Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Puppy Lovin'

As the summer of love is winding down, Little Guy has gone to visit his biological dad in California for a couple of weeks, so Hubby and I truly have an empty nest for a short time.

As you guys who've read here for awhile know, we had 3 yorkies and an Australian Shepherd mix. My little baby, Molly, died almost 2 years ago, and Stinky Pete finally went on to her reward (at the ripe old age of 17) a couple of weeks ago.

Charlie, the yorkie that is left, is 15 and not in good health. When she goes, the Noodle (Aussie) will be absolutely bereft, as she is a pack dog and the yorkies were her peeps.

So for the last 6 months or so, I've been looking for a companion for her. I can't bear the heartbreak of having more yorkies, so I looked at other breeds and contacted a few breeders.

One breed I particularly liked was the toy Australian Shepherds. I'd never heard of them before, but our vet has one, and it is a very beautiful, smart dog. I found a breeder in Western Colorado and started a relationship with her, in anticipation to when we might be looking for a puppy. Told her what I was looking for (female, tri-black).

Well right after Stinky Pete passed away and we realized how precarious Charlie's health is, the breeder had a puppy that was just what we asked for.

Last weekend, Hubby and I took a scenic drive and stayed over in this lovely little town called Montrose, and brought our new baby home!

After a little stink eye from the big dogs, she got over her shyness and she fits right in.  She's about the size of a football, and is such a little love!

Everybody meet Madeline (now known as "the Roni" to go with "the Noodle")!



Webster said...

The Roni is a cutiepatooti! What is she, about 7 weeks old? It must be fun to have puppy in the house again - they are so much fun. Well, except for the training and such.

Attila the Mom said...

Actually she's 13 weeks old!

Jeanie said...

Not the offspring I might have expected from the summer of love....but a darn cute one.

Valerie Marie said...

Dear ATM! Thinking ahead: got the next friend for Noodle to care of. If I should come back as dog (I don't believe so, but...) I want to live at ATM's home!!! xoxo

KittyDobson said...

I think I just died and went to adorable heaven!! She is gorgeous!!! How big will she get?!

Attila the Mom said...

Hi Kitty---

She'll get to be between 9 and 14 pounds. She's at 6 now. Isn't she a little puddin'? LOL

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Kim said...

I don't have any pet food suggestions lol but he sure is cute !

Chris H said...

She is adorable. I hope she has settled in well and hasn't spent the past week or so chewing everything in sight!

Brenda said...

So Precious!!!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm sorry you lost Stinky Pete-- that is never easy.

But how cute is little Miss Roni!!!! What a sweet face.

xoxoxo jj