Friday, October 03, 2008

Curious and Curiouser

Thanks everybody for all your kind wishes!

Hubby came home today safe and sound, and I'm on the mend.

I had a recurrence of my old lower back/right hip/down my right leg sciatic issue but with a new development.

My knee got some kind of inflammation and swelled up about 3 times its normal size, which made sitting down, getting up, tackling stairs, driving, showering, putting shoes on (not to mention pants) exercises in new kinds of futility.

Didn't have any real pain in my knee (or maybe I just didn't notice it next to the back/hip/leg thing), but couldn't bend it because of the swelling. Have no idea where that came from. My knee is fine now.

But it was curious and curiouser.

So I've been noticing things that are somewhat "curiouser".

Like last night's debate amongst the VP candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

Now don't take ANY of this as an endorsement of either side. Not going to get into any kind of argument. These are just observations. And we recorded the debate as soon as I started scratching my head, thinking, "WTF?" so I'm more than happy to go back and double-check.

When asked about their roles as VP, Sen. Biden said something like "Presidential Candidate Obama and I have talked about my role, and I'm going to "help" him govern. So I'll be sitting in on all the decision-making."

What in the hell WAS that? Since when does a VP "help" govern? I'm not even going to reference Dubya, simply because that mess will take years to figure out. But I don't seem to remember Al Gore taking credit (or blame) for any of Bill Clinton's decisions as President (although he DID invent the Internet). And Dan Quayle before him?

Great googly moogly. We didn't watch any of the ::koff:: "experts" who try to "interpret" what we just saw for ourselves for us (we changed the channel and watched Tabitha's Salon Takeover where Tabitha bitchslapped some stylist for pulling a client's head back so she could wipe her nose on the towel around said client's neck) , but I guess I'll find out in the morning if anybody else caught this.

Was it another (wink wink, nudge nudge) Biden "gaffe" where he is again endlessly self-promoting, or what's the scoop? Because in my opinion, it made it seem like he thought Sen. Obama wasn't fit to lead our country without having his hand held by Papa Joe.

As far as Gov. Palin went, Hubby and I kept laughing about how much she resembled Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live "doing" her. Which is weird. Sarah Palin spot on her mark as Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. ;-)

Both instances are curious and curiouser.

Lastly, while I was down for the count, I WAS able to chat on the phone and caught up with a few friends. Had a conversation with one which left me scratching my head a bit on the curious scale.

Her hubby was having a shitfit over bread, and she was a bit annoyed herself. Over bread.

Now if you are the family shopper, you know that there are oodles of kinds of bread. But let's just talk about plain white sandwich bread.

On the low end of the scale, you get generic bread. It's really cheap, it works, but doesn't have a great mouth texture.

Next up is the store brand bread. It's a better quality than the generic, and usually costs around 30 to 50 cents more a loaf.

Then higher up you get the really "deluxe" textured stuff like WonderBread or Sara Lee, which generally costs about twice the store brand.

Last but not least, you get specialty loaves of "old fashioned" white bread made from the same company that produces potato bread, gourmet rye or pumpernickel, 5-grain, oat bread, etc which is even more.

We usually buy the store brand, which passes the mouth test in our family, or Sara Lee if it's on sale. In our opinion, the generic bread is crap and nobody likes it.

So anyway, my friend's hubby did the shopping one week with a list that friend sent him with. They have 3 teenagers who are busy and thankfully independent. Part of that glorious independence is that they make their own breakfasts and sack lunches for school.

Hubby came home from shopping with two loaves of white bread. One was the crappy generic brand, and the other was the high-end "old-fashioned". Note: He could have two loaves of the same kind of store brand bread for the same price. Both loaves went into the bread box.

Come the weekend, Hubby decides to make himself a sammich. All that is left in the bread box is the loaf of generic bread, which nobody has touched, because the 3 kids have used the other bread for their lunches during the week. And he goes ballistic, because he doesn't want to have "crappy bread" for his sammich. Weirdly enough, my friend is annoyed as well.

I don't get it.

How do you justify buying yourselves the most expensive brand of bread for your own personal use, and then buy the crappiest for your kids, especially when they're old enough to tell the difference? And how do you explain to them that they only rate having the crap bread?

Don't get me wrong. I don't see any problem whatsoever with parents treating themselves out to a night at the swankiest and most expensive restaurant in town while dropping the teens off at Pizza Hut.

But getting your ass in a twist over a loaf of white bread?

Curious and curiouser.

What do YOU think?


Joe said...

The Hubby should just stop being such a cheap ass and buy good bread for his kids as well as for himself. What a selfish fuck.

Brenda said...

I buy the mid-priced wheat bread but I don't think it would make any difference what I bought for the kids, they inhale everything without tasting anyway. :-)

Pete said...

nice to hear you are back to normal - or whatever passes for normal.

I'm sorry but Palin scares me.

Clippy Mat said...

personally i think it's extremely foolish to buy bread for kids in the first place. let them eat cake i say.

just bob said...

I don't eat much bread.

Janet said...

Yeah, I think they should just buy the same bread for everyone. Hubby's mom pulled this all the time when he was growing up, she had a whole area of the pantry that was her stash of high end foods while the rest of the family had generics.

Biden's answer was right on, he would be assisting and giving his input when asked. How can he be asked to take over should the worse happen, if he is kept in a closet and only let out on special occassions. Meanwhile Palin wants expanded powers if she becomes vice-president. (shudder) She scares me, and I've never been able to trust John McCain.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

So . . . um, I would get my ass in a twist for a good baguette, but that's it.

Back to the debates: I fell asleep. Rehearsed. Boring. Zzzzzz.

r. said...

my parents do just the opposite. My mom buys diet bread for herself and really nice bread for her husband, who is very wiry and muscley (sp?), who then, of course, proceeds to eat all the diet bread - jackass... now mom only buys diet bread. Let him buy his own croissants, she says!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We're bread snobs--but I agree. If it's in the bread box, it's fair game! Very strange to get one's ass in a twist. And btw? I love that saying. Ass in a twist. I'm using it now.

Heather said...

i am also a bread snob.
it's a texture thing ;)

have a good weekend!

Ellen said...

This is only one problem with having kids or a husband (or wife in this case).
He should have known there would be food issues before he got married and started reproducing.

Me....(single) I buy it and it is still there when I get home. HA!

Anna said...

White bread? Yuk!

I prefer bread with taste. I don't care how expensive white bread is, I still won't eat it.

Unless it's French bread or ciabatta or similar.

Sometimes Michael buys ordinary white sliced when there's nothing else in the local shop and we don't fancy going to the supermarket, and then I just raid the freezer for wholewheat pitta bread.

Cheryl said...

Hello, my friend!
I hate that you are in so much pain. I hope you feel better soon. Pain just sucks.

Sadly, my girls will only eat, cheap white bread. I buy the expensive gain bread (I accidently typed brain, instead of bread) and Hubby and I are the only ones who want it. I would love it, if the girls actually gave up the white bread. You would think I am trying to give them poison.

Hope Big Kid is hanging in there. My Big Kid and Little Kid are both having major meltdowns. When they both are off, the stress is just too high. Can't think of any more services, as we have every single one in town. Gets depressing.

Love you.

Grim Reality Girl said...

get the good bread for everyone and STFU is what I'm wanting to say to mr. ass in a twist... but then again I am that girl who will drive further to buy a good cup of coffee (shout out to dunkin donuts). I will go without so that I can splurge on quality where it counts... depriving the kids for me? Um... no. We all splurge (no coffee for them though) or we all go without... I'm democratic in my portioning of the spoils of battle...

mrsb said...

This is funny, because my kids won't touch the nice, slightly expensive bread that I buy for me and hubby. They will only eat the crappy generic loaf. We should trade kids.

Stinkypaw said...

I think it's just plain weird to start with that he would buy 2 different types and then get upset because the kids ate the good kind... I say if I wouldn't eat it myself why would I feed others with it? Not worth the effort of getting my ass in a twist, that's for sure! Glad you're better!

Star said...

I say life is short.Buy the good bread. And Tina Fey for VP.

Anonymous said...

I don't do white bread, especially the sliced cardboard stuff. We have a bread machine and it's good to wake up to the smell of baking bread - wholemeal of course.

I can sympathise with your back problems. Hope you're feeling better now. Mine went again yesterday. Must have overdone it at the gym on Friday, but it went 'pop' whilst I was cleaning the shower cubicle yesterday. Really must quit this housework malarky. It feels a bit better this morning, but I still don't know if my sacro-iliac joint needs some attention from the chiropractor.

Take care.

Hagatha McBitch said...

Glad you're feeling better, Mom!

As for bread, I don't get it...I thought bread was bread? Well, it is to me, at least, and maybe that's because I'm not a bread person so if you give me wheat, it tastes like wheat to me! What do you mean by 'generic'? Don't all bread packaging have some kind of name on it?

I saw that part of the Tabitha episode. The stylist might as well have flicked a booger at the client. I believe I fell asleep and didn't catch the entire show but I'm assuming that she ass-reamed everyone there, straightened out the salon and then everyone was happy happy.

Ann(ie) said...

I KNOW!!!! Tina Fey just nails her. I kept thinking the same!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better.

I have entirely too much to worry about in my life to stress over bread! :)

Let 'em eat cake...I say! :)

Traceytreasure said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better.
I tried Curamin for my back and it helped a great deal!

Back to the bread, 3 out of my 4 prefer the crap bread. They are 13, 11 and 6 years old. My teen ager likes the good stuff.

I eat Ezekiel because it makes me feel better than any other bread.

You were missed.


kim said...

Glad you are feeling better !

Too funny about the bread... what an ass ...its bread ffs!

Tina Fey for VP!! She is hilarious!

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

I love Tabitha she doesn't take shit from anyone.
I am a picky bread buyer also.
Tina Fey is hilarious, she could pull a switch like they did in the movie DAVE and the country would never know it dontcha know

carmachu said...

Thats stupid on the bread thing.

I buy average wheat bread....its what I had as a kid and now thats what my kids eat....and teh mrs.

Its good, its healthy and I dont believe in that delexe old fashion crap

Rootietoot said...

I do it all the time, only I have sense enough to hide the expensive stuff.

Michael Manning said...

My late father was a baker for years and he used to shake his head at how you could stand in a grocery and squeeze a loaf of bread and have it squish like a marshmallow. Dad said it was all preservatives.

NIce to revisit you, Atilla and will catch up with you! lol!

warcrygirl said...

Damn, I drop the ball for a few weeks and you're falling apart at the seams. We were getting two loaves of bread; low-point wheat bread for me and white bread for the kids. Then I discovered Nature's Own White Wheat and that's the only bread we buy. You can't get a decent loaf of bread from the store nowadays anyway; it's all dry the day you buy it.

I feel sorry for your friend's kids'; makes me wonder how else they are 'cheating' them, ya know?