Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Asshat Of The Week---Danny Vu

This weeks award goes to Danny Vu!

One morning Danny-boy woke up and realized that the paint in his living room looked tired. His curtains were tacky. The grout in the bathroom needed refurbishing. Maybe some new carpet wouldn't hurt.

Home improvements add up. Wherever could he get the dough?

When he heard that a client in his nail salon was looking to adopt, he offered her his 18-month old daughter for $7,000.

Thankfully the couple wasn't so infected with Baby-Rabies that they forgot to do the right thing (ala the Internet Twins couple who bought the babies and fled the country).

When Vu refused to go through the legal process via attorneys and just wanted cash on the barrel, they notified authorities.

Vu was apprehended on his way to deliver the "merchandise".

Well now it's curtains for you, Bucko!

You Asshat.

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Jim Big Toe said...

He would have been better served if he had opened up a day care and started a child sweat shop. Geez where do these people come from?

Kim Ayres said...

Bloody hell!

handsomeloser said...

But don't you look at some parents and know that if you made them a good offer they would sell you their children?

Mia said...

Both articles you linked to were disgusting and disturbing beyond belief.

Freaking asshats. I am super sensitive about the subject today but even if I weren't this would still be totally over the top.


Nikki said...

What an unbelievealbe SOB!

girl said...

Fucking hell! And the saddest part is that the little girl gets placed in foster care instead of with a family that really wants to adopt and care for her. WTF??

phlegmfatale said...

I don't blame people who take tons of cash and buy their babies overseas - that way you don't have a junkie showing up on your doorstep with an attorney saying you stole their little crack baby.

St Jude said...

It's heartbreaking, and I'm not just talking about the Asshat.

My Father in Law was 'adopted' eighty years ago. Ok things were a little different, his new parents turned up at the orphanage one day looked around the children on offer. They selected him and paid a 'contribution' to the orphanage fund. They then walked out with him. He always said that he was cared for, but there was no love. So why did they adopt? He was an accessory, they were expected to have a child.

Has society really moved on in the last eighty years!

Mr. Fabulous said...


I think I am going to build myself a bunker and just retreat from society.

happykat said...

Introducing the vile and repugnant Danny Vu, recent winner of the national dumbass award!

May you dine on a large meal of asscake.

Kippa Herring said...

Revolting. And the dreadful Welsh (I'm sooo embarrassed) couple . . .
I heard they were discussing with movie people about making a film version of their side of the story. I hope that idea has died the painful death it deserves.

One of the winners at the Cannes festival was a movie called "L'enfant", about a young father for whom his child's nothing more than a souce of $$$, so he sells the kid to a black marketeer who promises to find the baby an adoptive home.
The father does realise the error of his ways, but I don't know how the story is resolved. I'd love to see it, but feel-good girlie floss and up-dated versions of the "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" are the only kind of stuff that comes to our redneck of the woods.

Michele said...

Danny vu better wake up and smell the coffee,what an ass.

Me said...

I LOVE your "Asshats". Priceless. I am coming back:)

Lainey said...

That is so sad.
That guy needs several swift kicks in the ass to go with his asshat!

Keep busting those Asshats, Attila!

amy karp | PHOTOGRAPHY said...

well - hmmmph! I was looking forward to something amusing. Thanks for stopping by mine T13 though - you are always welcome!

Granny said...

And then we have those monsters who sell the same baby over and over.

Thanks for your comment on isamericaburning.

I picked up the link from a gay online man in San Francisco who, with his partner, has adopted a baby boy. I wonder and so does he what would have happened to him in that town. I wanted to get the word out without involving him unless he wants to be.

Come back anytime. I like your blog.


Mom on the Run said...

WHERE ON EARTH DO YOU FIND THIS STUFF? It's hilarous! I was thinking our playroom needed painting this summer and I really want to do it in Disney Tinkerbell green....hmmmm, now how do I come up with the $80 I need for that project? Why, I will sell a child! I'm Brilliant!

Sven said...

Reading this almost makes me want to come up with the money just to rescue the chld from this Asshat. He can be much of a father.

OneEar said...

He didn't want to involve attorneys? That is disgusting.