Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ok, haven't put my rantipants on for awhile. But since my heinie already hurts, now is as good a time as any.

Does anybody really give a shit what Bristol Palin thinks?

I've been seeing headlines for the last couple of days touting her new book. Stuff like, "Bristol Disses the McCains" and "How Bristol Lost Her Virginity".


Not that I think Levi Johnston (the father of her child) is any less of an opportunistic douchebag, but she comes as close as she can to branding him a rapist without targeting herself for a lawsuit. And of course, her staying in a relationship with him for the next few years just proves that she is a victim. Feh.

Her story is as old and used up as time. Who DOESN'T know a highschool princess who got knocked up by a townie? What makes it newsworthy, other than the fact that her mother is famous? Seriously.

Thinking that the world is interested in how she lost her virginity makes her a ho in more ways than one, IMO.

What do YOU think?

P.S. I just LURVE Vicodin!


Mrs. Hall said...

yeah seriously. then, after she does the deed she continues to sex with him because 'it was my insurance policy' that he wouldn't cheat.


i hang my head in shame for all teenage girls out there. girls who don't realize how sacred their body is, who don't really understand that their girly parts should only be touched by the worthiest of fellows. not some douchebag who plys you with wine coolers.

how low is her self esteem. gah.

seriously. memoirs? AT AGE 20??

it just boggles the mind.


Gail Dixon said...

I'm with you! I'm so tired of people that are famous for nothing.

Fiery said...

Every time I drove to work for an entire month I got to pass a portable neon sign announcing BRISTOL PALIN at the Holiday INN giving a tour where she apparently was going to give a speech. Why anyone would want to listen to some tarted up ho whose only claim to fame is having a famous cheerleader, gun toting, politically motivated mama. I had to control the urge to toss my cookies every morning. *gak!*

CiCi said...

Personally I am so tired of hearing anything to do with the Palin name. I have so much in my life and wasting one minute of it on lies and self glorifying public contact by any of the Palins is not part of my happy life. Thank goodness. Do I care when any of the Palins lost their virginity? No. Do I care where they live? No. Just not next door to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not as though her MOTHER has been a shining example of integrity or modesty...

Queen-Size funny bone said...

It seems like they go out of their way to glorify whoredom. the apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to getting attention.

Webster said...

Leave it to a Palin to think she has to ell me how she got pregnant. Um, I think we know, Bristol. Really, I think we know.

I took a Vicodin once when I went to my brother's wedding - a quick courthouse affair. The think is, I was wearing new shoes, and my feet were killing me ... so after the post wedding dinner (and drinks), well - let's just day I'm glad I didn't have to drive very far. They mean it when they say don't take with alcohol. LOL

P.S. But my feet didn't hurt.

Rootietoot said...

When I saw the headline "Bristol Palin lost her virginity while drunk" I thought..."who didn't lose it that way? Why is this news?"
Then I go back to the really important stuff on Judge Joe Brown.

catscratch said...

Two words.... 15 minutes.

She's a skank.

Brenda said...

I won't be buying into her hodome. It pisses me off that girls continue to get pregnant these days when there are so many birth control choices available. Geez are they just too danged lazy to use them?