Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World, or Sometimes You Just Gotta Say...

Big ol' list here...What the hell is in the water???? I mean, seriously??


Ok, two years ago You let your 14-year-old child who had Cerebral Palsy suffer from maggots in her bedsores, and starved her to death. Now you're suing the city of Philadelphia for a gazillion dollars in damages on behalf of your other children because they've been "traumatized" by her death?

The basis? Because the city should have *known* you were unfit parents.

And your oldest, who is 19, has a separate suit that seeks another gazillion because her death caused him "substantial mental pain".

2 years ago, this parasite would have been 17. Like he couldn't have seen she was suffering and starving and said something to somebody--neighbor, teacher, stranger on the street. Where was HIS compassion in the midst of HER pain?

Sheesh! What in the hell is wrong with you people? And your lawyers?


Not excusing this guy for being a criminal, but hey, when the heck does the stupid end?

Guy is arrested for holding a woman down and masturbating on her. Yeck.

Bails out and is issued a "no contact" order.

She comes to HIS house. He calls the police to have her removed.

And is arrested for violating the "no contact order". The judge tells him "it was his responsibility to not have contact with the alleged victim."



In a Michigan nursing home, a patient died and three employees were instructed to prepare her body for pick-up by the funeral home. Before doing this, they "posed" her corpse and took pictures with their cell phones. Other employees witnessed this outrage, and informed management.

After a hearing by the company, the three employees were fired and reported, but the County Health Department couldn't find enough evidence to prove that they violated any public health code.

Criminal charges were filed, but ultimately the Michigan Appellate court found that because the woman was dead, she could no longer be considered a patient, so the statute of "physically mistreating a patient" no longer applied.

So these three dirtbags walked out with their nursing credentials intact.

Oh, and the nursing home---which followed all the correct procedures as soon as it was made aware of this employee misconduct---was cited for violating a patient's dignity.



Finally---and this obit was taken down today along with the guest book---but thank goodness for Google cache....

The old saying "never speak ill of the dead" is finally dead.

Read here. Gak. (well pooh, the link doesn't work anymore---read below)

That leaves me with a couple of options.

Either I should write my own obit and instruct my attorney to send it out at my demise, or I better start sucking up to my kids.

Then again, this woman might have truly been evil. eek.

Sad and scary that this is her legacy:
"Dolores had no hobbies, made no contribution to society and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life. I speak for the majority of her family when I say her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed and there will be no lamenting over her passing.

Her family will remember Dolores and amongst ourselves we will remember her in our own way, which were mostly sad and troubling times throughout the years. We may have some fond memories of her and perhaps we will think of those times too. But I truly believe at the end of the day ALL of us will really only miss what we never had, a good and kind mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I hope she is finally at peace with herself. As for the rest of us left behind, I hope this is the beginning of a time of healing and learning to be a family again.

There will be no service, no prayers and no closure for the family she spent a lifetime tearing apart. We cannot come together in the end to see to it that her grandchildren and great-grandchildren can say their goodbyes. So I say here for all of us, GOOD BYE, MOM."


Brenda said...

Makes you wonder if there aren't aliens amongst us, those can't be humans, surely.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

The first article is why i don't work with children in social services because I would be the one in prison instead of the abusers.

The obit made me laugh even though it is sad that someone felt that way about the woman who was their mother. I guess someone needed closure and one gets back what they put out in life.

Jan said...

Good post.
The obit reminds me of a couple of people I've known. I'm sure some one missed them after they passed, just not me. One was my MIL!

ntsc said...

Concerning the last one, that could well have been my mother's obit.

From the day of my father's death she devoted herself to tormenting her three sons and two sisters and she lived another 30+ years. My brothers and I barely speak to each other because of the anger still left. For years I carried the number of her county sheriff as each fall she would call me to tell me she had just swallowed a bottle of pills.

We held no memorial service although we did attend her internment in my father's grave in Arlington.

Mary said...

Holy crap!!!!
I had to laugh at that obituary. Who knows how many people had something similar as a first draft before they scraped together something else to submit. *sigh*

Traceytreasure said...

Hi ATM! Off topic, I tagged you for a Meme! Please let me know if you play along. See my Green Eyed Momster blog for the details. I'm running late for work but I will come back to read your post later. Thanks in advance. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

The Obit is pretty funny. I can't remember the exact wording but my cousin used the word "contentious" on her mother's grave marker. Needless to say my mother was appalled when she saw her sister's marker.


Angela said...

It is really quite something how the system works

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

"Either I should write my own obit and instruct my attorney to send it out at my demise, or I better start sucking up to my kids."

That was pretty funny.

(I couldn't get to the obit, btw.)

Maddy said...

What a strange sad world we live in.
Best wishes

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Makes me so sad for the human condition today. Think I'll go eat some cheetos now and try to be happy.

Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
After reading these three stories, you’ve got to wonder what’s with people today. Maybe it’s the stressful lives we’re leading; the economy; all the fast food we’re inhaling; or maybe we’ve been invaded by a host of aliens, who’ve taken over our brains. These types of things have probably been going on since time immemorial, but the average person didn’t hear about it.

The internet is our best friend and our worst enemy on any given day.

Big Pissy said...

Good grief! Those first few items were just ridiculous and disgusting.

The obit is both funny and sad at the same time. I hope that family can find some closure now...

Stephanie said...

There are no words.

Mind Body Shop said...

It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others.

Traceytreasure said...

There have been people in my family who were like that and passed away and my mom has torn what's left of her family apart. It's really hard to watch the devastation that cannot or will not be repaired in my lifetime. It's really such a shame but I have friends that love me more than my mom does. I'm used to it.


La La said...

Whoa! That is quite a look at what's wrong with the world.

If it all weren't so tragic, it might be funny.

But I'm going with tragic, although I was tempted to laugh!

Stinkypaw said...

A sad reflexion of our times if you ask me, but mostly of our justice system or lack thereof...

As for the obit...well... maybe Dolores wore her name well and was a real true pain to those around her.

TOM said...

A line from a song (Flagpole Sitta) by Harvey Danger kinda suns it up for me:

"been around the world and found
that only stupid people are breeding
the cretins cloning and feeding"

I think that family in Philly is proof of this!!

mrsb said...

Ugh. Just ugh. What the heck is wrong with people?

Though on the obit -- having a kid with feelings that strong, I'd say it was probably deserved.

Jezebel said...

The first article is a good example of why some people sue just for the sake of it. The second one, ick. The third, that takes the cake, really. As for the obit...OMG! If anyone ever chose to write something like that about me, I'll haunt them for the rest of their days!

Mrs. G. said...

When did our world become so f*cked. This is some sad commentary.

Anonymous said...

People will do anything to try to get money, it is crazy. They might even win, with the way the justice system works. So sad.

The second one is just plain sick. I hear Karma is a bitch. Lets hope so.

The Obit. has me in the middle. I want to laugh because I know peoplee like that, but decided that it was sad too.


Anonymous said...

All, depressing and worrisome.

carmachu said...

You get what you give in the world. I'm not suprised by the oblite.