Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life's A Drag

I've always been a huge fan of RuPaul. Not only is he more beautiful than I am, but I like his message about loving yourself as you are and accepting others as they are, and if you hang onto your dreams anything is possible.

Hubby, on the other hand---while he thinks Ru is a fabulous showman/woman---is a bit uncomfortable with drag queens in general. I think the gorgeous ones disturb him. I KNOW the "tucking" thing makes him cringe.

He likes drag queens of the Jack Lemmon/Tony Curtis variety. You know that they're really guys underneath and you'd never be drunk enough to take one home with you by accident.

So last week I was folding clothes in front of the tube and clicking to find something mindless to watch. I came across "RuPaul's Drag Race" on the Logo Channel which I've never seen before. Wooboy! It's a drag queen reality show contest that seems to be a mixture of Project Runway, Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, America's Next Top Model and Queer Eye all rolled into one. I was fascinated.

The episode that I caught happened to be the "Girl Group" episode. The challenge for the contestants was to split into two teams, and perform (lip sync) a Destiny's Child song. They had to do everything----sew costumes, choreograph, use unfamiliar wigs and make-up (provided by the sponsor), etc within a limited time.

Hubby had been doing something manly out in the garage and strolled through the living room while one of the groups was performing their final product. "Whatcha watching?"

They're lip-synching, I said distractedly. And they had to make their own costumes from scratch. Aren't they beautiful?

He watched for a moment, agreed and went off to whatever destination he had originally been heading.

After the performances, RuPaul and the judges critiqued them. Then Ru asked each who they'd vote off the island.

I simply don't remember all the names, so I'm making them up. But it went a little something like this:

Ongina (ok I DID remember that name): Since I'm the team leader, I couldn't vote any of the other girls off. This challenge was my responsibility so I'll throw myself under the bus and vote myself off.

Cinnamon: I don't want to vote anybody off! I love everybody! I'd vote off Clara because she has immunity.

Clara: Do I have to pick somebody? I love everybody too, and I don't want anyone to go!

RuPaul: Yes you have to pick somebody. Who would it be?

Clara: Uh, uh. I guess I'd pick Shanelle. (Shanelle looks shocked) I'd pick Shanelle because she's so beautiful and talented and I know she's going to be fierce competition and will probably win, so if I HAVE to pick anybody I'd pick Shanelle. (turns to Shanelle) I'm sorry sweetie! (the two give each other a big warm hug and air kiss).

My mouth was just hanging open. A couple of minutes later, Hubby came through the living room on his way back to the garage.

Wait, wait, you have to see this! I rewound that portion of the program.

After it was done, I said, Can you believe how caring and supportive they were instead of clawing each other's eyes out?

"I wonder where they found so many kind girls, " he replied. "They're not like those ferocious b*tches on The Bachelor".


I didn't have the heart to tell him they were doods. ;-)

Well at least not for a couple of days.


Weee! I found a clip of the performance. The whole thing is about 5 minutes long and it's near the end.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

No. You couldn't. But the fact that they were so nice to each other SHOULD have tipped him off!!!

Brenda said...

Queer eye was one of my favorite shows! Some doods in drag look like awesome and beautiful women.

Rootietoot said...

I've always wanted to makes freinds with a drag queen just to be able to get makeup tips. My husband is scared of them.

Beth said...

Definitely not like those ferocious b*tches on The Bachelor!
I’d love to hear hubby’s reaction to the truth about those kind and beautiful guys!

(Couldn't watch the clip - not available to those of us out of the U.S.)

Stinkypaw said...

O.M.G. I just went on to watch and couldn't because I'm not in the US!! I think when I read that my eyes looked like that pooch below!

oh well... yet another joy of being Canadian!

Missicat said...

I also sooo want makeup tips from these guys....that would be a great reality show!

LLnL said...

I wish all reality tv was like that. Fun post.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I cant wait to watch this.

H~ said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they really look good. I think it is a hoot that your husband didn't know. you gotta tell him. I'm going to check this out more often, very fun show.

Chris H said...

Sop, did ya tell ya hubby they were Dudes? I don't get guys dressing as girls.. and 'the tuck' thing grosses me out! I am 'old fashioned' I guess. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Did you see th eepisode of Project Runway with RuPaul? She/he was quite grand.

Valerie Marie said...

Hubby had had to know that girls aren't so nice to each other...
HAVE A NICE WE! ((hugs))

Koolio said...

I ADORE RuPaul. I read his blog regularly. One time I wrote him and asked him if he always dresses up and he immediately wrote back "Darlin', I have to be paid to dress up like that!". I wished he could have been voted in as President. Our economy would have totally been in the shitter worse than it already is but at least we've live in a much more peaceful country, lol.

LegalMist said...

That was hilarious!!