Saturday, September 11, 2010

This and That

We got the results of Big Kid's sleep study. He's doing ok and doesn't need the Bi-Pap to breathe any more...just needs to sleep with his oxygen mask. We were at our family doc's office when we got the results. He was pretty surprised that the tonsillectomy gave the Kid enough room to breathe, because he was convinced that the boy was suffering from sleep apnea.

Out of curiosity, he accessed the med records from the hospital and was surprised (as were we) that not only did the ENT remove the Kid's tonsils and adenoids, but part of his palate as well.

Although the results are obviously great, I'm more than a little annoyed. I spoke with the surgeon before and after the surgery, and at no point did he mention removing any part of Big Kid's palate. I went over EVERYTHING the kid signed when he was out of it before signing off prior to surgery, and there was no mention of it in there as a course of treatment.

I feel a little guilty. Although having a tonsillectomy as an adult can be pretty painful, we limited the amount of vicodin the kid was getting (he's been known to drug-seek) and weaned him off as quickly as possible. Having part of your palate removed is a much bigger deal, and I would have been more understanding about the amount of pain he was in. Grrr.

Little Guy has been accepted to a fantastic new program down in the big city. It's a culinary college for people who have disabilities. They even have a working restaurant! He'll be able to take classes in all aspects of the food industry so that he'll get a chance to decide which part jazzes him the most as a future career. As most of you know, he's already a budding chef who has interned at a few places in the last couple of years.

It's a private "college", not state owned, so it's expensive. Hubby and I were planning on taking out a student loan for him, but I was able to secure a grant and transportation to pay his expenses. He's so excited and so are we!


You ever wonder how in the world some authors ever come to be published? Gah!

A used bookstore down in the city runs a 200 books for $100 deal. The caveat is that you have to rummage through humongous packing crates to find your books. They're not catalogued or separated. Me and the boys (gotta have boys to haul the books, you know) spent a few hours down there on a day that was SUPPOSED to be cool, but ended up being 91 degrees outside, and prolly 10 degrees higher inside the warehouse.

I managed to get 100 finally, and talked them into letting me come back on a cooler day to search for the rest. I had to toss aside about a zillion Dr. Phil books (I've never read him, but I wonder why nobody wants to KEEP them), textbooks and self-help books to find goodies. Even so, I threw in about 20 by authors I've never heard of, but looked promising.

Yikes. I'm kinda sorry I did.

The first one started out pretty good. A couple of murders in a small southern town that hasn't had a murder in years. Young sheriff, hunky but a little inexperienced, sexy female FBI agent coming to town because she suspects that the murders are the work of a serial killer who has killed elsewhere.

Ok, I'm on board. It's got me hooked.

Until about the 4th chapter when it comes out the hot FBI agent is a robot from the future.

Blech. Can't suspend my disbelief on that one. I'm out.


Hubby and I decided to take the Activia Challenge. Well, no, not really. It was on sale and I had coupons so I bought a bunch of 4-packs for 88 cents. We like yogurt, and I don't think Hubby and I get enough calcium on a daily basis since neither one of us are really milk drinkers. We've been snickering about the "Bifidous Regularis" for ages----is that even a real word? There's a friendly bacteria that makes you doody?

Well it didn't have much effect on Hubby, but he's always been regular anyway. First cup of coffee in the morning sends him to the john with the New Yorker tucked under his arm. Me, on the other hand---I've always been sporadic at best.

Until I met Activia, that is. Yes, it made me regular. At 2 O'CLOCK IN THE FREAKING MORNING FOR 4 DAYS IN A ROW!!! Every night I woke up feeling like I had an out-of-control freight train full of logs barreling down the old Eisenhower tunnel. It was so bad that I was afraid that if I inadvertently ripped butt in my sleep, I'd wake up in a puddle of my own shrapnel. Yuck. That was it for me.

So how was YOUR week?


Warner (aka ntsc) said...

The news about the culinary school is great.

Rootietoot said...

Yay for just about all of it except the 2am freight train...that only happens to me after eating chili rellenos. That bifidous regularis? totally made up. It's lactobacillis acidophilis. I cracked up the first time I saw that ad. "regularis" indeed. Let's take that concept and apply it to other foods "here child, eat this, it has 'bifidus makeyougassious' You'll be the hit of the 6th grade class!

The culinary school sounds fantastic- keeps us posted on how that goes!

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

That is great about the culinary school. When everything comes together you know it was meant to be.

I can't believe they removed part of Big Kid's Palate. That sounds seriously painful.

Ok, I burst out laughing when I got the the "Activia Challenge".

Jeanie said...

It's nice to hear all this good news, well, except for the freight train. I guess whatever they call it there is something in it that works.

Big Daddy Autism said...

You would think they might let you know they were removing a part of your kid's body before they actually did it.

The culinary college sounds awesome. I hope something like that is available in my geographic area in a few years.

Have fun riding that middle of night freight train. I bet you think about Jammie Lee Curtis a lot while, um, riding that train.

From Tracie said...

That freight train sounds scary. I think I will stay far away from that Activia stuff.

That book really did sound interesting...until the robot part. How does someone even get there? Seriously. I have no clue how some books get published. That guy must have a dad in who owns a publishing company. The deal on books sounds great though.

Congrats on the culinary school. What a wonderful program and it is so great that you were able to get a grant! Awesome.

They cut out his palate!?!? Without telling you? That is insane!

bbsmum said...

The culinary school sounds great. I sometimes take BB to a local cafe that's run by people with disabilities. I asked him if he'd like to work there when he left school. He was very keen at first, but went off the idea when I explained that it would mean making food for other people, not spending all day making snacks for himself : )

I don't think I'll be buying him Activia, though ....

TechnoBabe said...

You do have such a way with words. I am still laughing. Commiserating with the 2 AM dash to the john. The 200 books for $100 dollars sounds like a lot of work but so rewarding. I read about one book a day and we make several trips to the library a month. We can't buy that many books, we don't have the room. You will have to have a garage sale when you finish off the rest of the books.

Pete said...

what is the book?

Joanna Jenkins said...

The cooking school for little guy sounds fantastic! I'm so excited for him.

The medical news/surprises on Big Kid never seems to send. That poor guy. How can docs "forget" to mention stuff like that. Sheesh.

I could spend a cool afternoon sorting through books- That's a great deal.

As for the Activia-- I'll pass-- No pun intended.

Have a great week,

Katie :o) said...

Ok... your activia challenge had me in stitches! Congrats to little guy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ummm, I'm passing on the Activia. And I'm glad Big Kid is doing good, despite you being SO HARSH on the drug dosing;) Whoo-hoo for Little Guy learning a career!
Robots in books never appeal to me either. I'm nearly done with a Louise Penny, and she RULES.

KL said...

You can keep those books for me! I might could come up with gas money for that many books!! LOL

Vodka and Ground Beef said...

Congrats on the culinary school - hopefully you'll get some delicious dinners out of it (one day).

Sorry to hear about the palate thing - that sounds really awful. I don't know why a doctor wouldn't mention he or she was doing that. Since I subsist on Taco Bell burritos, I'd probably be OK, but still, it seems wrong not to mention that.

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