog.

Valerie Marie said...

Send a lot of good vibes and my prayers for you all. Love & ((hugs)) from Frankfurt.