Friday, March 03, 2006

All I want for Christmas... a cage of my VERY OWN!!

So claims Sharen Gravelle on the witness stand Wednesday. She and her husband Michael are on trial for caging some of their 11 adopted children, all of whom have varying degrees of disability.

"After the Gravelles built wooden and wire enclosures for some of their adopted children, those who were left out clamored for their own, Sharen Gravelle testified Wednesday.

"The boys saw them and went absolutely nuts," Gravelle said in a custody hearing in Huron County Juvenile Court. "They wanted it."

I can't figure out if this woman is greedy, evil, delusional or if she just got hit with the stupid stick one too many times.

"Sharen Gravelle testified yesterday that her husband was ''good with kids,'' then denied knowledge that he was forcing one of their adopted daughters to sleep in their bed when she was out of the home."

Uh huh. Like this (below) never gave her a clue:

"Sharen Gravelle said she met her husband in 1986 at a dinner for a child sex abuse support group. She said she was attending because a relative had been molested. Michael Gravelle was there because he was accused of inappropriate touching, a charge he denies. The couple married two months later."

Two months?

How in the world did Stoopid and the Sex Abuser manage to pass a homestudy?

How did they get approved to house and care for 11 vulnerable children who have special needs?

"The Gravelles are charged with child endangering, falsifying adoption applications and lying under oath when becoming qualified for adoption funding. If convicted, they would face one to five years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine for each of 16 counts of felony child endangerment."

There ought to be a special circle in hell for these two cretins. And for the social worker who rubber-stamped them.


Charlie said...

Unfortunately, if you had about 16 days, I could tell you a ton of this stuff that goes on here in the not-great state of Arizona.

Example: Not long ago a convicted pedophile and his lovely spouse were arrested at their day care center for, uh, child molestation—in this case, little tiny girls.

Day care centers in Arizona, you see, do not need a license.

We also have a crackerjack CPS that, after checking out complaints, more than a dozen children have died or been murdered because CPS said, "no problems".

I have thought many times of blogging about this stuff, but my readers expect me to be "funny".

Attila The Mom said...

I'm sure you could aim that stinging wit at some of these bozos without losing the respect of your readers. :-)

Since this involves two subjects that are so close to my heart--adoption and disability issues--I can't be quiet and feel good about myself.

I sincerely hope these two get a chance to enjoy being caged. GRRRR

Rhonda said...

I say put every social worker involved in this story into a cage and have us a social wrecker smackdown.

Sometimes human beings make me sick.

imfunnytoo said...

You said:

"I can't figure out if this woman is greedy, evil, delusional or if she just got hit with the stupid stick one too many times."

I vote for all of the above.

As a native Coloradan at my last job once said:

"It takes a *special* kinda' stupid to"... [insert mind blowingly dumb action of your choice here] said...

One to Five years doesn't seem like a long enough sentence. 10 thousand dollar fine? Don't people who adopt get a ten thousand dollar tax break?