Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pimpin' with the Dogg

Ok, it's been a long long LONG time since I've blog pimped with the Dogg (seen here in his Huggy Bear Costume).

I've been so very bad. Fer Shizzle.

I've quietly added a number of new blogs to my link list without any fanfare over the last 6 months or so, mostly because I was sick and dealing with family stuff, but really fabulously impressed with their blogs. To be honest, many of them found ME, but I wouldn't link with them if I thought they weren't worthwhile.

I promise.

That said, I've been working my way through my DVRs and finally caught up with Bravo's A-List Awards, and had quite the giggle over them (for the most part I really love Kathy Griffin). I decided to give out my Blings under reality show names. You might not recognize the name of some of the Reality shows, because some of them didn't even last a season, but I did research damnit to make this fit. LOL

If you're not on the list, it doesn't mean I don't heart you just as much---but heck, I've got 100+ links on my sidebar to follow!

Hope you enjoy these Blingalicious blogs as much as I do!

Top Chef

Hands down, ntsc of The Art of the Pig is the Top Chef. The end. Whether he is posting with photos step-by-step on how to make homemade chicken sausage or how to cook the perfect pot-roast, I ALWAYS leave his blog inspired and hungry. Really hungry. Like looking at my Yorkshire terrier and envisioning a Yorkshire pudding superimposed on top of her hungry. Woof!

Currently he's posting on how to bone a turkey (not the xxx-rated kind of boning, mind you). Stop by and get inspired!

Top Design

Both Phlegm Fatale of
Fatale Abstraction and Anna from The Alternative Anna design some incredible jewelry. If you're looking for that perfect "one of a kind" creation for someone in your life, I highly recommend them! Plus their blogs are mighty entertaining too!

What Not To Wear

Big Pissy from the
Southern Circle of Hell is a fashion icon. She finds the best deals and has the best fashion sense of anybody I know. I love reading the adventures of this true Southern Belle!

The "James Lipton Doesn't Hold a Candle" Bling award goes to RC of
Strange Culture. If you're seriously into movies this is the place to go. RC's research and analysis of current and past movies is simply outstanding. He also has timely blog fests where he asks his readers to write about movies or characters who have affected them (like for Father's Day, etc) and links to them. Check him out especially before Oscar Night.

The Bachelor

Just Bob is smart and sensitive. Plus he finds farts funny. Don't let him get away!

Tom is a very warm, hunky single dad with a great sense of humor and better yet, he bakes. Yes, that's not a typo! He is a pie-baker extraordinaire. If I wasn't happily married I'd see if he was into gardening and ask how much his hourly charge would be for trimming my--er--the bushes.

Who am I kidding? I really want the pie. Lots and lots of pie.

Pete lives across the pond in the U.K. and is an avid birder. If you're not really into birds, that's ok. He travels extensively and takes the most incredible photos of historic (some widely advertised, some not) sites. When I look at his pictures, it's almost like being there.

The Real Housewives....

Ok, I'm guilty. Vewy Vewy guilty. I sneered at Reality shows, but when I was sick I got hooked on the Real Housewives reruns (hey, the alternative was watching Bobby Brown pry prehistoric poop nuggets out of Whitney Houston's butt) . Whether it was the botoxed bleached blondes of Orange County, the brittle bitchy broads of New York City or the brassy boobyful beyotches from Atlanta, it was great therapy being able to throw a pillow at the tube and scream "you live in a fantasyland, you delusional b*tch!"

Kind of like Hubby does every time he sees Joe Biden on the small screen.

Anyhoo, I think I've MET many of the genuine REAL-to-life Housewives here in blogland. So they get the bling. I've divided some of them up into subcategories.

These ain't your regular mommy-blogs.

The Real Housewives: Flipping Out

Not only is my buddy
Koolio a real housewife, but she is the author of the BEST rants evah! When I'm feeling down in the mouth, I can always count on her to tickle me with her way with words. It's like being served poetry with a dash of battery acid. Her take on people who call incessantly:

"Do I really need to explain why there's voicemail?! Leave a message and the person will get back to you when they can. Grow some patience, f*ck-ryingoutloud! Actually, I think I'm growing some in my garden, I'll be happy to share some with you! Oh wait, those are Impatiens. Nevermind."

The Real Housewives: The Girls Next Door

I would love, love LOVE it if any or all of these bloggers lived on MY block. Every day would be coffee klatch day!

Jennifer, the
Redneck Romance Writer has a Monday feature called "Just sayin'" where she takes on everybody from the irony-impaired to Twitter. Gotta check her out!

MrsB at
Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom finds the best giveaways on the web! Plus she has one of the coolest blog names I've ever come across!

I simply adore Chris at
Diet Coke Rocks. She's a hot mama and granny who is gracious enough to invite us into her home and life. I'd like to get a gander at the purple and black thing she hides in her bedside drawer sometime. LOL

The Frau and family moved kit and kaboodle to Germany for a couple of years to accomodate her husband's job. I'm really enjoying their forays in assimilating in
West Family Adventures.

Kim at the
Yellow Trash Diaries is a scream. You know those characters who have a tiny devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other who argue whenever the protagonist has a moral dilemma?

Kim would be the mini-satan in high heels. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. She puts into words my own reactions to many absurd situations. Compared to her I'm just a cowardly, cowardly custard. Maybe I could shrink her and carry her around in a Louis Vuitton bag like Paris Hilton's chihuaha.

My buddy Beth on the other hand, would be the angel on the other shoulder. She is a calm voice of reason in an otherwise scary and chaotic headspace (which would be my scary and chaotic headspace). Pop by and say hi to her at
Books, etc.

Kevin Charnas and his spouse were a couple of (mostly) carefree California guys who've moved to the midwest to be closer to Kevin's aging parents. Reading about their cultural adjustment to the heartland is an adventure in itself!

Joanna's blog
The Fifty Factor is absolutely delightful. One of my fave posts to date is one where she shares her discovery that the excellent customer service she was receiving at Restoration Hardware was due to the their mistaken assumption that she was actress Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond)! What a hoot!

The Real Housewives: If Women Ruled the World

This is the last section of what's becoming a very long post. If women ruled the world, my picks for the top jobs would go to Ellen at To the Max, Rootie at Because it Really is Personal, the Green Girl from Wisconsin, and Brenda at What's up Down South.

I think if these ladies were in charge, respectively everyone would be treated fairly, have something good to eat, a clean environment, and get a time-out or a warm hug when they need one.

Check them out and find out why.

Cheers all!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What an awesome post!

Pimpin'! Yeah.

Can I confess something right now? Laura had that blingy mouse. Yes. She did. It didn't work for long though, all show and no go. ;-)

Happy Mother's Day.

just bob said...

Farts are funny!

ATM is A-OK in my book too... thanks for reading and the shout-out.

Beth said...

Fer Shizzle, indeed! I can think of no better pimp to have than you!
Thanks for the mention - and BTW, my headspace is every bit as scary and chaotic as yours! Keeps us hoppin’...

Lots of great links here – I’ll be checking them out.

Cheryl said...

I'm am so looking forward to checking these links out. Thanks for sharing your "stash" with us.

I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Brenda said...

I love your Pimpin' posts and enjoyed the smiles and lusty out loud laughter while reading some of those blogs.

I'm working on my the time out duties.

Want a puppy?

mrsb said...

Holy Crap! Started reading through this (I LOVE Art of the Pig!) to see what kind of neat-o blogs I could check out, and there I was!

Didn't expect that! Thanks for the Pimpage! And the kind words. I'd love to live on your block. The school district would probably implode from having both of us there, though, lol!

SRR said...

Thanks for the intro to some great blogs!!!!

Charlie said...

For someone who lives in the mountains, you sure get around.

MoonNStarMommy said...

I am always happy that I am one of your <3's .. you lub me you really do! I was cracking up ... and FEEL BETTER DANG IT!!

Traceytreasure said...

What an awesome post!! I am guilty of watching the Real Housewives of Orange County and New York! How come none of them are real housewives? The Countess filed for a divorce after she found out that the Count found someone new in Europe! Did you know that?
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!! You rock!!


Chris H said...

Ha ha ha! I am so much more than what's in me bedside drawer.... how DID YOU KNOW! Oh OK, I must have blabbed.
I blab about most everything don't I?
Hope your MOther's Day is rockin... mine was cool.
And thanks for the 'Bling' mention.... it certainly was appropriate in light of my post today!

Ann(ie) said...

Really really fun post!!! I enjoyed the awards. :) Happy Mama's day to you!!

Big Pissy said...

You never fail to crack me up!

Thanks SO much for the pimpin'!

I am truly, truly honored! :)

Ellen said...

That really is a great post, and not just because you mentioned me, and I'm flattered! What a nice end to Mother's Day.

Oh, and if I ruled the world, we would also all have the month of August off, someone would discover a cure for male snoring and lazy husbands, cheese bread would have no calories and much, much more, so someone please nominate me to rule the world.

RC said...

ahh--- thanks for the bling! I feel so...sparkly?!?

Pete said...

thanks attila.

the camera will be busy this week!!

Frau said...

Thanks Attila for the bling! And a bunch of great new blogs for me to check out.

LB said...

Thanks for the comment on the Wendys post! At least our husband's can know it's not just them! Haha!

I loved this post, BTW! It's like a little cheat sheet to some fun blogs.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yo! Thanks for the linky love--now I have to go check out these other fine bloggers!

ntsc said...

How did you know my first wife's nickname was Turkey? (It actually was.)

I do thank you for noticing.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out.
Now I'm going to have to go to more blogs. Do you KNOW what you're doing to me? LOL.
I'm almost afraid to click on the What Not To Wear blog. *bites nails*

Koolio said...

In the immortal words of Sally Fields "You like me! You REALLY like me!". I'll have to come up with a really good rant just for you. ;)

Just one correction...I am a single parent. A housewife would mean that I'm married and you know my feelings on marriage. *makes a mad dash for the bathroom* lol

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. Hope you had a fabulous one too!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'd like to thank The Academy and Attila for Pimpin my blog, The Fifty Factor. You're the greatest!

Yellow Trash Diaries said...

I first read this right after you wrote it but didn't have anything clever or witty prepared. Now I've let a lot of time pass and you're probably all "What a bitch." I still don't have anything fabulous to say, but THANKS!