Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Trying New Things

This summer I've decided that I'm going to try new things that I've never managed to do because I was busy being a mom.  After all the exhaustive crap we've had to deal with regarding Big Kid, Hubby and I came to the conclusion that we shouldn't wait to do some of the things we wanted to do when we get an empty nest, because our nest is never going to be empty.
My doctor and Big Kid's doctor both told me that I have to "let him go".  Not "cut him out of my life" letting him go, but "get on with living my life because he is 27 and I can't make him follow his treatment plan".  As my doctor pointed out, I've been blessed with a lot of miracles in the last years---I survived heart failure without any heart damage, Big Kid survived the swine flu, and I don't seem to have any permanent nerve damage in my legs from my undiagnosed diabetes.  How many more miracles can I expect to get?  Instead of stressing out and killing myself over worry, I need to live and enjoy life as best I can.
Sooooo....I have a list of things I'm going to do this summer that I always wanted to do.  First I had some surgery I wanted to get done.  Now I have an ass that is tighter than it was when I was 14.  LOL
I also have a scar that runs across my back and am thinking of getting a tattoo (yes, really!) to kind of cover it up.  So I'm getting a henna tat that is non-permanent to see how it makes me feel.  And to see if Hubby likes it, since he is the only person who regularly sees my nekkid butt.
I don't want to get one of those trashy tramp stamps that scream "My daddy says I'm the best kisser in the county!", but I really really do like the Indian (not tribal or Native American but the India Indian) designs.  Something like this, but not so big.

The next thing I'm getting is a spray tan.  As a natural and freckly redhead I have never ever been able to tan.  Hopefully a spray tan won't make me look like an oompa loompa.  If it does, well live and learn.  LOL  It's temporary.
Last Saturday I got a wax for the first time.  A Brazilian wax. I took some percocet left over from my surgery and Hubby drove me because I was higher than a kite.
Didn't help.  If you heard screams in the distance that day, it was probably me getting hair from my hoo-ha ripped out.
I swear I was abused in places that no one but Hubby (and my gyno) has touched in 22 years without buying me dinner first.
How in the hell do women survive THAT on a regular basis? 
Are there any new things you want to try some time?
Hope you're having a great summer!



Kirby Carespodi said...

Oh. Em. Gee. I would not get a tattoo unless my life depended on it, and maybe not even then. I had a steroid shot in my shoulder and that about killed me...I can't imagine being still for a tattoo for an hour. BUTT you go!

Anonymous said...

I do hope you post a pic of that surgically tightened butt--what kind of surgery does THAT???
Kudos to you for striking out into new territory. I've tried a few new things this year, too. My latest is a fail, however. T and I were signed up for a mud run this Saturday and yesterday I blew out my knee so my first mud run is not to be. At least not this Saturday.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I jumped 20' from a rock into the water near the Pacific Crest Trail yesterday. I rather like your idea of not waiting for the empty nest to try new things! Also, I would have butt surgery, but after jumping 20' from a rock into the water yesterday, my butt is now on my shoulders. XO

Rootietoot said...

That tattoo is gorgeous! I have a big scar along one hip and something like that might convince me into a swimsuit. Srsly, beautiful. Go for it.
The doctor is right about letting Big Kid go. I have had to do that with my own Big Kid, and it is liberating. He comes over for dinner and I took him to an emergency dental tooth pulling (we always said he wouldn't starve or go without medical care and this was seriously bad tooth) but for the rest of it, he is on his own. Dinners now and then, some veg from the garden, and I love him to bits, but...he is a grown man. It is hard though. I know. And painful, but worth it in the end.

Kim Ayres said...

You have got to post some photos...

As for the rest of it I remember being really hit hard with the thought after my mother died, only aged 65 - we put off our lives until the kids have left home, or the mortgage is paid off, or until we retire, or until [insert whatever seemingly good reason occurs to you]. But what happens if we don't make it to that point? Well, then we never had a life.

It's an old cliché, but sometimes words you've heard a thousand times suddenly hit you in a deep and emotional way - and for me "life is the journey not the destination" did this after my mother passed away.

So if you want spray tans, tattoos and pubic topiary, then go for it. I just hope that on your list of must-do things is a trip to Scotland at some not-too-distant point in the future :)

Anonymous said...

Take a vaca...go to Thailand or Italy or someplace else. Gosh. Just leave it all behind and go someplace else for as long as you can...pick up the pieces later.

Chris H said...

OMG you got a butt lift? I did too. I love the idea of the tattoo to cover the scar. I have a few too many scars to cover!
I've never had a spray tan... cos I tan really easily.
I hope you don't end up orange.
AND I've never had a brazillian, and never plan to either! You are braver than me!

Webster said...

You have completely destroyed my vision of you, and not in a bad way. A tattoo and a brazilian? You go, Woman!!