Friday, April 13, 2007

Somebody Needs an Enema, and it Ain't Me!


Thanks to the smartypanties who--um--took notice of my Butt-topic woes and sent me the article Man Accused of Taking 66 Colonoscopes From Hospitals. That thought-provoking headline was a killer for me.

Why would someone need 66? To sell to plumbers as diagnostic tools? Some weird po-po fetish? Performance art materials?

You really know how to derail a student's train of thought!

That said, be prepared for a major rant after this semester is over (about 3 1/2 weeks). I haven't blogged much about my college experience lately, because I don't want to jinx or jeopardize my finals by having a specific hissy fit, just in case any of my professors do blog searches on themselves. So I'll do a mini-rant.

Let's just say that there are some people who probably shouldn't be teachers.

And I look forward to the part where I get to evaluate their effectiveness as instructors at the end of the semester.

My various unit exams are over in these classes. Only one more unit in each left and then finals. My lowest score on this round of exams was a 96%. The others were 100. In fact, that's the lowest score I've had on ANY of my exams in any class this semester.

I'm trying hard to be a good student. I paid double the amount of tuition to take my classes online this semester because of weather concerns----didn't want to be penalized for not being able to drive down from the mountains due to snow.

I can't imagine an instructor telling me to my face in a classroom that "I have a REAL job that is more important than this. I have a family too. So I don't have time to answer your individual questions about the papers I've assigned you. If you can't understand my directions, then it will reflect on your grade."

Did it ever occur to you that the reason so many students are asking questions is because your directions aren't very clear?

And then to return a grade without any comments on the reason for the are we supposed to learn what we did wrong for the next paper if we don't know where we erred?

By calling the psychic hotline?

What kind of teaching is that?

I'm paying double the regular tuition for your services and I'm here to learn.

The least you can do is make an effort to teach.


Where in the hell are my bunny slippers?

But my papers are done, and we're snowed in, so I can run around and catch up with all of you.

Happy day!


Beth said...

What a good girl you are! I told you in an earlier post that I was expecting all A's and by, golly, you're doing it!
Proud of ya...
(And for the record, I repeat, I would never have said such a thing to one of my kids.)
Looking forward to your ripping rants upon your return.

Brenda said...

It isn't any better in grade school these days ATM, the teachers give instruction these days and there's very little teaching going on. Maybe they're preparing them for college huh?

Annie Drogynous said...

Oh no. I sense a bunny slipper drive-by looming in the near future. Whatever you do, wipe them clean first and wear latex gloves before the "slippering" so you don't leave any prints behind.

As far as your grades, you rock my dear! Congratulations!

mcewen said...

A day inside blogging! What a treat.

Me said...

Really??? You are absolutely right!!!
Some people should never be a teacher.
I mean, if there were in the corporate world, how would that reflect on them - You are the client and they are basically telling you off.
Here's to your Attila - for putting up with annoying teachers and all the very very best for finals!

Lene said...

Grades without comments? AWFUL! WTF is that about?

At the college level, instructors should be required to go through some sort of training in order to teach. There are so many theories that get thrown out the window at the university level.

Congratulations on your great semester! Keep up the good work. :)

Lene said...

Grades without comments? AWFUL! WTF is that about?

At the college level, instructors should be required to go through some sort of training in order to teach. There are so many theories that get thrown out the window at the university level.

Congratulations on your great semester! Keep up the good work. :)

Myron said...

Boy, I wish I could have taken courses on line. But I was in school in the dark ages. We still used IBM punch cards for programming. And there were still engineering profs who would not allow calculators on tests. Had to use the slip stick. But I'm proud of you kid for doing it. Even if you get to do it on line :)

Samantha said...

Talking about teachers like that, you're taking me back . . .

Special K said...

WTF is his "real" job, I'd like to know.

OneEar said...

Many professors are more willing to have recreational colonospies than you would imagine.

OneEar said...

I think I omitted a "co"

sarala said...

That prof's boss should tell him since you have a real job, we won't be paying you any more for this one.

Miss Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
I had a few professors like the one you spoke of when I was in College; too busy doing who knows what to spend time doing what they were paid to do. One professor was practicing his tennis swing and staring out the window throughout our discussion about a term paper that I was working on. At one point I stopped talking in mid-sentence to see if he’d notice…nope, he kept on lobbing his imaginary balls while I sat there open-jawed at his obliviousness.

I wonder if some of this atrocious behavior can be attributed to college professors having tenure and feeling they’re safe no matter how obnoxious their behavior.

How much longer is it going to snow in Colorado? Aren’t you itching to get outside in your garden by now?

carmachu said...

*sends Attila some chocolate*

I hear you. I've had professors that sucked ass, and wonder how they ever got hired. The same can be said about HS and elementary school teachers...

Hang in there, its almost over.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I've had several "professors" that should not have been given a job teaching higher education courses. It pisses me off when they think it's their job to make you work, but not their job to actually TEACH you. And when someone pays an arm and a leg for tuition, well, it better be worth your money.

Ruth Dynamite said...

Those professors are no match for you, and they know it. Rock on, lady!

Mamma said...

Once the weather clears I think that professor needs a visit--with the bunny slippers.

That's a cool thing about taking classes as an experienced adult. You know you can call a prof on their BS.