Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 7, Where's There's Life, There's Hope

Thank you again everybody, for all your kind support.

I couldn't write about this yesterday because of the anguish that was choking me up.

On Wednesday, the doctors basically told us that they were giving Big Kid all of the oxygen support that they could. Because of the intense pneumonia infection in the left lung, and the infection in his right lung, if things didn't change post haste, there was nothing more they could do.

They were going to try him on nitrous oxide (yes, laughing gas), in a last-ditch effort to open up his airways.

From our understanding, nitrous is lighter than oxygen, but can carry some oxygen molecules to places where the oxygen was unable to penetrate. Big Kid could only be on it for 48 to 72 hours tops before the nitrous would start to poison him and cause serious permanent damage.

They have to keep moving him from one side to another. Every time they moved him to his left side, Big Kid would turn blue, and they'd have to turn his oxygen level back up to 85% to try to maintain his oxygen saturation level.

This morning at 3am when I called, they said he had a good night. When Hubby called again at 8am, they said he was holding strong.

We were able to get there a couple of hours later (with the big snowstorm, there was a 2-hour delay at school).

When we walked in, Big Kid's nurse told us that there was significant improvement on Big Kid's chest xray, and that he was down to 55% oxygen. The nitrous was working.

I lost it and sobbed for at least 5 minutes.

The goal today was to wean him off the nitrous, and there wasn't much hope that he could maintain without it.

He did. He did it.

By 6pm, they had weaned him off it completely, and he's still at 55% Even on his "bad" side.

Still critical, but getting close to turning the corner.

Where there's life, there's hope.

My boy. My baby boy. You're strong.

Beat this, dammit.

Beat this.


Vicky T said...

Finally some slightly better news. You all have been in my thoughts.

St Jude said...

Small steps, get you there in the end, it just takes a little while. He'll get there!

When he's up to it give him a hug from me. You are all still in my thoughts.

Jacqui said...

Inchstones, but at least he is going in the right direction. Keeping you all in my thought.

ramblinrose said...

Still praying for you down under :)

Boozy Tooth said...

I'm continuing to hit my knees for you and Big Kid. And apparently, so are many many many others. I'm also going to email out a prayer request with a link to your story if that's okay.

I'm so happy for Big Kid's progress. Stay strong and believe!

Alix at Casa Hice

Chris H said...

Thank god he is improving... I almost cried reading your update chick. I am on tenderhooks now every time you update.

Star said...

Good news.

Clippy Mat said...

This is very good news. so pleased for you that he is turning the corner. onwards and upwards.

debra said...

People around the world are seeing him healthy and strong, and are putting their arms around you and your family. Me, too.

yorksnbeans said...

I was holding my breath while reading this and let out a long sigh of relief at the end when I read that he was showing signs of improvement. Whew! Still praying.

Willoughby said...

That made my morning! I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better. Way to go, Big Kid!

Sarah Ogden said...

So very happy for you

Anonymous said...

So terrifying--I'm glad it worked though. What a giant leap of faith that must have taken. Still praying for those lungs.

litzi said...

Isn’t it ironic how under normal circumstances time flies by with alacrity and we want to stop the clock? But when someone’s life and breath is in the balance, every second seems an eon…

Big Kid is in my thoughts and prayers.

Charlie said...

It's like learning to walk again--one step at a time. We're relieved to hear some positive news.

Peggy said...

Glorius news for sure. Where there is light, there is hope.
My friend is still on a respirator but she opened her eyes yesterday.
I will pray for your beautiful boy ! The more voices out there the easier to be heard!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you all. He can do this, he can pull through. Hugs, big teary hugs.

Meg said...

You and your son are in my prayers. I hope he pulls through this real soon! (hugs)