Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say....

An 8th-grade girl took nekkid pictures of herself and sent them to multiple boys in her school via cellphone.

One 13-year-old boy has been arrested and suspended from school on child pornography charges for having her pictures in his phone. The police and school officials aren't commenting on whether or not charges will be filed against the other recipients.

Of course, not a damn thing on whether or not the sender will be charged for transmitting child porn. Our laws prolly haven't been caught up to speed on that.

Call me an old fogey, but I can only think of very few things a kid that age needs a cell-phone for.

1) When I need to find you.
2) When you need to find me.
3) If there's trouble.

Texting? Lrn 2 wrte lttrs n use a stmp. Photos? Bite me. Get them a basic phone.

Waste money on the bells and whistles? There will be videos on Youtube of your genius sprogling either drowning the neighbor's poodle or burning his asshairs while he and his friends light their farts. Don't whine.

You asked for it.


Next on the list is this poor guy in the UK.

He has an allotment (which is kind of foreign to us in the U.S.) that he uses to grow vegetables. It's like a community garden, except that he leases a space to grow his own.

Anyhoo, Bill Malcolm has been targeted by thieves 3 times in the last 4 months. They've broken into his shed, stolen his tools and ransacked his garden.

So he put up a 3-foot barbed-wire fence to try to protect his work, and to deter those who are intent on mischief.

His district council has ordered him to remove the fence, lest would-be thieves or vandals "scratch themselves on it and sue".


Why would someone steal 15 newspaper vending machines? Why not just break into them? Those machines are huge. And what would be the return? If on a weekday they hold say---100 papers---at 50 cents a holler, how efficient is that? Then again, being a coupon shopper, if they all held Sunday papers at a buck a shot plus coupons, maybe it's more lucrative.

I don't think this thief thought it all the way through. He brought all the machines (looted them of quarters and papers) and left them in a motel room he rented with his own real name. Doh!

And WTF?

Thanks all for your kind and caring comments and emails. Still recovering, but had some serious issues that needed to be taken care of regarding Little Guy's transitional placement for the year. Had to pull out the killer bunny slippers again, scrape the rust off the Attila armor, open my rolodex (yes, that archaic old thing), and break my foot off in a couple of asses.

Didn't want to share anything about it here, simply because for the most part we've had a great experience in this school district with Little Guy and things didn't start going to hell in a handbasket until late last spring. We were hoping that things would shape up this fall, but it simply didn't happen on its own.

I've been in a major funk about it for the last few weeks along with the physical problems.

Glad to say that between Hubby (reasonably explaining that although the majority of the team that met for the Little Guy's IEP last spring no longer worked for the district and how we had agreed to adjourn it until this fall so that we could figure out what vocational training opportunities were available and what his schedule would look like) and I ("Do you think we made this adjournment up? Do you think we would agree to a year of lessons on how to do laundry, load the dishwasher and other crap he's been doing on his own for the last 5 years?" or "What does any of this have to do with training him for a vocation? Don't make me tear your head off and shit down your neck, because ninjas don't have nothing on me!") we got the job done.

Isn't that the longest sentence you've ever read? ;-)

Anyways, it's all good. We had our ducks in a row (Colorado Department of Education and the school superintendent on board) before the meeting, and it turns out it was just more of a miscommunication problem with the changing of staff then anything else.

It's a load off my mind.

Still, WTF?


Clippy Mat said...

you go girl!
that was a great read for a saturday morning with my first cuppa of the day.
you are fierce.
and funny.
love it.

just bob said...

Good luck with everything. I hope you start feeling better soon. Tell the Colorado fall I said hello... it is the most beautiful season out there... especially the golden aspen!

just bob

Brenda said...

I just love it when you put on your bunny slippers and start kicking ass. It allows me to believe in Truth, Justice, and the American Way again.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Your WTFs are the best. Go ninjas.

KL said...


A WTF post & an Attila attack (bunny slippers and all), all in one post. What a GREAT day this will be!!

Kaylen said...

I got my 8th grader a cell phonebecause I needed one - a single mom stuck on the freeway when her child is at a soccer game needing a ride home in an impossibly short amount of time is too stressful - and it was almost $35 cheaper for me to get two cellphones than it was for me to have a home phone and one cell phone. AND the phone company practically gave me both of our phones (they had bells, but no whistles).

At the time, he didn't have a lot of friends who had phones and he had limited text messages to use, so it really wasn't a concern.

But I do agree partially with the WTF that technology has hurt us as much as it has helped us in regards to the innocence of our children.

Cheryl said...

You are my parenting advocate hero. I don't know why IEP Meetings have to be so stressful. Like life isn't stressful enough! So glad you got things straightened out, that takes a huge chunk of stress off of you.

Hope Big Kid is finding his apartment a good thing.

Thanks for the stories. You amaze me, you find things I never hear about. I don't know how you do it, but they make me shake my head, smile or both.

Take care

Heather said...


I'm glad that you guys got it all squared away. GO ATM! :]

Nightmare said...

The part I don't get is in the article the stupid parent doesn't think her precious 13 yr old doesn't know what a felony is or what pornography is?? WTF I'm betting you will be able to find a copy of Grand theft auto in his room, and if not one of his dorky friends has it.

THOSE are the asshats I tend to hate the most!

Stinkypaw said...

AS long as you're doing better, it's all good! Go killer bunny slippers! ;-)

Hagatha McBitch said...

Boy, do I have a lot to say about the cell phone thing! My daughter, who is 8, has a classmate who has a cell phone and an expensive one at that. My daughter told me that her friend lost it the other day which proves what I've thought all along, that young kids like that are just not responsible enough to have something like that in their possession. My son has a cell phone because about a year ago, his dickhead father refused to tell me where he was taking my kids on vacation and I was not going to stand for that so I had no choice but to get my son a basic, no frills phone. Now he tells me that all his friends have Razors and he wanted one too. I told him to go hold his breath! I don't even have a phone with all the bells and whistles, why would I get my son one?! Unfortunately, I think many kids have cell phones by the time they're 10.

I'm glad the situation with Little Guy was straightened out and I hope you're on the mend. xo

mrsb said...

I hate when I have to break out my old combat boots (punk rock days, not Army, lol) and kick school butt. Doesn't happen all that often, but sometimes it needs to be done. Glad things have worked out.

And glad you are feeling up to posting!

Chris H said...

WTF indeed. I'm only going to comment on the kiddy porn one... I hope they arrested the girl too! She's the one totally at fault in this !

Queen of the Mayhem said...

GOOD LAWD you EVER get a break?

I have been thinking of you a lot this school year. I am teaching a class full of special needs kids. (A LOT OF needs!) It has really helped me put their needs into perspective. You opposed to just whining about how difficult it has been!

Oh...but there has been a little wouldn't be me without it! :)

Joe said...

I'm in the paper business and there's just not that much money in an individual rack. We used to empty them every couple of days, figure a big seller would have $40 in coin in three days. You might get $50 out of a rack on Sunday night, but that's about all. And, the racks shown in the link are hard to handle by yourself. They're not heavy, per se, they're just akward to pick up by yourself. Its a lot of hassle for not much payoff, but people still rob the racks.