Sunday, June 22, 2008

Small Blessings

Both of my wandering guys are home. Hubby is back from visiting his mom, and Little Guy is back from camp.

Whew. All accounted for and safe and sound.

Unfortunately, Ellbee was still Ellbee to all the staff and fellow campers, so my prayer for her personal rebellion and anarchy failed.

But I asked her how her week went and called her Daniella and got an impromptu hug from her in return.

Last year I wrote about Hubby, aka "Fluffy, the Peony Slayer". Heh. You have to read this before you go on.

Anyway, like I mentioned there, 11 years ago I bought some lilac bushes---which I tried to nurture for awhile---hoping they'd take to our climate and grow. No luck. They died. So I forgot about them and moved on to other plants.

On Friday, when we were leaving to drive up to get our Little Guy, I saw this small plant at the end of the driveway---about 2 feet tall---that was starting to bloom with lavender spikes.

What in the heck WAS that?

Holy smokes. It was one of the lilac bushes I'd planted all those years ago! It actually survived and is blooming!

On another note---keeping all the windows and doors closed, but it STILL isn't preventing that dreaded yellow pine pollen from sneaking in on our clothes and shoes and dogs.

There's a fine yellow dust on everything, and that part of the cycle is just starting.



Half rabbit said...

It's a shame that there was a lack of anarchy. It is possible though, that you have sown the seeds of change and baby names will be no more by next camp. (For Daniella at least)

Offtopic: I'm not sure if I should post these questions about the camp again. Were they too personal, or do you just not read comments when there are so many? (in which case you might not read this :) )

litzi said...

Hi Attila,
Lilac bushes are obviously hearty to have survived 11 years of frigid Colorado winters. Cherish it while it’s blooming…

I’ve got yellow pine pollen all over everything too. It’s absolutely disgusting. I sweep it off the front porch and 5 minutes later you’d never know it. And my silver car looks like shit after being parked at the grocery store for an hour. It’s a constant battle in futility this time of year. Does it bother your allergies? Achoo…

How disheartening to hear that the Camp counselors and other kids continued to use Daniella’s misnomer. What was Little Guy’s take on the situation?

I’m glad your three men are back to “ride herd” over you. LOL!!!!

Brenda said...

What lovely little blooms! I love the smell of lilacs.

Glad your family is safe at home once again. Did you get a rest at your Mom's?

TraceyTreasure said...

Hey ATM! The hug from Daniella was earned as is respect. I hope that she starts demanding it from people who come in contact with her! :) Glad all your family is home safe and sound.
Sorry about you losing your favorite peony bush. I haven't seen one in person. My hubby likes to slay my rose bushes. I'll never understand it! Big hugs for the coming week!

TOM said...

Maybe Lilac's blooming are a sign of change...get out there and play the lottery !!!

Attila The Mom said...

Half-rabbit: Actually I sent you an email right after your last comment. Check your mailbox! :-)

Queen Goob said...

And it was most likely a fabulous hug, too!

I envy you your lilacs. I can't grow them here in FL as the winters aren't cold enough. I don't think peonies will do well either but did a little research and planted some just to see how the would do. Nothing yet but they are my favorite flower, those and daisies, so I thought I would give them a try.

Glad everyone is home safe and sound......I got the house to myself for a whole week!

Stinkypaw said...

Cute! Sometimes nature surprises us, doesn't it? There's nothing like the smell of lilac...

Happy to read your family is whole again! Have a good week!

Half rabbit said...

Attila, did you send it to the gmail address? The msn one is for instant messaging only. If you did send it to gmail, then I don't know what has happened to it, as I check my email compulsively and it's not in the spam folder.

Valerie Marie said...

Daniela's hug is such a lovely sign! What did LG say about the nickname "thing"?
Lilac bushes: nature always finds a way, also if it takes 11 years.
Happy to read your guys are back home! xoxo

mrsb said...

There is nothing better than the smell of lilacs! I have a purple one in my yard that is HUGE! I wait eagerly every spring for it to bloom. You can smell it all over the yard.

How wonderful yours survived and bloomed!

Beth said...

Good old Mother Nature - a source of miracles (the lilac bush) and many, many allergies.
Glad your guys made it home safely!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I had the same experience with a sago palm.....just doesn't make any sense!

La La said...

I love that LIFE can come where we least expect it, and that is often a result of "seeds" we planted long ago. So cool. I think there's a metaphor in this somewhere. Maybe that's the English teacher in me. : )

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm so sorry to hear poor Daniella didn't get any further with her revolution, but snaps to you for affirming her anyway! Glad you followed up on that.

Congrats on the live lilac!