Friday, June 08, 2012

Left the Nest? Ha!!

I'm really laughing and shaking my head. We're back from our little getaway and had a fairly good time.

My blog friend Webster called it. Since the Aspiring Adult moved into his own place right before we went away (a duplex) with a roommate, she said we "should expect calls".

Well it wasn't just him. Big Kid and Kitty stayed at our place, taking care of the dogs. We got a few calls from them too.

Here's a recap:

We just pulled into the resort, along with 100 other people, are in the middle of wrangling a cart to unload our crap, deal with the "you have to pay to valet" stuff and Hubby's phone rings.

It's the Aspiring Adult.

AA: Hey! I wanted to ask you about getting renter's insurance!

Hubby: This really isn't a good time.

AA: Well I'm on my break now, and I need to find out how to get it!

Hubby: Can we talk about this later?

AA: I need to get it right away!

Hubby: I tried to talk to you about it last week, but you weren't interested. Now that it's YOUR idea it's an emergency?

AA: Well YEAH!

Click (Hubby closing his phone)

Hubby then goes to an obligatory meet and greet (we were at a conference) and Big Kid calls me.

BK: Charlie (one of our elderly dogs) peed on the floor!

Me: So put her outside! The weather is great, why aren't the dogs outside?

BK: But what are we supposed to do about the pee?

Me: What are you expecting ME to do about it? Mop it up, spray a little windex over the spot and clean it! Duh!

Click (me closing my phone)

Later, after the meet and greet, Hubby and I go to a place to have a romantic meal.

His phone rings. It's the Aspiring Adult. Again.

AA: Me and Tom (his roommate) just bought a charcoal grill. How do we work it?

Hubby: This really isn't a good time.

AA: We invited a bunch of people over to eat and nobody knows how to work the grill!

Hubby: Well since you don't have renter's insurance, I suggest you take it as far away from the deck on the duplex as you can, preferably in the middle of the back yard before you try to light it.

Click (Hubby closing his phone)

A couple of hours later (it was late), while I was trying on the persona of dirty mistress and hubby was chasing me around our room nekkid, the phone rang again. Thought it MUST be some kind of emergency:

Big Kid: We were in bed sleeping and the Aspiring Adult came over and pounded on the door (those who don't live in our house don't get keys)! He came to get a couple of tubs full of monster legos because they were going to build a space station!

Me: @#$%$$@!!!!!!

Click (Me closing my phone)

And that was just our first night.....


Webster said...

Heh heh, that's it, just heh heh.

Kirby Carespodi said...

Yep. Do they ever really 'leave"? Maybe I'll get some peace when I'm dead.

Jeanie said...

Well, I guess you can take comfort in the fact that there was no "real" emergency and you could just close your phone to make the call go away.

Beth said...

One of the downsides of cell phones - always connected & available!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Move the grill as far away as possible - Hahahahahaha. What a hoot.

Glad you got away and hope the class at least slowed down as the night went on :-)

xo jj

Cheryl said...

Too funny!! Well it is a start. So proud that the phone was able to hang up fairly quickly, that is progress.xxxxxx

stinkypaw said...

Hope you other nights got more action and less phone talk! ;-)

Brenda said...

My word. Did you ever get to rest?