Thursday, December 28, 2006

Enough Already!

Arrgghhhh! Another snow storm, this one predicted to last until early Saturday.

I've got a nasty cold and feel like death warmed over.

And wouldn't you know it? Typical Christmas vacation behavior from the sproggins....

"MOM, I'm sooooo bored!!"

How in the world did Jack Torrance stay sane that long with the whiny wife and annoying kid in The Shining?

At least I'm not bored with my new camera. Although I'm still trying to figure out all of the settings!

Here are pictures off our back deck at 1pm.

Hubby is on his way home---everything in town is shutting down.

Luckily, we're pretty stocked up so he didn't have to fight the crowds trying to get that last 2 gallons of milk in the grocery fridge.

Since the blizzard last week, the stores up here STILL haven't been able to restock on many items!

More later...


Anonymous said...

Hi Attila,
OMG! Just looking at the picture of your back deck makes me shiver! Do you lose electricity often during the snow storms? Perhaps your bad cold is your body’s way of telling you that you need to relax after all the brouhaha of Christmas. You’ve got the ideal weather to curl up in front of the fire with a good book, a strong drink and a big box of Kleenex.

I hope you feel better very soon…..Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely view! It appears that you have a log cabin type house would like to see those pictures too!

I lived in Colorado as a kid and loved the snow...didn't like the slushyness after it started to thaw.

Coming to you from Texas

Attila the Mom said...

Miss Litzi---thanks for all the "warm" wishes! LOL I can't wait to take a picture tomorrow. It was twice as deep around 5pm, but too dark to get a good photo.

We've been very lucky in the past few years since the electric company upgraded everything. If the power goes out, it's usually just momentary (knock on wood!!!)

If not, we've got that woodstove and plenty of "taplights" to get us through.

Hi SussieQ!---We DO live in a log house. I love it! Mostly because I don't have to follow the guys around cleaning fingerprints off the walls! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I actually miss the snow. I grew up in South Dakota- it's alot like the good old Rockies as far as snow-- Just no trees or mountains to stop the snow from drifting up over your house! Here in the Pacific Northwest, all you get is wet. Get picture-I love the beauty of the pristine snow!

Anonymous said...

That was actually supposed to say "great" picture- That's what I great-lol- for multi- tasking too much.

Anonymous said...

It sure is pretty but I don't miss those kinds of winters one bit.

I watched a movie today that was filmed in Alaska. Just watching them made me cold.

Anonymous said...

I was just catching up on your holidays .... sounds like you have a great case of cabin fever goin on!
I grew up in alaska and I remember snow days as the best thing that ever happened ... but now that Im a mom I doubt I would survive one day let alone over a week ! ackkkk !
The pics are fantastic! What a beautiful place youve got :)

Rootietoot said...

Snow here is a once-in-10-years event. We all fantasize about your sort of event, forgetting, of course, that sometimes people have to drive in that mess. We are not, however, stopped from emptying the grocery store shelves when it does snow. Even though it's never more than an inch and never lasts more than half a day.
Enjoy your camera! I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am so freakin' jealous.

I want snow, dammit! Send it here!
I hope you're feeling better today & that you have a great new years!