Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say...

A Montana teen texted her boyfriend that she was going to crash her car into oncoming traffic in an effort to commit suicide. Shortly thereafter, going 85 mph, she crossed the center line and crashed head-on into another car, tragically killing the pregnant driver and her young son.

She was charged as an adult (17 years old) for deliberate homicide. Right now, the case is being decided as to whether she should be prosecuted as a minor or an adult.

In the meantime, she and her father are suing the estate of the VICTIM for damages, citing that the accused "suffered permanent and continuing injuries, along with mental pain and suffering and the loss of capacity to enjoy life. It cites future loss of income and past, present and future medical expenses. Winter is seeking a judgment against the defendants for damages, costs, pre-judgment and post-judgment interest and other relief deemed appropriate."

WTF? I mean seriously. "Loss of capacity to enjoy life?" Didn't sound like she was enjoying life much when she TRIED TO KILL HERSELF AND TOOK OUT A COUPLE OF OTHERS IN THE PROCESS! Gah!


In another matter, 4 guys rent a canoe to enjoy a river ride. Being dumbasses (or just being doods, take your pick), they come up with the brilliant plan to jump off a railroad trestle that bridges said river into the water.

3 guys make it. 1 does not. He was hit by a train when he tried to outrun it.

Now his mother is suing the railroad and the canoe rental company for damages.

She's suing the railroad company because they couldn't stop the train fast enough.

Uh yeah. Everybody knows you can stop a zillion tons of steel on a dime. It's a train, fer pete's sakes, not a mini cooper.

She's also suing the canoe company because they "knew or should have known" that stupid people jump off of train trestles that go over rivers so they shouldn't be renting canoes.

It seems kind of obvious that critical thinking isn't an inherited trait in that family.

As her attorney said, this was “a tragic death that could have been and should have been prevented.”

Well duh. It prolly wouldn't have happened if the victim hadn't climbed up the train trestle, ya think?



From the "That Really Takes Some Balls" department:

A guy in Seattle admired a totem pole he saw in a park. Instead of having one made for the house he was building, he convinced a crane company that he was the city arts commissioner and was having the 18-foot pole restored. So they took it down and delivered it to his house. It didn't fit in the guy's garage, so he hid it.

Took 8 months and a trip to Oregon to get that sucker back.

WTF was he thinking? WTF are any of these people thinking?


Jeanie said...

That stuff makes my head want to explode, but then I would probably get sued for the damage the explosion caused. Aargh!

Brenda said...

WTF is right. It would take someone like those folks to understand those folks and I don't reckon we're among em.

Donda said...

I love stories like this...thanks for sharing!!

Charlie said...

Your first WTF really really upsets me: arguing about adult/juvie when this 4-watt lightbulb KILLED innocent people. She and her slime lawyer should be locked up for fifty years—but they won't.sowbo

Rootietoot said...

sigh...people suck sometimes. That's just all there is to it.

CiCi said...

The first story gets my blood boiling. That little chickie has probably been given whatever she wanted by her parents and there were no consequences for her. So it is no wonder she is being helped make up a story and turn things around to give the husband of the woman she killed more pain and suffering that she does not even care about. This is typical maybe not to this horrible degree but when young people are not taught to respect others then other people do not matter to them. If the little shit wanted to end her life why did she decide to take out other innocent people and not just end one life. Sounds like she wanted attention so badly that again, others did not matter. That could be any one of us out driving our cars.

Katie :o) said...

Let's hope no judge or jury is dense enough to award damages...

Willoughby said...

These stories just make me want to scream! How can you think anyone owes you anything if your carelessness has killed innocent people???? The saddest/craziest thing is that these stories are not uncommon. WTF and then some!

Maria Wren said...

People are stupid. I despair!

Valerie Marie said...

I have read that this is not the first time that this girl and her father get a lawsuit started to get some $$$$ ...
Thank you for sharing, dear ATM! xoxo