Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes You Just Got to Say...

I've got a great big steaming bowl of WTFs cluttering up my in-box just screaming to get out!

Although there are leash laws in their area, the Flemming family were used to letting their 12-year-old yellow Lab Jake outside to roam at will. Sadly, he was hit by a car and killed. A couple of months later, they got a letter from State Farm Insurance asking reimbursement for the damage sustained to the driver's car.

They were so indignant about it that they were able to make the news (you'd think the reporter would know better, but I guess it was a slow news day).

"'We've lost a member of our family but we're supposed to pay for the damage to her bumper? That's just wrong,' daughter Katherine Flemming said."

Oh, where to start, where to start...

What's wrong, dear doofus, is irresponsible pet owners like you who don't think that laws apply to your extra-special selves and let your dogs roam unattended without leashes. The driver didn't hit your dog on purpose, that's why they're called "accidents". She sustained damage, and somebody is responsible for it. Should it be her? Should it be the insurance company?

No, it should be you. If it wasn't for you, her car wouldn't be dented and your dog wouldn't be dead.


These two ladies deserve matching Richard Cranium awards.

Janice Eberle of Danvers is fighting a $300 ticket for parking her Mercedes SUV in a handicapped space. Her excuse? It was raining and her arm hurt. Plus she was only going "in for a minute".

In Arlington, Texas, Tweed Clark ran into the courthouse "for just a few minutes" to pay her daughter's $250 dollar speeding ticket. Unfortunately--koff koff--she "didn't realize" that she wasn't supposed to block the access to handicapped parking. She's fighting the $600+ ticket she was issued as "excessive".

I think they should slap on another $100 for sporting such a precious name as Tweed, but that's just me.

WTF Ladies?

Last, but not least, the Prairie South School District certainly has its priorities mixed up.

5-year-old Ryan Coomber wears a prosthetic leg. Bullies on the school bus have taunted and teased him, punched him in the face, taken his backpack away from him, and one darling child even tried to remove his prosthetic. When his parents complained to the school, how did the school respond?

Ryan and his sister are no longer allowed on the bus for their own safety. Instead, their parents have to drive them 25 miles each way to and from school.

What a crock of crap. Why shouldn't the bullies be forced off the bus instead of the victim? Make THEIR parents haul them back and forth to school. Maybe those parents will be so inconvenienced they'll do something about their little monsters.

WTF People?


Jan said...

Jeez, Louise! These are great WTF entries. The school district should be reported to the state, very illegal, I should think.

Jeanie said...

Yikes! Where do these poeple come from and how do they get so full of themselves. (Tweed? Can't you just picture her?) The school bus one is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Are you kidding me!?!?!? These area all insane. Of course the dog owner should pay for the car damage. Of course the parking ticket should be paid and OF COURSE the parents of the bullies should be doing the driving, not the poor abused kid. What is wrong with people? You're right, this all deserve a HUGE WTF.


Leanna said...

People are SO Fucked up these days. Most are a total waste of a Carbon life form. Especially those that think they can park anywhere. Sadly they are allowed to breed.

CiCi said...

So many things in life are the opposite of what they should be, logically and ethically and morally. These are good examples.

Chris H said...

I totally agree with all the above have said!

Jeanie said...

I just came back to add a WTF in regard to this weather we are having...not in the same category as the ones you wrote about but it is a little crazy.

Jennifer Leeland said...

Oh. My. God.
I think the school one pisses me off the most. This was their solution?
I am SO lucky that the school goes to are ALL over the bullying.
*shakes head*
And as for fighting tickets? Pay up and shut up. If you don't have your handicapped plaque, you pay. Period.
And the dog thing? Ugh. Just ugh.

Brenda said...

The school incident is the absolute worse. It's a shame the child isn't big enough to take off his leg and beat the hell outta the bullies with it. The others two should have to pay additional fines for being stoopid!

Webster said...

Attila, these are some of the finest WTF moments I have read lately. Especially the decision of the school re: letting the bullies get away with their crap. I would pursue that to the next level for next school year's first offense, complete with prosthetic in hand to use to bop the administrator over the head who doesn't stand up for the bullied child.

Anonymous said...

That kid's family needs to sue the school district--there is plenty of precedent for him to win.

Clippy Mat said...

you nailed them all.
the kid with the prosthetic leg should be limo driven to school, paid for by the school board, while the other kids are made to hop on one leg all the way there.
well said. :-)

Anonymous said...

Canada looks like a pretty lousy place to raise a child.

Donda said...

I just found your blog and I like your witty spunk! How the heck do I follow you? I scrolled up and down the screen several times...I sure would like to put you in my blogroll!

Donda said...

Strike that! I found it...I think I need this day to be over :)

Anonymous said...

Blahahahaha I write about these dumbasses everyday. There seems to breeding out of control!!!

ntsc said...

Good entries.

My computer died about the first of the year and I lost my IE Favorites, I just happened to find you again.


Deb, i obsess said...

This is the kinda shit I just get so raging mad about I don't know where to turn my burny-on-fire eyeballs for fear I'll scorch my thrift-store furniture.