Monday, April 02, 2007

...and the Winners Are/American Midol

I'm back from Holiday Hell to announce the winners in the American Midol Really Bad Poetry Contest!

Thanks again to all who participated!

Drum Roll Please....

Our Grand Prize Winners are:

Miss Keeks and Fatman at NuclearFamily, with scores of 34!

Second Place goes to Luin from
Faerytale Dreams and Sarala, from Blogaway, with scores of 32!

Third Place winner is WarCryGirl from
The Cure for Boredom with a score of 31 1/2!

Honorable mentions go to Nikki at
Everybody Can Just Bite My Ass and Jennifer, at A Rambling Canuck, with scores of 29!

Honorable mentions to Beth from
Books, Etc. and Mia, from Mia's Saving Grace, with scores of 26 1/2!

Honorable mentions go to One Ear, from
Rusty Never Sleeps, with a score of 25 1/2.

And last but not least, an Honorable mention to
Excited Blutterances, with a score of 25!

It's good to be bad!

Many thanks to our judges,
Mr. Fabulous, Beki, Annie Drogynous and Ma Titwonky for your time and expertise!

To all the above winners:

If you would like something from the prize page, please pick your top three choices, and email them with your address to

If you would rather exchange it for a $5.00 gift certificate to, please email me with the email addy you'd like it registered under.

Just remember---a day without bad poetry is like a day without fungus under your toenails!

Thanks again for all your submissions. It was a blast!

Peace out!


fatman said...

I won! I can't believe it. Amazing! By the way, I do have fungus under my toe-nails and I wouldn't be without it.

fatman said...

Or did I lose, since to win my poem must have been the worst!?

Jennifer said...

Woohoo an honorable mention is more than I could have wished for!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very, very cool! Congrats to everyone. This was a lot of fun!

Miss Litzi said...

Congratulations to Miss Keeks and Fatman! And to everyone else, of course.

Welcome back Attila!! Holiday Hell??

Beki said...

Well done to all the winners! In truth all the entrants were winners!

Brenda said...

I had a great time reading all the poets with the mostest.

Annie Drogynous said...

Congratulations to everyone who participated! I had fun!

Nikki said...

Honorable mention!



sarala said...

Wow, I won a prize. So was it good or that bad?

Beth said...

An honourable mention - I'm thrilled. (Truly.) My life is now complete.

Thanks for the fun!