Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Hope you guys had a good week! Just wanted to catch up on a couple of things...

First of all, I'm totally bipping out on the search for millionaire/billionaire---oh hell, rich guy Steve Fosset who recently disappeared flying a plane belonging to Grandaddy Hilton.

Apparently, in the search for the mega-rich guy, rescue teams have found 6 other undiscovered plane wrecks, which they examined briefly and marked (no bodies, but you wouldn't expect it in coyote country) to come back to.

I'm just wondering about the families of the passengers in those small planes...all these years, no word, and then suddenly the crash their loved one was in is discovered in a search for a wealthy guy. I mean, I'm sure they'll be happy to know the fate, but how---uh---can't really find the word----sad, I guess that their loved ones disappearance didn't rate such an extensive search. If you know what I mean.

I'm feeling a little paranoid after pissing and moaning about my college class a few posts back.

I went to the class, armed with a handy, dandy recorder, and a resolve to say something if things got too off-topic.

Out of 24 students, 10 were gone. The drop date is in a few days, so who knows?

The professor told us flat out what material in our hand-outs and book would be covered in our exam, so we would know what to take notes on. Then he apologized for any digressions off-topic and said that he thought the material we need to cover in the class is dry (and pretty limited---could be combined with another course easily) and he was trying to liven things up to make it less boring.

Ms. Big Mouth moved up a row, and either shaved or waxed her back. Because she took off her blouse and was wearing a tank top. She was out of shoe-to-the-head-whacking range, and obviously eliminated the grab-a-handful-of-back-hair option.

She was also much quieter, but did quote Judge Judy a few times, which was weird.

Nobody was giving me a hairy eyeball, so I'm hoping it is all coincidence. But what if it wasn't?

Makes me feel powerful and paranoid at the same time. LOL

Wanted to share how Big Kid is doing with his new meds.

He's taking two classes. In his CSI class, (the one he started late), he got an A on his first assignment, which was an essay. In his other class, which is a Criminal Law class, he got an A on his first assignment, which was a quiz.

He got a 92%, and was bummed.

Said to me, "I know I could have done better."

Damn. Never heard that before. I'm so proud.

Did I say before that I love love LOVE his new meds?


Heather said...

YAY for Big Kid!
It's those little victories that make all the difference, don't they! I find myself proud of him :] WTG !

-does happy dance-

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, darlin!

Litzi said...

Hi Attila,
I’ve had similar thoughts about the expansive search for Steve Fossett. The debris found from other crashes in the wilderness makes you wonder how hard rescue teams search for the hoi polloi compared to looking for an affluent person. I wonder why Steve Fossett’s plane wasn’t equipped with a better transponder and why he had only one bottle of water...did his money and his notoriety give him a false sense of security that accidents can only happen to plebeians? I hope we learn that he’s been located alive and well very soon….

How wonderful that Big Kid’s meds are working and he’s enjoying his college classes…and that Ms. Big Mouth is somewhat less talkative. Maybe your “evil-eye” looks drilling through her bun did their magic….

Rootietoot said...

Hooray for Big Kid! That is fabulous :o)

carmachu said...

Dart gun dear. She's not out of range of a good dart gun.

And thats AWESOME about the new meds. Looks like tehir doing him a world of good....

And the plane thing sucks. I'd be royally PISSED OFF, were one of those other planes from my loved ones...

Beth said...

Could the professor or Mrs. Big Mouth have found YOUR BLOG???
Nah, it just your powerful vibes working their magic.

Kudos to the Big Kid - he's shining on those meds!

imfunnytoo said...

Cool re: Big Kid... :)

And as to the planes...grrrr. Those families have been wondering and waiting *longer* than Fawcett's have been...and shouldn't *that* galvanize local search and rescue once those other planes got found??

Manky said...

I think the plane thing is outrageous. I mean locating just one former crash might be acceptable, but 6??? Like I said, outrageous.

I really need to get back here to catch up on what you've been up to more often. You have a woman in your class who has to have her back waxed? Now there's a mental image I can definitely giggle at the rest of the day!

Deb said...

I am so glad things are turning around for you! Yeah to new meds!!!

Eileen said...

I am so happy for big kid and his new meds. That is truly the best news ever. I would do a cart wheel to show my happiness but would end up in traction.
I am feeling the same way about the plane search. I feel bad that he is missing, but money always talks. That is always the way.
Take care.

RC said...

that is a strange coincidence.

maybe someone found your post, passed it around class and everyone's been able to clean up their act.

probably not, but it certainly is fun to think.

Angela said...

Glad things at class for both of you are going so great!


Brenda said...

What great news for Big Kid, 2 A's!!

I'm glad the "mouth" is quieter but don't you reckon someone put a bug in the prof's ear before you had a chance to? Or maybe you sent ESP vibes :-).

It's really sad when one must be rich enough buy Search and Rescue services.

Heather said...

EXCELLENT! So great to hear the happy news :-)

Kippa said...

Yay! Clapping and cheering for Big Kid.
And for you too.

Stinkypaw said...

How cool is that for Big kid (and proud mama)! There's nothing better that having meds that work - I know! ;-)

phlegmfatale said...

maybe ms. big mouth will drop?

Congrats on getting it right with the meds - sounds like things are falling into place. Rock on!

Joe said...

I'm on the same page with the Fossett search. It must be nice to be rich. I'm sure the taxpayers of Nevada are going to be happy with the bill.

OneEar said...

Perhaps one of your fans pieced together enough of the references to contact your Profe?

By the way, what is this wonder-med? Modafinil?

Ruth Dynamite said...

Good news! I hope your semester stays equally on track.

Anna said...

YAY!!!!! :D