Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crash Course Update...Woohoo!

I know I said I was taking a few days off, but I got a really fabulous email late last night.

Why was I checking email and not eating crackers in bed with the Hubby?

Simply because last night was the Broncos/Lions pre-season football game.

I could rub steak all over my body and serve a Heineken in my cleavage and all he would say is, Did you see that fumble?

"Yeah Buddy, you're dropping the ball right here, right now!"

So he got to eat crackers by his own bad self.

Belinda at
Ninja Poodles (I just LOVE her banner!) read my Crash Course posts, took them to heart and jumped in feet first. Or would that be head first?

She was kind enough to
blog about her adventures and to email me an update. Go check her out! Way to go!

Be back soon, Friends!


carmachu said...

Its good of you to know, during these times, what yoru husband's priorities are. And football is it....

I have to try the grocery thing. I know the mrs wont take the time...

Me said...

oH stop please *snort*
Steak all over your body and Heineken on cleavage.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Ahh..a convert! You know, this is how religions start...

Belinda said...

I am going to do SO much better next time! Just you wait!

And did you see the response? People were impressed with my paltry 37%! (silently cussing the husband's fluorescent lightbulbs and other expensive, uncouponed additions to my cart.)

margalit said...

Belinda sent me here and I just read your 4 part series on how to eat for nothing. It was great and I'm ready to begin. I've always clipped coupons, but didn't use the rest of your ideas. I do have one BIG question though, which you may or may not know how to deal with.

My family keeps Kosher, and that limits the types of foods thta we can buy/eat. We spend more money on the outer aisles of the store, on fresh foods, then in the inner aisles with the pachaged food because so little of it is allowed on our diet. Most of the coupons we find aren't really usable for that reason. It's so frustrating to find something and then get to the store to discover it's not Kosher.

I want to know if you know of a clipping service that does have a way to filter for Kosher foods? Because that would save me so much time and effort, as well as money.

Brenda said...

You're going to force me to defrost my freezer and get my butt moving on this, aren't ya?

Hope the week ahead is a good un for you.

Marymurtz said...

jI have always had what my family refers to as a grocery obsession. We grew up without a lot of money, and a trip to the grocery store was always a nervous endeavor, making sure we had enough to cover the basics. As an adult, I tend to obsess about filling my cupboards and freezer. I'm also a tightwad, so I've been vigilant about savings.

I read your series and signed up with a couple of coupon clipping services. Our stores where I live do NOT double coupons. NONE of them! But I think I can still score some great deals. I always shop by the Wednesday circulars, but the coupons will help a lot.

lildb said...

Heineken served from cleavage in this house would get nothing but a raised brow and sort of weird expression around the mouth.

unless it was being served from his cleavage for me. b/c me likee the heiny (something my mate and I disagree on completely).


Marymurtz said...

I just got an envelope of coupons from Coupon Master and have started to work planning a shopping trip. I had a thought while doing it, too. There are a lot of things I can get for free with combining coupons and sales and they're things we don't normally use. BUT...there is a local food pantry and homeless shelter desperate for items like toiletries, cereal, dry goods, etc.

We decided as a family to get the coupons going and use them to buy some of these items to donate. I don't know why I didn't think of it before.