Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I Heart Judge Judy

'Cause she's the Boss, Applesauce!

This is kind of long, but I enjoyed it!


Brenda said...

Judge Judy Rocks!

Rachel said...

I heart Judge Judy, too.

And so happy to hear all your good news, Elvis! :)

carmachu said...

Judge judy totally rocks!

I've never been big on judge shows, but I really like hers!

A Bishops Wife said...

My mother loves her.

I am working on a Criminal Justice degree so I am afraid of judges.

Ann(ie) said...

I seriously love me some Judge Judy. She kicks some judge butt!

Anonymous said...

Judge Judy is my biggest secret obsession! I work for DISH Network, and they offer TV Everywhere which allows me to access my DVR recordings on my Iphone, so on my lunch break, I go to my car, eat my luch and watch Mrs. Sheindlin dole out her brand of justice.