Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Asshat of the Week

And this week's Asshat goes to 5th grade teacher Cheryl Edwards!

In this day of dwindling school resources and salaries, Ms. Edwards thought she was on to a good thing. She billed the city of Brooklyn nearly $6000 for tutoring an ill child for 154 hours in his home.

Except that he was dead.

His family had taken him to their native country of Vietnam to die 5 months earlier.

Since the mother was never going to call to complain when Edwards didn't show up for tutoring, who was to know?

The school district began investigating when another mother called to find out why the teacher wasn't showing up to tutor her son. They found that Edwards had submitted bills for 6 hours of tutoring, although the student had never laid eyes on her.

The matter has been referred to the District Attorney's office, and the district has started termination proceedings.

Hope she gets a good hard kick in the asshat!


Woman with kids said...

Huh. Lovely.

Do tutors really make nearly $39/hour? Because seriously? I could tutor someone. Anyone. for $39/hour.

Anonymous said...

People like that give me hives.

RC said...

ah, man...that's horrible.

Beth said...

Your Asshat of the Week posts make me want to weep in frustration and anger at the stupidity and cruelty of mankind (and womankind).
Which, I assume, is the whole point of these posts.
They also make me feel quite sane.

Ben said...

Maybe we should let our powers combine. Last Thursday I started my only weekly battle of the morons. You can vote in the lower left column of my blog. Results are posted every Thursday when two more morons are announced.

This bitch deserves to be drawn and quartered. Stealing from kids is bad. Stealing from DEAD kids is deplorable.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Nothing I like better than to hear about a teacher who is misusing her position! I can not even fathom the nerve of such a person! Just when you think people can't get any lower! UGH!

Mamma said...

I'm tagging you tonight.

carmachu said...

God forbid they actually do REAL work and get paid for it.


Ben said...

Live 'House' blog tonight over at my place. You down?

Tell all your house watchin' friends! If it's remotely popular, I'll do it every week, and maybe other shows upon request.

Annie Drogynous said...

O M G. That is truly awful! Well, it's all about Karma, baby!

Dorky Dad said...

Once again, I have failed to win the coveted Asshat of the Week award. DANGIT.

I guess nice guys just can't compete with bad boys and teachers who tutor dead people.

Mom of Three said...

Reminds me of the social worker that was "supervising" the child who had been abducted.

With the Teacher's Union, it'll be years before she's fired, if at all, sadly.

viva la homeschool!

I noticed on your profile the part about "Adult Adoptees Civil Rights." I am an adult adoptee. One day I'll have to tell you THAT story.

Maybe I'll blog it...

Brenda said...

The world's going to hell in a handbasket when teachers are resorting to criminal activities.