Friday, January 22, 2010

This and That

Gah! When is this train going to stop? I'm ready to get off!

Big Kid continues to improve little by little. He was doing so well that the doc suggested that we go down to 14 hours a day on oxygen. Unfortunately, about 2 hours into it, his saturation level dropped down to 68. So he's back on 24 hours a day.

We got him and all his accoutrements moved down to Kitty's the day before yesterday. It was time. He was ready to go, and we were ready for him to go too. ;-) Dealing with his psychiatric issues on top of every thing else just wore me out.

We were hoping he'd be able to take a semester off from school to continue his recovery. No luck there. If he's not attending, he'll lose his health insurance. He's still having problems with his short term memory and fine motor skills. We went down and consulted with his professors, explained the situation, and thankfully they are being very accommodating. He's just going to do the best he can, and they'll give him a little extra time for reading, etc.

Two weeks ago, Hubby was away for a week to take some classes out of town. Two days into it, he woke up to excruciating pain in his legs.

For a long time, he's had lesions on his lower legs. At one point, he thought it was a recurrence of childhood excema (sp), and didn't do anything about it. A few years ago he went to a specialist and found out it was a circulatory/autoimmune problem. When it flares up, he has to take shots, and that usually calms it down. He hasn't had a flare-up in a couple of years. Stress is the main trigger, so I guess he was due.

Anyhoo, two days into this class he had a major flare up. Both legs swelled and the lesions were huge and inflamed. Of course, being him, he stayed the rest of the week for the class. By the time he got home, there were blood blisters on top of some of them.

His doc was worried that he might have some kind of staph infection (of the flesh-eating kind) and immediately started him on some heavy-duty antibiotics and goof ball pills. And they took a biopsy. Three days later, Hubby got a fever and was nauseous all the time. The day before yesterday, he broke out in a rash all over his body.

The good news is that he doesn't have flesh-eating bacteria. The bad news is that he has an allergy to whatever antibiotic they were giving him and that was making him so ill. He started prednisone last night, and hopefully he'll be feeling better.

Because as soon as he does, I'm running away from home. I mean it.


Hope you guys are happy and healthy and will check in with you soon.




Anonymous said...

OMG Attila, make it stop, make it stop :)

Unknown said...

Good to hear from you again. Sorry things for you haven't been going so well.

I guess you got all the bad stuff out of the way early in 2010, so the rest of the year will be smooth sailing. Don't laugh, I'm serious, that's how it works.

Have a good one and hang in there.

Mrs. Hall said...

You need to book yerself a cruise woman!!

I mean it! ;)

Anonymous said...

You deserve a SPA. For like a month. Ugh.

Willoughby said...

You have had more than your share of illness in your household, that's for sure!

I hope hubby gets better and Big Kid continues his progress, even if it is a little slower than you'd like.

I just got over the swine flu, myself. That is one nasty beast of a virus.

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

As my family says, it's always something. We also have a joke rule that there can only be one patient at a time, so maybe you should adopt that! ;-)

I hope you get a real break very soon. Actually, you need a vacation! Altough I'm sure you're already sending yourself on one in your mind.

Hope the hubby is better soon and the big kid finds a way to handle school on top of recovery.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi-- That is way too much stuff going on for one woman to handle! God bless you for doing such a great job with it all.

Glad Big Kid is improving enough to move to Kitty's and do some school work. That's great progress!

As for Hubby-- OMG!!! That sounds nasty. I hope the Prednisone knocks it out of his system fast.

Hang in there Attila. We're all still cheering you on!

Cloudy said...

Why, why, why is it always one thing after another?! You need a break. I hope your husband finds relief soon and gets better fast!

St Jude said...

Oh sweetie, if I could take over for a while I would, the commute might be a little long, but worth it. xoxo

Tracie Nall said...

You deserve a little time running away from home.

It is nice that the professors are going to work with him even if the insurance company won't (idiots!)

I'll add your husband to the prayer list!

debra said...

I have only one thing to say: OY.

Jan said...

Keep your chin up. You're the best.

Charlie said...

68! That's horrendous! The prednisone will help a lot, though.

Now, with the affliction of Mr. Attila, I'm wondering which of the 7 (8?) plagues are left. Has anyone had locusts yet?

Sounds to me, Mom, like you could use some good ole scream therapy.

KL said...

Girl feel free to run south! Would love you to come....and Little Guy too!! :)

Heather said...

I was happy to see that you posted today. I am sorry that things are still crazy at your house. I am glad though the Big Kid is well enough to (kinda) be back to a normal routine. Sorry about the Hubby's legs. That sounds rough. YUCK. Just will be spring in about 8 months (LOL) and all will seem so much better. At least that is what I am hoping for.

litzi said...

it never rains but it pours

Chris H said...

FAR OUT I would be running away from home too if I was you! The dramas never stop around you at the moment.
I hope your hubby is feeling better now.. an allergic reaction like that is NOT NICE... been there, done that.
And YA, SUPER YA that your son has gone back to 'HIS PLACE' and given you a break!

Rootietoot said...

Oh for Pete's sake. Come to Statesboro for a bit. The weather's fantastic, no one is sick and the only drama involves dachshunds.

Anonymous said...

You just can't can one sliver of a break. Not one tiny bit.

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, that must have been so painful. Glad he didn't have the flesh eating kind. What a mess.

You seriously need a vacation, a really long one, where you are waited on 24 hours a day. It is LONG overdue.

Been thinking about you a lot, as always, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm here if you need to talk, anytime.

The Quacks of Life said...


Chicago Mom said...

Hasn't your poor family been through enough?! I am praying for your husbands speedy recovery! (You definitely deserve a LONG vacation.)

Anonymous said...

You have been through so much. You seriously inspire me. I don't know where you find the strength. You are still in my prayers!

CiCi said...

You can come here and I will set you up on the couch and give you tea and books to read. A couple days in our quiet little hippie house and you will be good to go.

Brenda said...

If I'd had on my plate what you have I'd have run away long ago. You're a fine lady!

Liesl said...

My god, you just aren't catching any breaks!

Run away to Texas! I guarantee you at least one cat to snuggle with all.the.time.

Kim Wombles said...

Run away! ((())) I hope things ease up there soon. I'm glad Big Kid is back at his home with Kitty, but sorry he still needs the oxgyen all the time.

gayle said...

omg!! After all you have been through you do need a vacation!!

Valérie Marie said...


OHN said...

If you run, there are about 47 of us that are going with you :)