Sunday, April 27, 2014


Well, I haven't written a lot because I've been so busy and so sad.  4 of the 6 puppies died after 2 weeks.  They just weren't developed enough and got heart murmurs one right after another.  :-(

Remember little Baby Lucky, the one who wasn't responsive and needed doggie CPR?  I carried him around in my shirt for hours and fed him from an eyedropper because he was too weak to suck.  It is absolutely amazing that he is one that survived after the others seemed so healthy.  Here is a picture of him taking his first breath:

Here is a picture of him now.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Here is a picture of Winston Churchill.  He always looks terribly annoyed, but he is the sweetest darn puppy---his tail is always wagging.  He's bigger than Lucky, so he's a bit of a bully.  And of course, he's always the first to belly up to the buffet.

We've started weaning the boys.

 Lucky is reluctant to put his face in a bowl, which leaves more for Winston Churchill.

This picture is after Winston Churchill ate his first meal out of a bowl.  He conked out like a drunken sailor on a bender.

So while this whole experience has been a bit sad, it's also been really lovely too.


Kim Wombles said...

Hugs. I'm sorry that you lost four of them. The two remaining are so sweet and cute!

Chris H said...

How sad to lose so many of the puppies!
My heart breaks for you. I know how awful it is.
Your surviving two are very cute.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Those are two very cute pups. They are LUCKY to have you.
Very sad about the other four-- Sigh.
Hope YOU are feeling good.
xo jj

Willoughby said...

I'm sorry to hear that some of the puppies didn't survive. The two in the pictures are absolutely adorable!