Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Random...

Eh, lots going on in the Attila house this week. Sorry I've been so busy.

A couple of weeks ago, we were supposed to host a pool party for some of hubby's business/political associates. After three straight days of rain, AND a tornado up here at 9000 feet, at the very last minute, we rescheduled it to past Sunday.

Amazingly enough, the kids weren't that thrilled at having to consume another round of party food since they'd spent the previous week eating everything that was already prepared for the first party.

They've been begging me to make something "boring" like meatloaf for dinner.

Between the 7-layer bean dip and the deviled eggs, you'd think our house was located over the portal to hell. The dogs were walking into walls from the sulphur fumes. With the 21-bun salutes and clouds of air freshener to cover it up, I think we all sustained a little drain bamage.

Speaking of deviled eggs, did you ever notice that they're a hell of a lot of work with little to show in the end? Except for the obvious eau de pharte?

With all the rain, a couple of revolting developments happened. As the vole holes filled up with water outside, the mouses ran for the houses. Or should I say the meece for the heese? Our mouse traps in the garage, which have sat there empty for a couple of months suddenly started screaming "No Vacancy!"

All 8 of them. Yech.

And courtesy of Little Guy, who frequently forgets to close the basement door all the way, we were treated to the soothing sounds of Big Kid screaming his ever-loving head off at 1am. Apparently while cruising around on MySpace, he took his Ipod headphones off long enough to hear the pitter-patter of little meese feets. So I set a few traps down there. More on that another day.

On top of all that, it seems as if our Noodle dog has been up to no good.

We live on the side of a mountain, so our back-yard is terraced off into usable space. On one area, we have a basketball/tennis court. The we have a little bridge that connects the court to the pool. While we thought the Noodle was laying under the bridge to escape the sun, she was using her genius only for evil.

She was digging a hole to China.

Of course, being a dog, she probably didn't realize that wasn't the best idea in the world. Especially since her name is Noodle.

With all the rain, the earth under the bridge gave way, and we had a cave-in. It spanned 5 feet. 5 feet of tunnel.

Where in the heck did she hide all that dirt? It was completely gone!

I have images of her hiding it in her coat and shaking it out around the prison yard, ala Andy Defresne and his pants in The Shawshank Redemption. There certainly weren't any stray piles of dirt accumlating anywhere.

Anyhoo, in the middle of all this, I managed to pull my lower back out, so I had to take it easy for a couple of days. Everything is fine here, and school started a couple of days ago.

Since Big Kid has been showing no inclination to start living his life, and the waiting list for a group home is up to a year, Hubby and I have decided to "launch" him on our own. He's stable on his meds, and his docs say that he's not going to get any better if we continue to let him live here.

Sooooo, we've found an affordable apartment for him a block from the bus stop at a reasonable distance in case he needs us. He's scheduled to move in a couple of weeks, and I'll tell you more later.

A heck of a lot can happen in a week, can't it?

Catch up with you later, gators!



QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

I've missed you! I hope your back is feeling better. Oh dogs, they can be a pain in the backside but we love them anyways... just like kids. I hope Big Kid does great in his new apartment, you & hubby made the right decision, time for the kid to move on and begin his life and take responsibility with watchful eyes and love of Mom & Dad of course :o)

Brenda said...

I love the french accent when you're referring to the farts around your house. Those deviled eggs can sure be the devil.

Best of luck to Big Kid, how is momma feeling deep inside about this big move?

Hope your back is much better now, and that you won't try to move the dirt when and if you do find it.

Beth said...

A heck of a lot can happen in your life in one week, that's for sure!
Hope the back is better (ouch - sympathy pains) and fingers crossed re: the Big Kid living on his own.
Such a huge step for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Quelle lots of stuff.

All the best to you - and here's to Big Kid living in his own place :-)

Traceytreasure said...

Missed you lots. You made my week sound like a piece of cake.
Good luck with the launch.
I'm hoping that new beginnings are just what you all need.
Big hugs!! :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

GOOD GRIEF! You've been a busy girl!

mrsb said...

Holy smokes! Are you elated and at the same time horrified about Big Kid moving out?? I'm freaking out a bit just thinking about it.

But I do tend to freak out easily.

Hope the back is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

What a week my friend. I am still holding on to that Las Vegas dream trip with you.

It sounds like a very good plan to have Big Kid move out on his own. A year is a long time to wait and will not do him any favors. I do hope the Group Home Agency (up here is SPOA) will offer Caseworkers for support, so it is not all on you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Get that back feeling better.


BaLQiz said...

U always brighten my day with your quirks and funnies!

ally said...

mice are bad - it's worse taking 'em off the traps.

glad to see ya back!

Stinkypaw said...

A lot can/does and will happen in a week frame! Glad to read you seem to take everything rather well... in writting anyway!

Good luck for the following weeks!

Jezebel said...

Geez Mom, there's never a dull moment over there, is there?!?!? I hope your back is feeling better, I hope you haven't unearthed hell's gate in your backyard and I hope you know that your son, while it will take some adjusting for all of you, will do GREAT on his own!

mia said...

Hubby and I fought over the mouse trap issue. He wanted to go for the execution type and me being...well, ME bought live traps instead. We caught four in one trap the very first night. You can't do that with a snap trap! HA!
Actually I was kind of amazed. You would think the three mice inside the trap yelling "NOOO DUDE DON'T COME INNNN!" would have been a clue to mouse #4?!?!

Big kid on his own. Wow, GOOD for him!!! And you too maybe just a little? xoxo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Busy you! Oh my!
That dog--oh if that dog could talk! Chasing a mole? Trying to escape?

Valerie Marie said...

BK will be on his own ... I'm sure that's the right decision but I cannot help myself and feel a little bit anxious too. I hope that your back is feeling better - poor you!!! It's so painful!!! ((ATM))
p.s. All this happened in ONE week?

Shonda Little said...

Good luck to Big Kid. Just how old is he?

Attila The Mom said...

He's 21. LOL

Big Pissy said...

You always make me laugh. :)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Wow! You have a lot going on. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.
I never know how you do it all anyway.

Anonymous said...

hi sweetness!
you've had a crazy week (or two!)
i think big kid moving is an EXCELLENT idea! i cannot wait to read more about his new found independence and such! :]


ps: i'm back online for good now. come by and see what i've been up to!