Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The AAAAAIIIGHHHHHH!!

Finally decided to take a look at the news I missed when I was gone, and for the last week or so while I was hiding out.


Why does all the weirdo stuff happen when I'm away???

The Good

I can't stop laughing at farmer Rhett Davis's sense of humor. When home-buyers first built McMansions along the edge of the working farm that his family has owned since he was 7, they loved the idyllic view of his horses, cows and fields.

But then the complaints started rolling in. They didn't like the flies or the mosquitos. They didn't like the dust that was generated during harvest season when his crop of hay was bailed. They didn't invest all that money to have to be subjected to THAT.

Davis tried to do his share. He offered to erect a fence between the homes and his property if the homeowners would split the cost of materials.

They refused. It would "spoil" their view. Of his horses, cows and fields.

So Davis took a backhoe, dug three holes and erected his own fence. Made of old demolition derby cars, buried nose down.

"This is my redneck Stonehenge."

He doesn't plan to keep the cars there, but wanted to prove a point. It's his property and he's going to do what he wants with it.

Think the neighbors will "get" it?

The Bad

I found this over on The Consumerist and it really tickled my funny bone. A disgruntled customer left a large number of foul messages on his cable company's answering machine until they came over and fixed the &^%^&** thing. I guess they compiled them and put them to music.

It reminds me of when my husband found out our sole cable company was not going to carry the pre-season Denver Bronco games and we switched to Direct TV within a couple of days.

NOT safe for work or around small children. Or your mother. Or your minister. Maybe your plumber.


Apparently a new fad in beautyland----Fish Pedicures.

You put your feet in a tank and let dozens of fish EAT the dead skin and calluses off your feet while you relax.


What demented soulless piece of crap came up with THAT form of torture?

Yes, I know that the fish don't look like this picture. They're tiny little things. But if I was sitting with MY feet in the tank, this is what I'd be imagining.

I would cut off my feet and hobble around on spurting stumps before I would willingly put my tootsies in with things that were going to EAT me.

Because that's what they're doing, you know. Eating you.



Kim Ayres said...

Just the dead skin. It's like if you sit in a bath of maggots, you'll come out with the smoothest legs and bikini line.

So I've heard, that is...

Attila The Mom said...


Anonymous said...

That's just plain old WRONG!

karatemom said...

lol popped over for a visit and omg what a post! now im serverly grossed out all over again.

p.s. in other news. I have added a brief photo post on my KMA blog.

and on a personal point. Have reconnected with my half sister ( not the crazy one) and am enjoying the experience very much.
Its a shame we have missed out on so many years but it is so nice that we are both at a time in our lives now where we can spend some time building our relationship.

drop by some time.take care.

Chris H said...

I like that farmer, clever man. Ewwww to fish eating your feet.... totally gross.

mrsb said...

The Redneck Stonehenge made me lol.

Feet: It's what's for dinner.

Just ewwwwwwwwwww.

just bob said...

OMG... redneck stonehenge... I so love it. I'd probably keep it up if it was me.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Rhett Davis is my kind of guy! Excellently played!

Kate said...

Love the farmer guy! The fish thing is really yucky. Why would anyone do that?! Oh yes, I forgot, more money than sense LOL

It's lovely to see you back!

Anonymous said...

A guy out by where I grew up has a park called "CarHenge" made up of a similar idea. It's been there for years. Google it--it's kind of funny.

Stinkypaw said...

That farmer is sooo cool!

I didn't picture you to be afraid of little fishes! I think it must tickle or something... but I wouldn't really try it either... argh.

TOM said...

Gross a Fish Bath !?? You come out clean as a whistle but you smell kinda fishy YUCK

Maddy said...

Stonehenge indeed!

I'm certainly with you. Nothing would possess me to allow my tootsies to be nibbled thusly.


Brenda said...

Good for Davis! I like a man with a sense of justice. :-)

I won't even go in the water if I know fish are living in it. Don't want those little fiddlers touching me,,ewwww...

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Way to go Farmer guy
laughed hilariously at the cable message
um nope no fish feet for me

Missicat said...

The farmer storyis pretty funny - though I doubt the neighbors will "get" it. *sigh*
I have to admit I may just try that fish pedicure..hehe...there is a spa down the road that offers it. It will be an adventure!!!!

ntsc said...

Wonder if he ever spreads manure on his fields?

PicaboMama said...

I want a Redneck Stone Henge!

David Rochester said...

This kind of reminds me of the old battlefield surgeon method of cleaning/debriding major wounds, in which they'd put maggots into the wound, and by the time the dead flesh was gone, the maggots would be flies, and off they'd go.