Saturday, August 20, 2011

People are Weird

Do you ever read comments about a book or a movie or a show and think, "WTF? Are we talking about the same book, movie, show? That is so NOT what I took away from it?" Then you spend a bit of time being boggled about how people view things differently?

I've written before about my unwholesome addiction to the "Real Housewives" franchise. I didn't watch the Miami series, but did catch the Beverly Hills one last year, because I was a big Kim Richards fan as a kid and was having a "Where are they now?" moment. Oy vey. Wasn't planning on watching it again.

One of the Housewives was going through marital issues and had separated from her husband this past year during filming of the new season. About a week ago, he committed suicide, around a month before the new season will air. I clicked on the link to the story and was stupid enough to read the comments.

One that really caught my eye said something like, "OMG!! She was such a bad wife!! She freaked out because he bought their daughter a really CUTE puppy for her birthday!"

Gah. What I saw was a guy who was rarely at home (in person and in mind), mention to his wife something about buying their daughter a puppy for her birthday, and she said no. Because he wasn't going to be around to help train it, feed it, walk it, and she was feeling overwhelmed and didn't want all the extra crap on her plate. So what did he do? Buy the kid a puppy and present it to her at her huge birthday party, making the mom look like an ogre if she said no.

Turns out the kid was allergic to the dog, and mom not only had to deal with all the puppy issues, but take the kid to an allergist frequently to make them compatible. It wasn't working, so mom had to deal with the heartbreak with the kid over giving the dog away.

Bad bad wife. :::sigh:::


Willoughby said...

I've never watched any of the "Housewives" shows except for the Beverly Hills editions. I thought Russell seemed really controlling and manipulative. You're right about the puppy incident, he was just messing with his wife. I don't think people should blame Taylor for his suicide, he was obviously troubled.

I'm not surprised by the comments you read. There seems to be no lack of morons commenting on anything and everything on the internet.

Brenda said...

Some people never hold their tongues for the "rest of the story" to be told. They just jump in with both feet with their, often dense, opinions and their feet quite often end up in their mouths. Here's to you for seeing the whole story!

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

I read on a "news sight"/TMZ that she was hospitalized from one of his beatings and Bravo had to delay filming. Not sure if this is actually true but the whole thing is quite sad. I love Bravo shows and the RHW series. This has got to be a brutal PR time for them.

The dog incident was extremely passive aggressive on his part. QLF the pup was a maltese (I am a maltese owner) they have hair and not fur and are known as a hypoallergenic breed. I'm sure you could still have a allergy to this awesome, adorable breed.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oy. Talk about NOT GETTING IT. Dogs are NOT the same as buying a kid a video game or a doll. DUH!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I watched the NY and NJ housewives for one season only and opted out of watching future episodes. I also came to the conclusion that my life wasn't so bad, even if I don't have multiple homes and tons of money. The women were so catty and shallow that I *almost* felt sorry for them. The suicide of that man was sad for all involved. Especially the child. I don't think reality TV is a wise move. I've heard they can get pretty creative with the editing. I wouldn't trust it.