Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pimpin' With the Dogg...

I know I haven't Pimped in awhile, and as always, I so do apologize!!

Lot's of things have being going on in our house that have just taken a lot of time and energy to deal with.

Bad bad me made fun of Hubby and the boys when I was ill and they were sort of sick-by-proxy and demanding mommy-care.

A few days later, Hubby WAS struck down---with a large and painful blood clot. Had to administer shots of blood thinner into his belly every day for 10 days, and now he's waiting for the two weeks to end (have to wait two weeks after the 10 days of shots) to visit a cardiologist.

His elderly mom back east isn't doing that great, and he had hoped to fly down there to be with her until this came up. Of course, he absolutely can't fly, so in addition to the medical stress, he's worrying about her too. Send good thoughts, would you?

This is going to be a real shortie, but I promise (yeah I know, I'm always promising) to do a bigger one soon. I've added a lot of really great blogs to my roll, and every one deserves a look-see!

First off, my good friend Dutchylicious is having a really fun contest. She's had a few (contests, I mean), and from what I hear, the prizes she sends from Holland are to die for! Bow down and worship at the Dutchaplooza!

Jump in and enter!

Miss Litzi arranges pictures like she would flowers in her tearoom chat. Unfortunately, she turns her comments off half the time so I can't tell her how much I enjoy her bouquets!

Funny story. Some months ago, Ashley's Mom at Pipecleaner Dreams wrote a post about a company who is owned/run by a guy who has a disability and does t-shirts, etc for individuals and organizations. He had an "Attila the Mom" t-shirt and she sent me a note about it.

I wrote last month about a really fabulous present we did for our family members and friends.

Little Guy is an incredible artist. His work has been displayed in a couple of shows. He hasn't chosen a specific medium, but he loves to work with fabric and paints. When he was 13 he learned how to sew in school (I remember it as being Home Ec, but they call it Consumer Family Studies now) and made 10 quilts for a local homeless shelter. He saw something on TV about a quilt project, and the thought of people who didn't have moms or dads to tuck them in at night, or even beds touched him.

Anyway, after reading Ashley's Mom's post, I contacted the company about making a t-shirt out of a piece of Little Guy's artwork since he's graduating this year from high school. I thought that all our friends and family members could wear it to his graduation, and we could do a "wave" when he gets his diploma.

The idea grew a bit. The list ended up including teachers, fellow students, paras, bus drivers, doctors, therapists, ladies in the grocery store, and neighbors who have been a part of his "village" over the years. And there were a few extras for special friends.

The most lovely and gracious Beth from Books, Etc. wrote a really nice post about the t-shirt.

Thanks so much, Beth! And thanks, Ashley's Mom!


Casdok said...

The t-shirt is fab!! Great idea!

Star said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the links as well. I enjoy reading and meeting new bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Awww thanks Hon! Spoken like a true pimp!!!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your husband.. and his mom. I hope the injections are doing their job.

Beth said...

Good thoughts, hugs, prayers (the works...) coming your way.
Hang in there.

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness ATM, I hope your hubby 's condition continues to improve quickly and I'm so sorry to hear that his mother is still not doing well.

I would love to see more of little Guy's art. He's so very talented! The t-shirt is a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

I love the t-shirt. The colors are brilliant! How cool that so many people got a shirt in support of him. Kinda chokes me up...

Litzi said...
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Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
It never rains but it pours for the Attila household. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s blood clot….hope that after the shots and the visit to the cardiologist that he’s given a clear bill of health. Then he can devote some time to ailing mom. Has he had heart problems in the past?

Hopefully Little Guy will pursue his artistic talents when he graduates from high school. If he enjoys creating beautiful things and can develop a following, maybe he’s found his “niche” in life. How many people can HONESTLY say they truly enjoy the work they do day after day?

Okay, you’ve shamed me into reopening my site; LOL! Please stop by and meander through the garden when you get a moment.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's blood clot. Hope he is feeling better soon! Where does she live in the east, is it close to me? Anything I can do to help?

I loved the t-shirt!!!! Went to the site to buy one, but didn't see it there. Now I know why!! Anyway, please pass the word on to him that it is amazing and he is very, very talented!!!!

Take care of yourself!! Oh, and yes, I will bake you as many cookies as you would like. But then, can we hop a plane to Vegas???LOL. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

The shirt is beautiful and your son is clearly talented. I am sending get well thoughts and vibes for your family, and hope that all settles down for you soon.

Robbiegirl said...

Little Guy definitely has huge bucketloads of talent - I love the colours! I'd definitely buy one. :)

Hope hubby and his mum get better fast. Have some good thoughts. xxx

stinkypaw said...

Great idea and the t-shirt looks good.

Sending good thought for your BIGGEST boy & his mom.

Do you think it'd be possible to get such a t-shirt? I'd buy it, of course?

Anonymous said...

Dear ATM!
I'm so sorry! Sending good vibes and prayers for your hubby - and his Mom.
((hubby))Everything will be good!

n.b. I had some tears in my eyes reading how much people will be there for his graduation! I love this t-shirt!!!!

Unknown said...

Hope things start going your way soon, and that hubby feels better, and his mom too.
Love the t-shirt idea and the t shirt.
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, made me smile when I seen it. :)

Anonymous said...

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I was wondering whether you might be interested in a link exchange or posting a monthly summary of father related issues from our blog.

*Tanyetta* said...

very very cool!!!!!!!