Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Well, this semester is pretty much done for me. I had the opportunity to take my finals early and took advantage of it. Although I haven't received my grades for a couple of assignments yet, unless I totally tanked them (and I don't believe I did), I got A's all around. [Happy Dancing!!] Big Kid hasn't finished his, but he's done pretty well this semester so far.

Now the question is, do I take any classes over the summer?

My brother had his surgery last Thursday, and by all accounts, it was a success. He's now the proud owner of a new plastic bone thingy, held together by tiny screws. It will take a few weeks of healing before they know if his eyesight will be as it was before the attack, but in the meantime, he has some really awesome drugs.

Thanks again for your continued good wishes!

Last but not least---I haven't said anything before because I was afraid I'd jinx it---but Little Guy is going to the Prom tonight!

The dance before the dance has been interesting. He asked a Cute Girl to the Homecoming Dance last fall, and she turned him down. He's not really up on the "Girl Rules", so I guess he didn't recognize playing hard to get when it bit him on the nose.

She got a little piqued at his subsequent disinterest, and bought him an adorable stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. Aha!

So when Prom rolled around, he asked again and she accepted. Tonight's the big night! We're all so excited!!

Now that my schedule's a little cleared up, I'll get to run around and see what's happening with all of you!


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Brenda said...

Way to go ATM! Maybe the boys won't ground you for the summer with grades like that.

And way to go Big Guy for sticking to it through another semester!! And Little Guy for going to the prom. Tell little Guy not to worry too much about those girls rules cause they tend to change them at the drop of a hat anyway. Ha!

Em said...

Wow...reporting on three things and all of them good!

mcewen said...

It's not an expanding coffee splat! It's a firework! I certainly need my visual cues linked to text!
Congrats superstar.

Annie Drogynous said...

Congrats! Sounds like exciting times for everyone in the ATM household!

Miss Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
Alright! You’re finished with your school year! Congratulations on the wonderful grades, as well as having the intestinal fortitude to stick it out through some rather tough times. How long before summer classes start? Would you feel you had an adequate break, if you were to take a course or two? Is Big Kid going to join you if you go back?

I’m glad to hear your brother’s surgery went well and I hope this eyesight returns to normal before too long.

You did take some pictures of Little Guy in his Prom attire, didn’t you?

Your life seems to be coming together quite nicely right now…maybe you’ll actually find some time to find some solace in your new bathtub.

It’s a real pleasure to hear you so “up beat”!

Me said...

oooh doing the happy dance withyou!!1
Congrats on the A's and hope Big Kid's exams go well too.
And hope Little kID has the best time at prom :)

Beth said...

Kudos on the "A's" - take the summer off!
And great news about the Big Kid doing so well.
Hope the outcome of your brother's surgery is a (total) success.
Also hope prom night went well...

golfwidow said...

This is awesome news across the board.

TxGoodie said...

Great about the grades!

Glad about your bro's progress!

Good for the Promsters! I hope he had a blast!

Good news is always GOOD NEWS! Yea, you!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You are the WOMAN! I say take the summer off, unless Big Kid needs your help again! You deserve some rest and relaxation!

Maybe hubby needs to get you a massage.....just an idea! :)

Heather said...

Woot! ATM! That's awesome!
I have finals this week and want to slit my wrists. Ugh.

Oh, so I'm back from hiatus and have my own good news :] Check it out! Missed you! Can't wait to see prom pics!

Special K said...

I first thought that fireworks graphic was, at the risk of sounding indelicate, a poo splatter, and thought I was in for some bad news.

Pendullum said...

Congrats!!! You have a bit of time tobreath before you decide on more courses... You rock...
and I am soooooo looking forward to reading about the prom!!!!

yerdoingitwrong said...

I'm happy dancing with ya, girl!! Big yay!

Jennifer McK said...

Yayyyy about the grades!!!!!

Hard to get? Why do we play that game anyway?
*shakes head* Good for her for buying him a stuffed animal.

Hope they have a good time.

Big Pissy said...

Yeah, take the summer off! You deserve it!

Can't wait to hear how the prom goes...I love stuff like that. :)

Trish said...

Congrats on finishing up the semester so well!!!

And yeah...girls are hard for a guy to figure out aren't they? We're presently going through the same sort of thing. Son18 keeps saying "why does no one tell me these things?" when he runs into some girl issue.

Kim Ayres said...

Great to hear good news. I seem to have been reading an awful lot of ranting, misery and heartbreak of late.

carmachu said...

Nice! Thanks for the you know what.

No classes over the know it will cause more trouble....

Glad your brother is ok. Did he press charges against teh creep?

Anonymous said...

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Dorky Dad said...

Congratulations! And I hope you took 2 million pictures before he went to prom.

And I seem to recall that a little hard-to-get always seemed to work with certain girls. It was like clockwork.

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats for surviving the whole thing!

Hope your brother recovers well and let us know how the Little Guy enjoyed his prom! I'm curious, I want to know!