Thursday, October 04, 2007

You Guys Are the Best!

First of all, thanks so much for all of your kind words and support. I'm sure somebody up there was listening to you, since I think I pissed Him off by making fun of Mel. He's been raining plagues on my head ever since!

Got a call very early this a.m. that The Happening Dude was picked up in a bus station in a big(ger) city about 5 hours away. I'm so relieved, but I haven't been able to get back to sleep. No word on where he was before that, where he was heading (it was in our direction, but we have no idea if this was his destination), or if he was meeting someone he met on the internet. They're holding him in juvenile detention until they can start sorting things out in the morning.

There's talk about putting him in a group home in the meantime, and I'm not sure what that entails.

All we know is that he's in one piece. Thank heavens.

My brother has been relying on information doled out to him by his ex. If he doesn't get on the horn today and try to get first-hand information from the authorities---he is HD's dad, and he does have rights to information---I'm going to drive up, rip his arm off and beat him over the head with it. If it was my kid I would have been on the next plane, train or automobile out there the minute I heard he was missing.

In other news, the dogs are now stink-free. We'd planned on washing them in that baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap combo, but had to wait until the morning because the stores were closed and our convenience store didn't carry the peroxide (thanks Jenn!). Fortunately they didn't get the chance to rub up against the furniture or the carpets, so those don't have to be replaced. Whew!

We've caught 6 voles in the traps in the garage. One trap is missing. Ewww. But all I can say is better out there than in here.

Late this afternoon, I have a huge test for one of my classes (yes, the one with Ms. Big Mouth). Hopefully I'll be able to get a nap in. I can't seem to remember a damn thing. My brain is mush. LOL

The brightest spot this week is Saturday. I get to finally meet a blog friend I've been dying to meet for over a year now.

The Big Kid has been doing so well in all of his classes, that I'm driving him and a date up to the big city for a concert. Imfunnytoo from Midlife and Treachery is going to get a room in the same hotel.

While the kids are body slamming in the mosh pit, we're going to order room service and have a pajama party. I can't wait!!

This week has just gotten away from me with one crisis after another. I promise I'll get the foof stuff up in the next few days. I promise!



amy said...

So relieved to hear they found him!! Have a great weekend!! What concert?

Beth said...

Wonderful news! Hope things get straightened out so that your nephew's future is a secure one - surrounded by love and support.
Good luck on the test - and enjoy your weekend! You deserve some fun time.

Jenn said...

I am so happy to hear they found him safe and sound. You're right though, his dad needs to step up and take a proactive role in all of this instead of relying on everyone else.

I'm glad you got the stink out of the dogs! One less thing to worry about.

You will have a wonderful weekend, I'm sure of it. How can you not have fun hanging out with blogging buddies?

Mel said...

Whew! Don't read for a few days and I miss really important stuff... I am so glad they found him, and I am also glad life is improving for you guys.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Thanks for updating. I checked back here in hopes for some news. I'm so glad HG is okay.
You're being pretty restrained about the whole thing. I'd be jumping in SO much more...which would create havoc. Your way is better.
Have a wonderful PJ party.

Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
Wonderful news that “The Happening Dude” was found safe and sound. I hope being held in juvenile detention wasn’t too traumatic an experience for him, though it’s undoubtedly better than hanging out at a bus station in the wee hours of the morning all alone. Have you found out what a “group home” actually means?

Your life is still hectic but seems to be moving in a positive direction right now. Have a terrific weekend and try to find some time to yourself!

Chris H said...

Sorry I havn't been here to comment, had a few issues too. So relieved Your nephew has been found and is OK for now. Hope it all sorts itself out in a positive way. Hope you have a neat weekend, you deserve it!

phlegmfatale said...

I'm so relieved to know HD is alright. I hope everything gets sorted out for his best interest, and not for the pocketbook of his greedy mom - she sounds like she doesn't really love him. Sad, the world had already been bad enough to that child before she got hold of him.

Stinkypaw said...


Have fun at your pj party and hope to see you around soon!

Valerie Marie said...

Good news! I'm so relieved! Have fun dear ATM! Enjoy your PP and I cross my fingers for your test. Have a nice WE!

Casdok said...

Excellent news!!!
And i hope it has a happy outcome.

carmachu said...

Glad to hear he was foudn safe and sound.

Still think you need to beat some sense in your brother....he needs not only first hand information, but a good attorney to help he get some rights and stuff...the ex sounds freaking insane. As bad as some woman my wife knows...

DutchBitch said...

Good to hear that HD was found. I can imagine that you are wondering about where he's been and such...


Heather said...

I was late reading this but I'm SO glad that your nephew was found and was safe! We have a beloved FAS nephew as well (adopted from foster care as a newborn), and I can't begin to imagine how terrifying this must have been for you.

I hope that your exam went well and that your weekend is fun and relaxing both at the same time. You certainly deserve it!

I suspect that the stress and challenge is far from over as you and your family try to recover from this and find your groove again, but I have no doubt you'll come through stronger than ever.

Just remember to breathe.

Big Pissy said...

Wow! Glad they found HD!

Have fun deserve it! :)

imfunnytoo said...

Happenin Dude got found!!!! Yay...

And the weather may get in the way this weekend (pout) but nevertheless have a great weekend whether we get to meet up or not...

:) IFT

Ann(ie) said...

1. SUCH good news he was found!!!

2. GOOD LUCK on the test!

3. Have the best time ever at that PJ party....right up your alley right now, girl. You're very deserving!!


Lola Magnolia said...

Thank GOD HD turned up safe and sound. Now for the hard part...figuring out what prompted him to leave. I can only imagine. Please keep us posted.

Good luck on your exam and have fun with your blogging buddy!!

Anonymous said...

That is such good news. Such a relief. I hope your brother gets up there and takes control of the situation. Second hand information is never good and it sounds like things at home were not good at all.
You have earned the right to have a blast this weekend. Have fun at our PJ party with your blogger friend!!! She is very lucky to be meeting you!!! I know you will have a lot of laughs and much needed fun.

skywriter said...

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