Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nonsensical Noodling For The Week

In last night's episode of House, M.D., once AGAIN, the eager-beaver Doclets sneak a patient's keys and surreptitiously search her home and car for substances that might explain her mystery illness.

Now c'mon. Do doctors really sideline in B & E?

If I go to the emergency room with unexplained stomach pains, are they going to break into my home, and hunt out my secret stash of cheesecake bites?


phlegmfatale said...

It's a fun show with a great script, but it is rife with all sorts of procedural errors, as far as how a hospital or research institution functions. Hugh Laurie is dishy, though, so I give them a total pass. He's just like I like my coffee: bitter and murky.

sarala said...

Speaking as a doctor, I'd seek out the cheesecake bites, check them out for bacteria and if they were clean, eat them for you.
But of course everyone knows us shrinks are crazier than House.